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JAN 2014 ~ JAN 2017

Warrant Officer Class One Rod Rootham was born in Liverpool, New South Wales on 04 April 1967. He enlisted into the Australian Regular Army in April 1986. From 1st Recruit Training Battalion, he was allocated to the Royal Australian Infantry Corps and conducted his initial employment training at the School of Infantry in Singleton.

On completion of training, WO Rootham was posted to the 2nd/4th Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment in Townsville, and over the next eight years within the 2nd/4th Battalion, gained several specialist qualifications, and held a number of Regimental appointments through to Section Commander. In 1994, WO Rootham deployed to Rwanda as part of the Australian Service Contingent United Nations Assistance Mission in Rwanda 1, as the Surveillance Detachment Commander.

In 1995, WO Rootham was posted on promotion to the 5th/7th Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment (Mechanized) as a platoon sergeant within Support Company and C Company. During this posting, WO Rootham gained broad mechanized experience.

In 1998, WO Rootham was posted to the Royal Military College  Duntroon as an assistant Instructor with Field Training Wing. In 1999, WO Rootham was selected to participate in Exercise Anzac Merit. During Exercise Anzac Merit, WO Rootham was attached to Officer Cadet School New Zealand. On return to Australia, WO Rootham resumed his role within Field Training Wing. In 2000, WO Rootham was posted to Drill Wing.

In 2001, WO Rootham was posted on promotion to 11/28 RWAR as a training WO. In 2004, WO Rootham was posted to 1 RAR as a Company Sergeant Major. In 2005, he was internally posted to Coral Platoon as the Pl Comd. In 2006, WO Rootham posted to the Queensland University Regiment, as the Operations WO in Townsville, and remained in this position until the end of 2007.

In 2008, WO Rootham was posted to 7th Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment (Mechanised) as the Training WO, and fulfilled the role of acting RSM whilst the battalion was deployed to Afghanistan as the 1st Mentoring and Reconstruction Task Force.

In 2010, WO Rootham was posted as the Training WO of 1st Combat Service Support Battalion. He attended the Regimental Sergeant Majors Course in November. Upon completion, he was promoted to WO Class One, and posted to 8/7 RVR until November 2012. WO Rootham was selected to deploy as a member of an Advisory team based in Kandahar, where he served until September 2013. He finished the year at 39 PSB, prior to commencing his position as the RSM of the 5th Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment.

WO Rootham has been married for 20 years to Jo, who is a current serving member.

His interests include reading, travel and fitness training.

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