Regimental Sergeant Majors 5RAR

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Warrant Officer Class One Munro enlisted into the Australian Army on 14 December 1992 and was allocated to the Royal Australian Infantry Corps. Upon completion of his initial employment training he was posted to 49th Battalion, The Royal Queensland Regiment.

Warrant Officer Munro has previously served in two battalions of The Royal Australian Regiment. He served two postings to the 1st Battalion; during his first posting, he was promoted to Lance Corporal in 1997 and Corporal in 1998. He culminated his first posting in 2000 commanding a Rifle Section in East Timor. Warrant Officer Munro returned to the 1st Battalion as a Platoon Sergeant in 2003; during this posting he also fulfilled the role of Regimental Signals Sergeant. Warrant Officer Munro served in the 7th Battalion (2009-2011) as an Operations Warrant Officer and Company Sergeant Major.

Warrant Officer Munro has had numerous training postings. He served as a Recruit Instructor at 1st Recruit Training Battalion (2001-2002); he was promoted to Sergeant (2001) during this posting and retained an instructional role. He posted to Royal Military College-Duntroon (2005-2006) and fulfilled the appointments of Small Team Instructor and Drill Sergeant. Whilst performing the role of Drill Sergeant, he was dual appointed as the Platoon Commander for Neville House VC Platoon (REHAB). Upon promotion to Warrant Officer Class Two in 2007, he was posted to North West Mobile Force (2007-2008) as a Training Warrant Officer. He has served with the Australian Instructor Support Team to the United States Marine Corps at Twenty Nine Palms (2007), assisting with their Mission Rehearsal Exercises. Warrant Officer Munro was posted to Combat Training Centre – Live (2012) as a Plans Warrant Officer; here he was responsible to assist in planning Combat team War-fighters and Battlegroup Certification Exercises. Warrant Officer Munro served as an Exchange Instructor in the United Kingdom at the Infantry Battle School (2013-2014). He was promoted to Warrant Officer Class One in 2015 and posted to the School of Infantry (2015-2018) as the Officer Instructor Range Qualification Team, and later dual appointed as Section Sergeant Major Combat Shooting Cell and Wing Sergeant Major Specialist Wing

Warrant Officer Munro deployed to East Timor in 1999 and twice to Afghanistan. Firstly, in 2008 as a Team Sergeant Major on the first Operational Mentor and Liaison Team. Secondly, as the Regimental Sergeant Major Mentor to the Afghan National Army Officer Academy in 2016.

Warrant Officer Munro’s honours and awards include – Australian Active Service Medal with clasps East Timor and ICAT, Afghanistan Medal, Australian Operation Service Medal-Greater Middle East, Defence Long Service Medal with 2nd clasp, Australian Defence Medal, United Nations Medal – East Timor and two NATO medals with respective clasps-ISAF and Afghanistan. He has received two Silver Commendations; one, Commander -Training Command and the other, Commander – Joint Task Force 633.

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