Regimental Sergeant Majors 5RAR

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DEC 2006 ~ DEC 2007

WO1 (Greg) Burns enlisted into the ARA on the 31st of July 1984 and at the completion of Recruit Training was allocated to the Royal Australian Infantry Corps.

Upon completion of Initial Employment Training he was posted to the 1 RAR where he served for 10 years in positions ranging from Rifleman, Signals Detachment Commander, Patrol Commander through to Rifle and Reconnaissance Platoon Sergeant.
In 1995 WO1 Burns was posted to the RMC, where he instructed in Field Training Wing and the Small Arms Training Section. In 1997 WO1 Burns was promoted to Warrant Officer Class Two and posted as CSM Alpha Company, 4/3 RNSWR. In 1999 WO1 Burns was once again posted to 1 RAR where he took up the position of CSM Bravo Company. In 2001 WO1 Burns was posted to ADFA where he served as the Warrant Officer Drill and Ceremonial.
WO1 Burns was promoted to Warrant Officer Class One in 2004 and was posted to 2/17 RNSWR.

WO1 Burns has served overseas on operations with the 1 RAR on two occasions. The first was with UNITAF in Somalia in 1992/93 where he was the Platoon Sergeant of 2 Platoon and secondly in East Timor in 2000/01 as a part of UNTAET where he was CSM Bravo Company.

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