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Edmund William Dennis Harrison was a young 19 year old Lance Corporal during 5RAR’s first tour of South Vietnam where he served with distinction from May 1966 until end of October 1966 when he was wounded and RTA.

This nomination is based on Ted’s enduring loyalty, dedication and commitment to the men of 5RAR, then and now, which he consistently and constantly demonstrates through his enthusiasm and exceptional professional skills as the “webmaster” of the 5RAR Association website. He continues to embrace and demonstrate the unbreakable fabric of mateship to epitomise the camaraderie of the Tiger Battalion, 46 years and many more to come.

Following the death of Brian London in 2003, Ted took on the role of webmaster. Any acknowledgement of the 5RAR Association website should always pay great tribute to Brian London who originated and instituted the website. In the past 8 or so years, Ted has done an extraordinary job in a time intensive and technically demanding role of maintaining the site and continually developing and upgrading it to be widely recognised as a unique and valued resource and heritage of national significance.

As a key means of communication and contact with association members, the site reflects deep commemoration and remembrance of those who paid the ultimate sacrifice, notably it is widely accessed and valued by the NOK of those members and others who have since passed.

It has been archived by the National Library of Australia as a site of historical importance and also selected for preservation by the Australian War Memorial. It is used globally by researchers, history teachers, the public generally and veterans as indicated by the guest book. The website is primarily a communication tool but also has an emphasis on the history of 5RAR, in particular its two tours in the Republic of South Vietnam along with a range of links on health and welfare issues. It hosts sub-unit newsletters and media releases that may impact on members. Hundreds of members have contributed to the website with articles and in verse and it is very much a living, relevant and evolving conduit serving many generations.

Importantly the dynamic site recognises a new generation of “Young Tigers” since re-formation of 5RAR and its role in the Order of Battle of the current Defence Force, in particular during the times these young Tigers have served in Afghanistan. Thus its scope spans disparate generations and wars…of greatest importance it reflects credit and inclusion of these young Tigers, contrary to some post war experiences of Vietnam War veterans.

The Association is indebted to the fine untiring voluntary work and dedication of our webmaster, Ted Harrison, in maintaining and continually improving the site. Ted does it all alone, is always available and responsive to post critical updates, especially noting the passing parade of members. He demonstrates great sensitivity to and understanding of the many audiences who access the site, and continues to dedicate unstinting time and effort in support of the 5RAR Association. These statistics gives example of how extensive the site was used for the 10 month period from Jan to Oct 2010:
67,087 visitors which is an average of 220 visitors per day
206,682 pages viewed at an average of 680 pages per day
Visitors from 178 countries and 54 languages have visited the website
Top 10 visiting countries: Australia, USA, UK, India, Canada, Russia, NZ, Germany, France & Vietnam

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