Battle of Binh Ba 1969

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During the Battle of Binh Ba from 6 to 8 June 1969 the 1st Australian Task Force Ready Reaction Force consisting of 5RAR (the Tactical HQ, B and D Coys and the Assault Pioneer Platoon) reinforced by tanks, APCs, artillery, engineering elements and aerial support, was commanded by CO 5RAR, LtCol Colin “Genghis” Khan.

In this picture soldiers of 6 Platoon B Company 5RAR, supported by Centurion Tanks of No 4 Troop, 1st Armoured Regiment, assault from the rubber plantation towards the enemy-occupied Duc Trung approx. 500 metres north of Binh Ba. The Australians inflicted heavy casualties on a strong force of the North Vietnamese Army.

The soldiers from the tank are:
Pte Ray Frauenfelder, Pte Peter Wardrope, Cpl Peter Pezet, 2Lt Bob Hutchison, Pte Greg 'Spike' Dwiar, Pte Bill 'Boong' Errington, Cpl. Alun 'Taffy' Hill, Pte Doug McKeller, Pte Mick Cox, ?

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