B Company, Battle of Binh Ba 6 June, 1969.

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Members of B Company, with armoured support, awaiting orders to commence the assault upon the enemy-occupied village of Duc Trung, approx 500m north of Binh Ba.

Bill O'Mara moved out from the 'Start Line' to take this photograph. The man in the foreground with the M60 machinegun is L/Cpl Bill "Boong" Errington, and L/Cpl Pat "Fox" Fegan is spread-eagled to the rear. The Australians were pitted against the 1st Battalion, 33 NVA Regiment plus the Binh Ba Guerrilla Unit who had occupied the neighbouring villages of Binh Ba and Duc Trung. D Company was tasked with clearing Binh Ba of the NVA and VC, whilst B Company had the same task in Duc Trung. Both actions, known as the Battle of Binh Ba, were fought over two days on 6 and 7 June 1969 with the villages being finally secured on 8 June.

Enemy losses were 126 KIA for the loss of 1 Australian KIA and 8 WIA.

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