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Geoff Pearson was enlisted into the Army as a National Serviceman in 1967. After his corps training in Infantry he was posted to the 5th Battalion The Royal Australian Regiment. He served with the Battalion in South Vietnam in C Company as a machine gunner during its second tour of duty.

After the completion of his National Service, Geoff resumed his career in banking. In later years he established his own business which he conducts in Sydney.

Geoff Pearson at Nui DatAs a member of the 5RAR Association, Geoff was appointed in the 1980s to the National Committee and served as Publicity Officer. In that role he initiated the publication of Tiger Tales in 1987 and continued until 1994. He recognized the need for Association identity on occasions such as ANZAC Day so he designed and subsequently produced at his own expense the first Association Banners which are now updated and distributed to all State Branches.

He prepared a computerized data base for the Association and personally financed the design and manufacture of Association ties and membership badges until the Association was in a position to accept these costs.

Geoff has been the Association National Secretary for over twelve years. He has maintained a comprehensive record of the activities of the Association and in particular the Committee. He has maintained contact with many ex -members of the Battalion and has become a valuable point of contact for all members. He has arranged regular reunions of former sub-unit colleagues and has been a principal organizer in the much larger regular regimental reunions.

Geoff Pearson has served 5RAR and the 5RAR Association with distinction for over 40 years. He has given freely of his time, his own resources and funds. As a principal office bearer of the Association he is fiercely protective of the reputation and symbolic importance of the Association. He is an excellent candidate for appointment as one of the inaugural life members of the Association.

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