Charlie Company Report April 2024

It is with great pleasure I write this article having taken over Charlie Company from the outgoing OC (Major John Moulton) in late 2023 as he and the majority of Charlie Company deployed on Operation KUDU to train Ukrainian recruits in the United Kingdom.

By way of introduction and background, I am a very proud Tiger, and Charlie Company Jackal. Now in my seventh cumulative year in the Tiger Battalion (having served three years as Charlie Company Platoon Commander, one as 2IC Delta Company and twice as Adjutant). So as you can imagine I have red penned my fair share of 5 RAR article submissions for the Tiger Tales Journal.

The Company has been lucky to keep our Company Sergeant Major from 2023 – Warrant Officer Class Two David Lomax (also a 5 RAR veteran having been a Platoon Sergeant in Delta Company when I was a brand new Lieutenant).


We also congratulate our new Company Second-In-Command, Captain Jack McAntee, moving from Platoon Commander of
7 Platoon on promotion.

What is Charlie Company up to this year?

The key activities the Jackals are looking forward to this year will include:

  • A solid eight week Section SOP building period (get the Sections right first and the Platoon / Company will follow).
  • Deploying to Timor Leste to conduct training with a Timor Leste Company.
  • Embracing the Tiger with a jungle and riverine operations package in the infamous Jungle Training Wing – Tully.
  • Multiple beers with the veterans during the Battalion Binh Ba Week Commemoration.
  • Building our own and partner riverine capability, with opportunities to train with partner forces.
  • Winning Champion Company two years in a row…(TBC).

MAJ Joshua Rousseau

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