Bravo Company Report April 2024

Hello and Greetings to all the veterans and avid readers of the Tiger Tales, from the new 2024 Command Team of Bravo Company.

The 2024 Command Team consists of MAJ Jamie Frisby, WO2 Robert Duffy and CAPT Luke Gollschewski:

  • MAJ Frisby began his infantry career at 7 RAR and since then has fulfilled a range of regimental, operational, international, instructional and staff positions.
  • WO2 Duffy began his infantry career many moons ago at 6 RAR (not everyone is perfect), he has a wide range of regimental and operational experience, as well as specialising in Pioneers and Reconnaissance.
  • CAPT Gollschewski (our Polish work experience kid) has served continuously at 5 RAR for the last five years. He promoted from PLCOMD DFSW to 2IC B Coy in December 2023.

Bravo Company has a full schedule ahead for 2024, with a large portion of the year conducting international exercises in the near region.

The first half of 2024 will see Bravo Company focus on section and platoon level training. A large emphasis has been placed on section level training and empowering
the junior commanders within the Company. Our small teams training will be put to the test when we head out to Kangaroo Flats Training Area to conduct individual to section level live fire exercises.

Bravo Company also has the good fortune of deploying to Malaysia this year for a Rifle Company Butterworth rotation. B Coy will form the nucleus of RCB, with a number of attachments from 1 Bde attaching to the Coy prior to deployment to Malaysia.

The RCB rotation will see the inclusion of the following activities:

  • Section & Platoon Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTP)/Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) development in the Jungle environment.
  • Exercises with the regional partners.
  • Sandakan Battlefield History Tour.
  • Hellfire Pass Battlefield History Tour.

That is just a taste of what Bravo Company will be getting after in the first half of the year. More to follow.


MAJ Jamie Frisby

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