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Alan McNulty enlisted in the Australian Army in January 1963 and was posted to 2RAR in Brisbane. In 1965 Alan was posted to 5RAR, then in I966 as a section commander of 7 Platoon C Company he boarded HMAS Sydney for his first tour of Vietnam.

Staying on with 5RAR he returned to Vietnam with the Battalion for his second tour in February 1969 as the 3 Platoon Sergeant in A Company.

On the 11th of May 1969 his Platoon was pinned down in a contact with the enemy. His Platoon Commander lay seriously wounded some 10 metres to the front of his position. With the assistance of a flame thrower and another soldier while showing little regard for his own safety, Alan was undeterred in rescuing his Platoon Commander,

While on operations in July 1969 Alan, whilst appointed as an advisor to a Company of ARVN, came under heavy automatic weapons fire, Alan took control of the situation, assisting the Commander to organise his defences. Over the next few hours, with assistance of helicopter gun-ships and artillery, he forced the enemy to withdraw.

In August that same year, his Platoon engaged a superior sized enemy force in bunkers. Despite suffering wounds, Alan continued to direct and inspire his soldiers, as he assisted with the evacuation of other casualties, In the process he was wounded a second time.

During his evacuation by air to Australia, his wounds proved so severe that the plane was redirected to Butterworth where an urgent operation was performed by a British surgeon. Eventually back in Australia, he spent many months recuperating, before rejoining the Battalion.

For his heroic actions in Vietnam, he was awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal on February 23rd 1970.

In 1973 after having served 8 years with 5RAR, Alan was posted to Headquarters Terror Barracks in Singapore as a Staff Sergeant. He returned to Australia in 1976, being posted to the 16th Battalion - The Royal Western Australian Regiment before being promoted to W02 with Army Recruitment in Perth.

After 20 years of Army service, Alan retired in 1983 taking up a senior management role with the Globus Group of Companies.

Alan was one of the first to "sign up" with the then newly-formed 5RAR Association. His enthusiasm for 5RAR has never waned, having taken over responsibility for the WA Branch of the Association since late 2004. It has since become a very strong, tight knit band of "Tigers" and without doubt, this can be attributed to the respect that he is afforded from that State's members.

He instigated a WA welfare committee to regularly visit ex-5RAR personnel who are ill or have fallen on hard times, both in their homes or in hospital. Alan was instrumental in encouraging the strong support for the annual visitation to Quinns Rock RSL and the local shire on their Vietnam Veterans' weekend, as well as Anzac Day and the Battalions' Birthday. And their Christmas functions are legendary!

Alan McNulty has served 5RAR and the 5RAR Association with distinction over more than 30 years, giving his time freely and he is an excellent candidate for the appointment as a Life Member of the 5 RAR Association Inc.

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