Poetry - Tiger Battalion

We the Unlucky

They said it was Australia's war, they lied.
It belonged to those who served and died;
Australians didn't really care,
Or maybe didn't want to know;
Would rather watch the footy show.

They taught us how to kill a man in a far off distant land,
They said the enemy was over there;
We had to stop the commie plot.

I'm still pondering thirty years on,
Trying to work out what went wrong;
I don't sleep well at night,
Still trying to work out what was right.

I'm still crying for friends that died,
And for bloody what!!
Our real enemy was here all the time,
The Government, DVA, the lot!!!

Our war still goes on,
Thanks a bloody lot.

Dedicated to Jimmy Webster who gave the lot for a land that forgot.....Vietnam 1966-67

© 1411137

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