2015 Warr/Khan Trophy Winner


Corporal Christopher James Synnott

Corporal Christopher James Synnott is the recipient of the Warr-Khan Trophy in 2015 for exemplary leadership and execution of duty as a Junior Non-Commissioned Officer of the 5th Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment. Corporal Synnott commenced the year as a rifle platoon Section Commander in 6 Platoon, Bravo Company where he has consistently displayed outstanding commitment to his professional development, his duties and his soldiers.

Corporal Synnott demonstrated his commitment to his duty and the platoon through actively seeking the lead in company training and field activities. He has implemented realistic and demanding scenario based physical training for the company that developed the physical and mental resilience of soldiers and officers. Corporal Synnott has selflessly committed himself to providing relevant training of an exceptional standard to ensure that Bravo Company soldiers were best prepared for the demanding requirements of Battalion training leading into the Readying phase of the Force Generation Cycle.

Corporal Synnott, through significant personal sacrifice, has embodied the Regimental motto, “Duty First.” He has consistently supported back to back unit and sub-unit courses and exercises without protest. In early May of 2015 Corporal Synnott was selected to lead the Battalion’s Duke of Gloucester Cup Squad. Throughout the selection, and the subsequent training period, Corporal Synnott demonstrated his natural command style; always leading from the front, inspiring and motivating his section and setting exceptionally high personal standards. The superior performance and exemplary conduct of his section throughout the Duke of Gloucester Cup is testament to his leadership and provided outstanding representation for the 5th Battalion and the 1st Brigade.

Immediately following the Duke of Gloucester Cup, Corporal Synnott commanded his section as the 5th Battalion’s representation in the 1st Brigade Military Skills Competition. Corporal Synnott’s continued dedication to the Battalion, his professionalism and mastery of his trade were critical factors in the Battalion placing second in the Brigade.

Corporal Synnott always leads by example; he has consistently displayed an unparalleled work ethic and devotion to duty. He inspires his subordinates and peers to strive to achieve professional mastery; he pushes himself and his section to overcome adversity, enhancing physical and mental resilience; he is the ultimate example of a motivated and professional Junior Non Commissioned Officer. His tireless actions and positive attitude have distinguished him from his peers; bringing great credit upon himself, the Battalion and the Corps. His actions are in keeping with the finest traditions of the Royal Australian Regiment and he is unequivocally worthy of the Warr-Khan Trophy for his junior leadership in 2015.

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