2014 Warr/Khan Trophy Winner



8519151 Corporal Todd Aaron Dovey is the recipient of the Warr-Khan Trophy for 2014 for exemplary leadership and execution of duty as a Junior Non-Commissioned Officer of the 5th Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment. Corporal Dovey commenced the year as a rifle platoon Section Commander in 10 platoon, Delta Company; he has consistently displayed outstanding commitment to his professional development, his duties and his soldiers.

Corporal Dovey demonstrated his passion and dedication to his duties by actively seeking the lead in company physical training and field commitments. Corporal Dovey implemented realistic, scenario based physical training that not only challenged the physical conditioning of his soldiers but trained their tactical ability. Corporal Dovey placed significant value on teaching soldiers the importance of being both physically and mentally combat ready. Corporal Dovey readily assumed the duties of Training Sergeant within the Company, taking the lead on developing strategies for individual training to prepare Delta Company for the Battalion’s Champion Soldier competition.

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Corporal Dovey, through significant personal sacrifice, has embodied the Regimental motto, “Duty First.” He has consistently supported back to back unit and sub-unit courses and activities without protest. Of note, Corporal Dovey played a pivotal role in the training and preparation of the Battalion’s Duke of Glaucester Cup and Australian Army Skill at Arms Meeting teams. He diligently worked behind the scenes to prepare the teams by imparting critical knowledge, offering constructive criticism and evaluating performance dimensions. Corporal Dovey represented the Battalion on Ex Koolendong, a multinational exercise with the United States Marine Corps and immediately followed on Ex Predators Walk in the capacity of a Safety Supervisor and training mentor. Through both support tasks, Corporal Dovey’s conduct was highly professional, actively providing leadership and instruction to subordinates and peers alike.

Corporal Dovey successfully completed the School of Infantry’s Basic Sniper course in June 2014 as testament to his technical proficiency and work ethic. At the courses conclusion, Corporal Dovey was posted to the Sniper Cell where he instantly became pro-actively involved in assisting the Sniper Supervisor in the development and execution of the 5 RAR Sniper Course. Corporal Dovey was subsequently tasked to support the 7 RAR Basic Reconnaissance Course in Adelaide.

Corporal Dovey leads by example; he has consistently displayed an unparalleled work ethic and devotion to duty. He inspires subordinates and peers alike, to strive to achieve professional mastery; he is the ultimate example of a motivated and professional Junior Non Commissioned Officer. His tireless actions and positive attitude have distinguished him from his peers; bringing great credit upon himself, the Battalion and the Corps. He is unequivocally worthy of the Warr-Khan Trophy for his junior leadership and his efforts during 2014.

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