2013 Warr/Khan Trophy Winner



Corporal Alborough is the recipient of the Warr-Khan Trophy for 2013 for exemplary leadership as a Junior Non-Commissioned Officer within Delta Company, 5th Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment. Corporal Alborough is the Manouver Support Section section commander for Delta Company. He has diligently trained one of the larger sections in the Battalion in both their standard infantry role and their manoeuvre support role.

His results as the MSS commander have been outstanding. His self drive and determination to succeed have seen the MSS element produce results that are expected of soldiers more senior and more qualified. Corporal Alborough’s leadership abilities were no more clearly shown than on the Brigade annual field training exercise, Exercise Predators Strike. At the conclusion of the exercise Corporal Alborough’s section supported the Battalion live fire assault as part of the support by fire position. His training of the section saw them provide better support than some of the specialist trained elements also involved.

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Due to his excellent leadership and training his section finished first from a field of 12 sections in a company competition. The competition encompassed the full range of infantry skills over a number of days in very challenging conditions. His performance as a section commander was beyond reproach and his team performed to a very high standard. CPL Alborough has set and maintained a standard for all soldiers and JNCOs to follow.

Throughout the year Corporal Alborough has actively led soldiers whilst fulfilling the position of Platoon Sergeant. His natural leadership abilities saw him selected to fulfil the position which has spanned a period of over three months. During these periods he has been a platoon sergeant both in barracks and in the field. He has shown consistently that he is above his peers and that he is able to produce excellent results in a position normally filled by more qualified and far senior soldiers. His performance as platoon sergeant for exercises Tigers Walk, Tigers Run and Predators Strike have seen him grow into a highly capable junior non-commissioned officer. During Predators Strike, he was attached to a platoon that was supporting a Royal Thai Army Company. The reports from his immediate superiors state that he ‘performed to an excellent standard and it was generally forgotten that he was a Corporal filling the position’. Statements like this have been the norm when Corporal Alborough has been discussed.

Corporal Alborough has a very bright future ahead of him and has bought great credit on himself, the Battalion and the Corps and is worthy of the Warr-Khan Trophy for the junior leadership.

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