Poetry - Tiger Battalion

Vietnam War

To all, family or friend,
This was a war that may never end.
Home we are from the stench and stink,
How many will need to see the shrink?
Every man woman or kid,
Wondering what we really did.

Victorious we were not,
But to the very end we gave our lot.
Infantrymen without a front line,
Treading carefully, watching for a mine.
Every man a soldier,
At nineteen years old, but much bolder.
Trained for the steaming jungle,
Hoping each step we will not bungle.

Not much chance to really sleep,
Too much at stake, our lives to keep.
Asians, friend or foe, looking the same
This is not a bloody game.
Maybe when we are home away from here
We may relax, and have a beer.

Why were we sent to this place?
To go back home and be called a disgrace?
Australian girls, families and wives
This is why your men lost their lives.
Remember all our unfortunate mates
We’ll have a roll call at the pearly gates.


© Jack Gennings
Vietnam both tours

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