New Horizons – First World War Pilots

National Library of Australia

Hear the voices of First World War pilots recorded in the National Library of Australia’s Oral History and Folklore Collection. From Keepsakes: Australians and the Great War, National Library of Australia, 2014. Hear from Fred Haig (No.1 Squadron, Australian Flying Corps), Edgar Johnson (Australian Flying Corps), Laurie Coombs (Royal Naval Air Service), Joel Treacy (Australian Flying Corps), Russell Tapp (Australian Flying Corps), Charles Hilman (Royal Naval Air Service and Australian Flying Corps), Alfred Knightley (Australian Flying Corps), and Frank Roberts (Australian Flying Corps). In the Great War (1914 – 1918), Australian airmen and ground crew served in the Middle East, in Britain and on the Western Front. Aerial warfare as we know it emerged during the Great War. The technical advances brought on by the conflict profoundly influenced the development of both military and civil aviation. In 1980, the National Library commissioned a series of interviews of Australian airmen for its oral history collection. In this presentation, surviving veterans of the Great War remember their experiences and reflect on the conflict.