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Sniping in Afghanistan
Snipers working in the mountains of Afghanistan
Convoy Ambush
convoy ambushed in Iraq
Fire Fight Addaliyah
Watch the video
French Canadian Army
Firing a very impressive French ERYX anti-tank weapon
A Message of Support
to Hewlet Packard
This video explains it all
Vehicle Convoy
When an IED explodes
close to the filming vehicle
How to direct
Traffic in Iraq

This soldier is no nonsense
 Washing a Hand Grenade
The washing machine
was useless after this
Humvee Firing
a Anti-Tank Missile

Iraqi with a RPG7
Wasn't quick enough
Air strike on Bus
You can just see a bus
down the road firing on the
Humvee with the camera
Model E-4 M60
Very impressive weapon
Stops artillery projectiles
Artillery Mishap
Self-firing piece?
Firing an RPG-7
You've really go to have
 a firm grip on the thing
Terrorist Firing a Mortar
Calls for God, Goes to God
Ramidiar Air Strike
US Soldiers call in an
air strike on a house with
bad the guys are holding
Suicide Bomber
Approaches a convoy of vehicles then turns in
and detonates his bomb
F-16 Takes Out A Bus
Click Here for an intro before watching the video
Javelin Test Firing
Wouldn't want to be
sitting in this tank
Tank Hit
I'd rather stay
as an Infantryman
Planting an IED
Obviously does not understand the word 'GENTLY'
AA-12, Shot Gun/Grenade Launcher
Shotgun for the 21st century


Amphibious Assault
A set-up, very funny


5 Aviation Regiment
Australia's Army
Aviation Wing in Timor
Navy Seals
Navy Seals boarding a Chinook Helicopter at sea
Night Kill in Iraq
Pilot spots insurgences planting IEDs
(Forward Looking Infra Red)
Helps to take out four insurgences
Apache Night FLIR
Pilot makes a bad judgement
Latest High-Tech Shotgun
Watch this amazing weapon
Air Drops
When nothing goes right
Bird Hits Plane
Pilot fights for
control then ejects
C130 Landing
A C130's Steep
approach to the runway
Chopper Crash
 landing on a floating platform when something breaks
The Love of Flight
The big jet
F-35 Fighter
The new vertical
take-off fighter
Bad Landing
Pilot struggles with controls as plane crashes on runway
F-4 Fighter Crash
An F-4 Flames out and
 the pilot ejects too late
Blackhawk Helicopter
A military ad for the Blackhawk
Chinook Helicopter
An Army Ad
Apache Chopper
Low-flying chopper
F-14a Explosion
An F-14a does a fly-past
and explodes in mid-air
F-16 Falcon
Delivers the coups de grce
on a bunch of terrorists
F-35B Lighting First Flight
A promo on the new F-35B
Harrier Lo-Level Ejection
Something breaks
Harrier Low Pass
Somewhere in Iraq
How to Brits Taxi Aircraft
You gotta like the work
Speed is Life
A number of remarkable aircraft doing their thing
Huey with a Mini Gun
Technicolour splendour
Russian Helicopter
Float chopper gets
into trouble and upends
 SWAT Team
Helicopter with SWAT
Team breaks something
The Spitfire
Journalist nearly
loses his hair
'Huey' Fully Armed
A tracer paradise
SU-27B Crash
Aircraft crashes at
an air show in Russia
A-6 Warthog
Dropping Cluster Bombs
Aircraft Weapons Drop Test
Can have devastating effects
Low Flying F-18
Right on the water's edge
F-18 Magic Carpet Ride
A lot of fun (14Mb)
Harrier 'Hits' the Runway
Wrong angle of descent
'Huey' Fly the Legend
Joy flights in a
'Huey' in South Africa
Helicopter Loop
Not enough
height and crashes


The Original Dominique
Sung by Jeanine Deckers
Warning: a big file
A skydiver
encounters a plane
Brickie's Labourer
By now this bloke
should be two feet tall
50 Calibre Rifle
Shooter aims at a metal
plate. Watch the ricochet
Boat Explosion
exercise goes wrong
Capoeira Fighter
This bloke should
have taken it seriously
4WD Cliff Climbing
How close to the
vertical is this!
Baseball Ball-Girl
Can she climb!
Sumo Wrestlers
It's an ad, but very funny
China Train Stop
I knew China
was crowded ... but
How to Arrest
a Bank Robber
Should be the SOP's Here
Crocodile Show
This bloke aint no Steve Irwin
Cross Wind Landings
Boeing testing their
aircraft on high cross-winds
Glock With Attitude
This pistol's hot on auto
Airways Flight 1549
Computer simulation of the aircraft landing in the Hudson River
Australian Lyre Bird
Just listen to Him
Inside the Space Station
The crew at work
A Bloody Elephant Gun!
Or maybe he's not up to it
Javelin Live Firing
Knocks out a tank big time
Dog Given 30 Seconds
Watch this dog on
the Jay Lenno show
No Gun Control
Typical idiot
with no gun sense
Kite Surfing
Eerie ... I wonder if
this really happened
Kosovo Music
Soldiers with too
much time on their hands
My Luck Day
2 3 4 5
Five clips for you to enjoy
Base Jumping
Instead of going down
you go up, then down
Running of the Bulls
The Wrong Mix
Mosquito Manufacturing Plant 1944
Interesting documentary
Ho My God!
Series of clips
of scary events
Cave Jumping
Base Jumping
Canopy collapsing
is not an option
Car Parking
This driver is
definitely a bloke
US President's
Support Vehicle
Don't mess with the US president on the road
High-Powered 4WD
Watch the video
Russian Tunnel
Water on the road freezes vehicles loses traction
 No Parachute
This bloke should be certified
Surf's Up
This wave is huge
The Horn Guy
He plays with his horns
Tiger Spotting in Kaziranga
Don't mess with Tigers
V8 Super Cars
The wheel has a
mind of its own
Why Girls shouldn't
Fire Hand Guns
She wasn't ready for it
Why Grandma
Shouldn't Sky Dive
Watch the video
Magical Transition
How do they do it
A Wing & a Prayer
Stunt aircraft loses a wing
Today's Modern Shot Gun
Where we these when
we were in Vietnam
Binary Explosives
How simple it is
make an IED
Pulling a Woman in Half
I've seen this on stage
but never in an open park
Watch Out Who You
Call a Fat Bastard!

'Butterbean' at work
Amazing Incidents
Slip Ups!
Code Brown
Never cycle this
close to the edge
Soldiers Surprising Their Loved Ones
Ladies ... tissues required

Funny Stuff

Airline Pilot
With Dean Martin and
Foster Brooks
Bad Timing
A little toilet humour
Deadly Handsome Men
No ex green-clad
jungle fighters here
The Dentist
With Tim Conway
and Harvey Korman
Farting in a Women's Toilet
From the
Graham Norton Show
Gun Control
From The Boston
Legal TV series
German Engineering
Versus Arab Technology

If only it was true
Funny Cats
If you love cats you'll love this
Fire Hose Rodeo
Careful of the family jewels
The Chimp
Watch the Video
Never Stand
Behind a Horse

Even I know you
shouldn't do that
Achmed the Dead Terrorist
Jeff Dunham
Coppers in Underwear
No explanation needed
Life Guard
Time for a pee
Candles for men
Marching Dads
Fine Physical specimens?
Road Rage
The solution
New Guy in Prison
What can I say
News Report From IRAQ
Watch the video
Remember the 60's
Watch the video
Robin Williams on Golf
A very funny skit
CIA Briefing
With Robert DeNiro
Dutch Talk Show
The interviewee
had his testicles
accidentally removed
Tom Mabe (Audio Only)
This is how you
handle telemarketers
East German Technology
Towing a 4WD
with a two-stroke
Blonde Quiz Show
I'm married to one
with the same colour
Wake Up Call
Noisy clock
Stunt Driving Record
He did well then oops!
Somewhere in the Irish Sea
Watch the movie
Dave Allen
Skit on a British POW
Your Mother
A Number of husbands
can relate to this
Friday Vs Monday
In the animal kingdom
Catch Phrase Quiz
It's not what you first think
Binary Explosives
Very scary
Terrorists and 72 Virgins
Another slant on this theme
Mission Impossible Squirrel
A very smart rodent
How to Tell a Joke
Good Dog!
A funny Budweiser commercial
The World
Poetry By Pam Ayers
The Black Hole
Elderly Love
It hasn't happened
to my wife ... yet
Never 'Honk' at a Granny
Good 'Onya' Gran
Mexican National Guard Mortar Training
You can't scare these blokes