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254979 STURLA, John Raymond.
8 August 1948 - 31 August 2023.

John SturlaPTE John Sturla died on Thursday 31 August in the care facility that he had been residing in.

John originally joined the CMF in 1967 with 4Bn/RNSWR. He deployed 1 ARU in Vietnam in March 1969, he then transferred to 4 Section, 11 Platoon, 5 RAR, on 2 April, as a rifleman. He completed the Battalion’s 1969-70 tour and returned to Australia with 5 RAR aboard HMAS Sydney. On return, John joined 1 RAR and served in Singapore/Malaysia. He returned to the CMF in 1972 with 1 Commando Company until discharge in June 1973.

His Funeral is at 14:00hrs on Thursday 7 September 2023 at Greenway Chapel, 460 Avoca Drive, Green Point, NSW, 2251.

Gary Townsend
5 RARA Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor


16039 ROYAL, Lloyd Noel "Snow."
27 November 1941 - 27 June 2023.

Lloyd RoyalLCPL Lloyd ‘Snow’ Royal died on Tuesday 27 June after losing his battle with cancer.

Snow first enlisted in the ARA for 6 years in 1961, after his discharge he re-enlisted in 1968. He deployed to Vietnam, in January 1969, as Genghis Khan’s batman, the position that he served the full tour in. When MAJGEN Murray Blake, as a LT, joined 3 RAR in 1961 Snow was appointed as his batman. Snow had also served in 2 RAR, 3 RAR, 6 RAR (batman to 2 or 3 COs), 8/9 RAR and 9 RAR as well as other postings. He took his discharge from the ADF, as a LCPL, in November 1996.

The Funeral Service for Snow will be held at 10:00 hrs on Thursday 13 July at White Lady Funerals, 270 Kelvin Grove Road, Kelvin Grove, QLD. The service will be live streamed by logging into White Lady Funeral Kelvin Grove website.

Gary Townsend
5 RARA Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor

215156 ROSS, Colin John.
9 August 1945 – 25 February 2023.

Colin RossCPL Colin Ross died on Saturday evening 25th February as a result of a cardiac arrest occurring on Friday 24th at 9.30 am.

Colin joined 5 RAR as a foundation member from 1 RAR was deployed to South Vietnam for both tours with B Coy 1966-1967 and with BHQ 1969-1970 serving as Intelligence Corporal.

On return to Australia he served with 1 RTB as an instructor and also 2/4 RAR as a Platoon Sergeant. On promotion to Sydney University Regiment component Armidale, WO Cadre. Then onto Royal Military College-Duntroon, as a drill instructor, retiring in 1987 as a WO2 after 24 years service.

At Colin’s request a private cremation was held on 3rd march in Newcastle.

Gary Townsend
5 RARA Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor

44553 WYATT, Robert John.
12 April 1943 - 21 February 2023.

Robert WyattPTE Robert Wyatt died peacefully on Tuesday 21 February, in the care facility he had been residing in for 12 months, two of his sons were present.

Bob enlisted in the ADF two times, a 3 year term and 4 years later another term of 6 years. After recruit training he was posted to the School of Army Health and then transferred to 2 Field Ambulance. Bob then joined 1 RAR for 12 months. On his rejoining he again went through recruit and Corps training and joined 7 Platoon C Company 5 RAR. Bob deployed to Vietnam with the Battalion and completed the 1969-70 tour. On return from SVN he served with 27 Battalion RSAR.

A Funeral Service will be held for Bob on 1 March at 11.00hrs by Mattiske Funerals, 2 Wiltshire St, Salisbury, SA.

Gary Townsend
5 RARA Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor  

3167846 WRIGHT, Wayne Smith.
16 January 1947 - 11 February 2023.

Wayne WrightWayne’s short illness and passing has been a great shock. He began feeling unwell on Wednesday 25th Jan, went to Royal Melbourne Emergency with initial assessment of a migraine. Next day he was back to hospital when it was discovered he had blockage in 2 arteries to the brain necessitating an operation to insert a stent. Unfortunately, in spite of his battle with what the doctors described as a “catastrophic stroke” Wayne passed at 4am Sat 11 Feb. He surprised the doctors by his tenacity.

Wayne was a national serviceman, serving in 12 platoon, D Company on the 2nd tour. During the tour he was promoted to corporal as a section commander in 12 platoon. He was wounded on 15 June 1969 in the Dat Do mine incident, but was able to return to duty and remained in 12 platoon until 3 December 1969 when he was RTA at the end of his national service obligation. Wayne was an exceptional person and digger, highly respected by everyone, both as a digger and section commander. Quite a character in his own right. He will never be forgotten. Wayne has left us with some wonderful memories.

His family have advised the funeral will be a small private farewell to Wayne, we extend our deepest condolences to his family.

Gary Townsend
5 RARA Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor 

2412308 SCALES, John Frederick "Scalsey."
16 October 1943 - 31 October 2022.

John ScalesPTE John ‘Scalsey’ Scales died on Monday 31 October, he had been ill for awhile and suffered an aneurysm.

John enlisted on 28 July 1965, completed his recruit training at 1 RTB and corps training at Infantry Centre. On 26 May 1966 he deployed to 1 ARU in Vietnam and in July that year was transferred to Support Company 5 RAR. When the Reconnaissance Platoon was formed he applied and was accepted. John served with the Battalion and returned to Australia on 12 May 1967. In January 1969 he joined 5 Section,1 Division Provost Company. John returned to Vietnam with 7 RAR in February 1970 until March 1971. He completed his service in July 1971.

A Funeral Service will be held for John at the Bathurst Crematorium Chapel at 1400hrs on Friday 11 November and a wake to be held later at Bathurst RSL.

Have been advised that John's funeral was live streamed Here Enter code 4564

Gary Townsend
5 RARA Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor 

18200 SCHULTZ, Brian Joseph.
9 January 1942 - 26 September 2022.

Brian SchultzPTE Brian Schultz died on Monday 26 September in the nursing home he had been living in for 12 months. Brian had been suffering from bowel cancer.

Brian enlisted in June 1963, attended 1 RTB and Infantry Centre (IC) and in February 1964 he joined 1 RAR. In March 1965 he was transferred to 5 RAR for 14 months and then rejoined 1 RAR. July 1966 he was transferred to IC (RAR Reo Wing) until he deployed to Vietnam with 1 ARU 31 August-23 September. He was then with CHQ and 9 Platoon, C Company, 5 RAR for the Battalion’s 1966-67 Tour. On his return to Australia he had various postings until he discharged in May 1971.

A Funeral Service will be held for Brian by Tobin Brothers Funeral Parlour, Cnr Barkly and Brook Streets, Sunbury, Vic, on Wednesday 12 October at 1400hrs.

Gary Townsend
5 RARA Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor

215023 SMEE, Kevin John.
11 April 1944 - 5 August 2022.

John SmeeCPL Kevin ‘John’ Smee died in hospital on Friday 5 August, he had been admitted to the hospital some time ago.

John enlisted in January 1963, was trained at 1 RTB and then Infantry Centre before joining 1 RAR in August of that year. He was a founding member of 5 RAR when the Battalion served on both tours of South Vietnam. As a LCPL with CHQ of B Coy on the 1966-67 tour and a CPL with ADM Coy on the 1969-70 tour. John stayed with 5 RAR until it was linked with 7 RAR and then served 6 years with 5/7 RAR. He continued in the ADF, serving for 20 years and discharging in January 1983.

John enlisted in January 1963, was trained at 1 RTB and then Infantry Centre before joining 1 RAR in August of that year. He was a founding member of 5 RAR when the Battalion served on both tours of South Vietnam. As a LCPL with CHQ of B Coy on the 1966-67 tour and a CPL with ADM Coy on the 1969-70 tour. John stayed with 5 RAR until it was linked with 7 RAR and then served 6 years with 5/7 RAR. He continued in the ADF, serving for 20 years and discharging in January 1983.

He was the 5 RAR Tasmania State Representative prior to Kevin Mulligan taking over the position. He also led several civilian groups in well-being areas for several years.

John's Funeral Service will be held at the C.J. Finney Centre, 34 Nunamina Ave, Kingsmeadows at 12.30hrs on Monday 15 August.

Gary Townsend
5 RARA Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor

214565 STUBBS, John Baille "Stubbsy."
16 August 1941 - 26 July 2022.

John StubbsPTE John ‘Stubbsy’ Stubbs died on Tuesday 26 July in the Maclean District Hospital, NSW, he had not been well for a long time.

John enlisted in February 1962, completed his recruit training at 1 RTB and Corps training at Infantry Centre. He joined 1 RAR in November of that year. For 2 years John served with HQ 28 Commonwealth Infantry Brigade Group in Singapore and Thailand. He joined 5 RAR in October 1965 and deployed to South Vietnam, as a rifleman with Support Section CHQ of Charlie Company, aboard HMAS Sydney, on 22 April 1966. He continued in that position for the full 1966-67 tour of SVN and returned to Australia on 12 May 1967. John completed his six year term and was discharged in February 1968.

A Funeral Service will be held for John at the Uniting Church, Angourie Road Yamba on Saturday 6th August at 1.30pm.

Gary Townsend
5 RARA Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor

2791471 RHODES, Neville Thomas.
17 February 1948 - 19 July 2022.

Neville RhodesPTE. Neville Rhodes passed away on the morning of Tuesday 19 July, he had been suffering for some time.

Neville, was conscripted in January 1969, started his Recruit Training at 1 RTB Kapooka, he then transferred to 3 TB (Inf Corps Wing) for his infantry training. He joined Infantry Centre (Reo Wing) until deploying to 1 ARU Vietnam (SVN) on 3 September. On 1 October he joined 11 Platoon, D Company, 5 RAR and there served until the Battalion returned to Australia in February 1970. Neville completed his tour of SVN with 8 RAR and RTA'ed in September 1970.

The funeral is to be held at the Young Lawn Cemetery on Thursday 28th of July at 11AM.
They would very much like to have members of 5RAR attend (if possible) the funeral and if doing so please wear medals.


Gary Townsend
5 RARA Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor

2412442 YOUNG, Kenneth George.
11 February 1949 - 22 June 2022.

Kenneth YoungPTE Kenneth Young died peacefully at Mercy Health, Albury, on Wednesday 22 June 2022 surrounded by his family.

Kenneth joined 1 ARU on his deployment to Vietnam on 18 September 1968, remaining there until 21 October. He was transferred to 1 RAR until their tour ended. On 14 February 1969 Kenneth was posted to Support Company, 5 RAR, where he served as a cook. While at FSB Thrust, on 8 July, he was wounded-in-action, during a mortar attack, on the FSB. Due to his wounds Kenneth was returned to Australia on 14 July 1969. He served 20 years in the ADF, retired with the rank of WO2, also serving in PNG and Malaysia.

A funeral Service will be held for him at Sacred Heart Church, 285 Beechworth Rd, Wodonga, VIC, on Thursday 30 June at 11:00hrs with a burial to follow.

Gary Townsend
5 RARA Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor

16 August 1940 - 28 May 2022.

Oluf Brokenhuus-SchackPTE Oluf Brockenhuus-Schack died on Saturday 28 May in NSW.

Oluf enlisted in the ARA in November 1967. He completed recruit training at 1 RTB and Corps training at Infantry Centre. Oluf was posted to 5 RAR in May 1968 and deployed to South Vietnam in February 1969. He served as a rifleman with 4 Platoon and later with CHQ of Bravo Company for the Battalion’s full 1969-70 tour of duty. When 5 and 7 RAR linked, Oluf became a member of 5/7 RAR and later served with 2/4 RAR and other postings. He continued his service with the ADF until 20 November 1989 attaining the rank of Corporal.

Family and friends are warmly invited to attend Oluf’s funeral service at St Barnabas Anglican Church, Ingleburn, Tuesday 14 June at 2.30pm. Following the service, Oluf will be laid to rest at Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Leppington.

Gary Townsend
5 RARA Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor

3794425 STASIEWICZ, Joseph.
15 September 1946 - 20 April 2020.

Joseph StasiewiczPTE Joseph ‘Joe’ Stasiewicz died in hospital on Wednesday 20 April, he had not been well for quite some time.

At the age of 21, Joe volunteered for the National Service scheme and completed his recruit training at 2 RTB Puckapunyal. He was then transferred to 3 RTB (Infantry Corps Wing), followed by Infantry Centre (Reinforcement Wing). On 18 March 1969 he deployed to 1 ARU in South Vietnam, serving there until he joined 2 Platoon A Company on 30 April. He served as a Machine Gun operator with 2 Platoon until his return to Australia with the Battalion on 5 March 1970.

Funeral details will be provided as they come to hand.

Gary Townsend
5 RARA Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor

29214 WITHERIDGE, Thomas "Stretch."
23 March 1937 - 4 March 2022.

Tom WitheridgeWO2 Thomas ‘Stretch’ Witheridge died on Friday 4 March, after suffering from a blood disorder for a long time.

Stretch enlisted in September 1955 he completed recruit Training at 1 RTB and Corps Training. He then served in 4 RAR, 3 RAR and then joined 1 RAR. Stretch deployed to Malaya with 1 RAR.

He was a foundation member of 5 RAR when it was raised on 1 March 1965. Stretch served in various positions and companies, for both of the Battalion’s tours of South Vietnam as a sergeant for the first tour and WO2 for the second tour. He continued to serve in the ADF until he took discharge in May 1977.

Funeral details will be provided as they come to hand.

Gary Townsend
5 RARA Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor

6709401 WATSON, John Terrance.
15 September 1945 - 28 December 2021.

John WatsonPTE John Watson died in the early morning hours of Tuesday 28 December, in Rossarden TAS, he had been suffering with respiratory illnesses for some time.

John was a national-serviceman, who enlisted voluntarily and deployed to South Vietnam with 1 ARU on 12 November 1969. On 3 December he was transferred to A Company 5 RAR, where he served as a rifleman. When the 5th Battalion returned to Australia he was posted to the strength of 8 RAR. He served in 8 Platoon of this battalion until his tour was completed on 12 November 1970. During his time with 8 RAR he was wounded in action.

A Funeral Service will be held for John at 14:30hrs on Thursday 6 January by Finney's Funeral Home, Franklyn Grove, Youngtown, TAS, 7249.

Gary Townsend
5 RARA Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor

42848 WIERINGA, Jacob Evert "Jack."
25 December 1942 - 3 November 2021.

Jack WieringaPTE Jacob ‘Jack’ Wieringa died peacefully on Wednesday 3 November, in his home town of Tailem Bend , SA.

Jack enlisted in 1962, completed his initial training at 1 RTB and Infantry Centre and deployed to Malaya firstly with 2 RAR and then 3 RAR for a total of 24 months including 2 periods of Special Service on the Thai Border. He then spent 6 months with1 RAR joining 5 RAR on it’s formation. Jack deployed to Vietnam with the Mortar Platoon in May 1966 and served there until the Battalion’s return in May 1967. In July 1968 he transferred to the CMF and 27 Bn RSAR until his discharge in 1969. Jack served for many years as a Federal Police officer in South Australia.

A family only Funeral Service was held for Jack on Friday 26 November 2021.

Gary Townsend
5 RARA Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor    

2788138 SIMPSON, Neil William "Barney."
7 January 1947 - 17 October 2021.

Neil SimpsonLCPL Neil ‘Barney’ Simpson died, in the Warren Hospital, in the early morning of Sunday 17 October. Barney had been suffering from cancer for quite some time.

Barney, a National Serviceman, started his recruit training at 1 RTB in October 1967. He moved to Infantry Centre, but within a short while, as the battalions were short on men, he was transferred to 5 RAR to complete his Corps training with the Battalion. Barney deployed to Vietnam in February 1969, as a member of Tracker Platoon. He served in that position until he was returned to Australia, at the end of his enlistment, in August of that year.

The Funeral will be graveside at the Warren Cemetery at 10.30am – Tuesday 2 November 2021, it is confirmed that they require all attendees to be fully vaccinated.

Gary Townsend
5 RARA Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor

3794483 ZUNNEBERG, Rodney John "Zunna."
25 March 1948 - 2 May 2021.

Rod ZunnebergPTE Rodney ‘Zunna’ Zunneberg died on Sunday 2 May, he had been suffering from diabetes and more recently, cardiac problems.

Rod completed his recruit training at 2 RTB, Corps training at 3 TB (ICW) and was posted to Infantry Centre (Reo Wing). He deployed to 1 ARU, South Vietnam, on 28 May 1969 and served with that unit until 13 July of that year. Rod was then transferred to 5 RAR, joining 8 Platoon as a rifleman. He served in that position until he returned to Australia, with the Battalion, on 10 March 1970. His Platoon Sergeant remembers him as “a good bloke and a damn good soldier.”

A Funeral Service will be held for Rod at Heritage Pioneer Chapel, 1416 Healesville-Koo Wee Rup Road, Woori Yallock, VIC, at 14:00hrs on Thursday 13 May.

Gary Townsend
5 RARA Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor


215469 SCHOFIELD, Raymond.
10 November 1942 - 10 October 2020.

Ray SchofieldCPL Raymond Schofield died in the early morning hours of Saturday 10 October at his home in The Ridgeway, NSW. He had suffered a cardiac arrest and with other health issues, passed away suddenly.

Ray joined 5 RAR as a foundation member from 1 RAR, on 1 March 1965. He deployed to South Vietnam on 6 May 1966 as a pay clerk with BHQ. He served in that position until he returned to Australia on board HMAS Sydney on 12 May 1967. Ray served in the Army for over 20 years, with many postings and at retirement he had attained the rank of Sergeant.

A Funeral Service for Ray will be held on Wednesday 21 October at 11:30hrs at Norwood Park Crematorium, 65 Sandford Street, Mitchell, ACT.

Gary Townsend
5 RARA Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor

1410924 SIBSON, Laurance John "Laurie."
24 January 1946 - 7 October 2020.

Laurie SibsonPTE Laurence ‘Laurie’ Sibson, late of Joondalup WA, died on Wednesday 7 October. Doctors had been investigating why he had been suffering ill-health for quite some time.

Laurie was serving with Admin Company when he deployed to the Republic of Vietnam on 9 May 1966. Subsequently he served with A Company CHQ, as a hygiene duty-man and also with 1 Platoon as a rifleman. Laurie was returned to Australia on 24 April 1967. In later life Laurie worked with TPI Association, Legacy and the WA 5 RARA committee.


Gary Townsend
5 RARA Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor

Funeral will be held on Friday 30th October 2020 at 1030hrs at St Andrews Catholic Parish Church, corner of Belleview Gardens and Victorsen Parade Clarkson W.A.

Alan McNulty DCM.

17703 WELDON, Alan Howard.
2 August 1944 - 15 August 2020.

Alan WeldonCPL Alan Weldon died on Saturday 15 August in his home state of South Australia.

In the mid-sixties Alan served with 4 RAR in the Malaya/Borneo ‘Confrontasi’ conflict. He then deployed to South Vietnam with 2 RAR from 19 May to 24 October 1967, when he was medically returned to Australia due to an illness. He redeployed to South Vietnam with 5 RAR on 8 February, serving as the commander of 7 Section, 12 Platoon, D Company. Alan, amongst others, was wounded in a enemy mine incident on 15 June 1969. He was medevaced to Australia on 30 June 1969.

A private Family Funeral was held for Alan and the RSL Care SA, is organizing a Memorial Service for him.

Gary Townsend
5 RARA Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor

2790202 SUMMERFIELD, Colin Roy.
14 August 1946 - 15 May 2020.

Colin SummerfieldPTE Colin Summerfield passed away on Friday 15 May 2020 at the Tamworth Base Hospital, following a long period of illness.

Colin was a National Serviceman who deferred his call-up in order to finish his training as an optician. He was then inducted and after Recruit Training, he was posted directly into 5 RAR, where his Corps Training was conducted. Colin was appointed as a Rifleman in 9 Platoon, C Company and stayed in that role throughout his service. He completed a full tour of duty from 17 February 1969 to 10 March 1970. Colin was a steady, reliable soldier who served his Platoon, Company and Battalion well.

Colin was laid to rest at the Tamworth Lawn Cemetery on 21st May 2020. Six of his C Company (2nd tour) colleagues, travelling from as far afield as Hervey Bay Qld and Melbourne, attended.

Gary Townsend
Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor

2791054 SMITH, Stephen Charles "Smithy."
13 May 1948 - 6 March 2020.

Stephen SmithPTE Stephen ‘Smithy’ Smith of Boggabri NSW died on Friday 6 March, he had been enduring dementia for some time and had recently entered a care facility.

Stephen deployed to 1 ARU in South Vietnam on 30 July 1969 and served with that unit until he joined 5 RAR on 20 August 1969. He served in 3 Section, 10 Platoon, D Company as a rifleman, he was a good team member and a likable digger. He was returned to Australian due to compassionate reasons on 29 October 1969.

A Funeral Service will be held for Stephen at 1000 hrs Monday the 16/3/20 at St Barnabas Anglican Church, 86 Laidlaw St, Boggabri NSW.

Gary Townsend
Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor

2412335 SMAILS, Brian.
22 March 1946 - 17 December 2019.

RAR BadgePTE Brian Smails died suddenly on Tuesday 17 December as he returned to Australia for Christmas. Brian collapsed and died soon after landing in Sydney, he had been living in Thailand for some time.

Brian deployed to 1 ARU in South Vietnam on 25 August 1966 and then served with A Company, 1 Platoon until he was medically returned to Australia 1 February 1967. He received shrapnel wounds to his back on 17 October 1966 on Nui Thi Vai, during Operation Queanbeyan.

A Funeral Service will be held at Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Camden Valley Way, Leppington, NSW on Monday 23 December at 14:30hrs.

Gary Townsend
Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor

4411017 VERRALL, Peter George.
2 September 1947 - 24 October 2019.

Peter VerrallPTE Peter Verrall tragically lost his life when the boat that he and a mate were fishing from capsized, his mate narrowly escaped the same fate.

Peter served in South Vietnam with the 5th Battalion from 25 February until 25 April 1967 when the Battalion returned home. He was then posted to 7 RAR and served with them until 25 October 1967.

He was a past President of Tailem Bend RSL, a passionate advocate and was highly regarded in the veteran community.

The arrangements for Peter’s funeral are:
Wednesday 6 November 1400 hrs. Minge Chapel, 63 Swanport Road, Murray Bridge, SA.
Dress code - jacket and Medals.

Gary Townsend
Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor

215794 SMALE, Lloyd.
30 July 1943 - 23 September 2019.

RAR BadgeSignalman Lloyd Smale died on Monday 23 September in Baulkham Hills, NSW.

Lloyd was a member of the Royal Australian Corps of Signals. He served with Bravo Company, 5 RAR, for the term of the Battalion’s 1966-67 tour of South Vietnam. Lloyd returned to Australia as part of the advance party to prepare for the return of the Battalion to Australia in March 1967.

The funeral service for Lloyd will be held at the Chapel of Castlebrook Memorial Park
Rouse Hill NSW on Friday 4 October, commencing at 13:00hrs.

Gary Townsend
Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor

2789755 WARD, George Richard.
30 January 1947 - 16 August 2019.

George WardPTE George Ward died in hospital mid-morning on Friday 16 August, he had been in care for the last couple of years suffering from Alzheimer's.

George deployed to South Vietnam for the full term of the Battalion’s 1969-70 tour of duty. He served with 6 Section 5 Platoon B Company operating as the section’s tail-end Charlie for most of the time. George was well liked by his mates and considered a ‘good guy’.

The funeral service for George is:

16:30hrs, Friday 23 August at Pettigrew Family Funerals, 12 Harris St, Wallsend, NSW, 2287. Medals to be worn and an RSL Poppy Service will be included.

Gary Townsend
Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor

55069 SLATER, Robert "Slatts."
2 January 1942 - 23 July 2019.

Robert Slater 5RARCPL Robert ‘Slatts’ Slater died on Tuesday 23 July, he had been residing in an aged care facility for some time.

Bob served as a section commander in 2 Platoon A Company for the Battalion’s full 1966-67 tour of South Vietnam.

He returned to South Vietnam with the Battalion in 1969, serving with the same sub-unit. He was WIA in March 1969 when the vehicle he was travelling in hit a mine. Bob was medically repatriated to Australia in November 1969.

A Funeral Service will be held for Bob at Metropolitan Funeral Home Chapel, 174 Anzac Ave, Kippa-Ring, QLD on Monday 29 July at 10:00 hrs.

Gary Townsend
Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor

3793390 SHEA, Anthony Michael.
27 August 1947 - 6 May 2019.

Anthony Shea 5RARPTE Anthony ‘Tony’ Shea passed away peacefully on 6 May, in Ararat, Victoria.

Tony served with the Battalion in South Vietnam from 3 February 1969, and returned to Australia aboard the HMAS Sydney on 10 March 1970. He was a member of the Assault Pioneer Platoon, Support Company.

A graveside service for the late Anthony Michael Shea will be held in the Ararat Lawn Cemetery on TUESDAY May 14th, at 11:30am.


Gary Townsend
Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor.

4717633 RAFFAN, Peter John "Raff."
2 March 1945 - 2 April 2019.

Peter RaffanPTE Peter ‘Raff’ Raffan died peacefully on Tuesday 2 April in in the Berri General Hospital, SA.

Peter served on the Battalion’s first Tour of South Vietnam 10 May 1966 and returned to Australia aboard the HMAS Sydney on 12 May 1967. Peter served with Company Headquarters of A Company and then with 3 Platoon A Company.

A Funeral Service is to be held in the Riverland Funerals Chapel, 32 Hughes Street, Berri, on Monday April 8 at 14:00hrs, followed by a private cremation at the Riverland Crematorium.


Gary Townsend
Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor.

4717563 RICHARDS, Daryl Player.
23 February 1945 - 5 February 2019.

Dryal RichardsWe have belatedly been advised of the death of PTE Daryl Richards on Saturday 5 February of this year.

Daryl was a 1st intake National Serviceman who, after basic training, joined 2 RAR for Corps Training. In January 1966. He joined 11 Platoon, D Company as a rifleman. He deployed to South Vietnam with the Battalion and served with 11 Platoon until he was returned to Australia on 24 March 1967 for medical reasons.

According to Daryl’s wishes, his family did not formalise a funeral. A wake was organized by his wife, Karen, and was held in the Glenelg Football Club Adelaide, on the 16th January. Daryl's life was celebrated by his family and a wide range of friends, which included a good gathering of his Tiger mates.

Gary Townsend
Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor 

216768 SHANAHAN, Thomas Harold.
10 January 1932 - 22 December 2018

Chaplin Tomas ShanahanCHAP Thomas ‘Tom’ Shanahan died in the Tamworth Base Hospital in the early morning of Saturday 22 December, his health had slowly been deteriorating.

Tom was the Roman Catholic Chaplain for the full duration of the Battalion’s 1969-70 Tour of South Vietnam.

Members will also know Tom from his participation in the Memorial Services held for the 2010 and 2015 Reunions on the Gold Coast.

Gary Townsend
Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor.

Funeral details : St Nicholas Catholic Church Tamworth, 10 am Wednesday 2nd January.

Max Hyson
Honourary Treasure.
Tamworth RSL Sub Branch

311548 SULLIVAN, Terrance Brian.
10 September 1945 - 17 December 2018.

Terry SullivanPTE Terrence ‘Terry’ Sullivan died in his sleep, during the night of Monday 17 December, in his home town of Dawsville, WA.

Terry joined 1 ARU in South Vietnam on 11 June 1966 and served there until 19 July 1966, when he was posted to 5 RAR. He carried the M60 machine gun for 9 Section, 3 Platoon, A Company for the remainder of the Battalion’s tour. Terry returned to Australia, with the Battalion, aboard HMAS Sydney on 12 May 1967.

The Funeral Service for Mr Terry Sullivan (JP) of Mandurah, will take place in the chapel of Bowra & O’Dea, 312 South Street, Hilton commencing at 10:00 hours on FRIDAY 4 January 2019, Cremation will take place privately at a later time.

Gary Townsend
Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor.

2781533 WILLIAMS, John Edward "Blah."
5 March 1945 - 20 August 2018.

John WilliamsPTE John "Blah" Williams, formerly of Mullumbimby, passed away in Mackay QLD on Monday 20 August after battling prolonged ill-health.

John, a national serviceman, deployed to South Vietnam as a mortar-man with Support Company in May 1966. On the formation of the Reconnaissance Platoon he became an inaugural member and served in that position for the remainder of the battalion’s 1966-67 tour.

A Memorial will be held for John at the Hay Point Hotel, 1272 Hay Point Rd, Hay Point QLD on Saturday 22 September.

Eulogy at John's Memorial Service given by his Commander, Reconnaissance Platoon, Michael "Deaky" Baron von Berg MC OAM can be read Here

Gary Townsend
Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor.

218000 SMITH, Kevin Leslie "KL."
23 March 1945 - 3 July 2018.

Kevin SmithOn Monday 3 July, PTE Kevin "KL" Smith lost his battle with the prostate cancer he had been fighting.

KL deployed to South Vietnam with 1 Section, 10 Platoon, D Company on 3 February 1969. During Op Quintus Thrust, on 9 March, he was wounded in a mine incident in Hoa Long which killed his platoon Officer Commanding, Sergeant and a Section Commander. KL was also involved in the Battle of Binh Ba in June. He was medically returned to Australia in October 1969.

His Funeral Service will be held at South Chapel, Forrest Lawn Crematorium, Leppington, on Friday 13 July at 13:00 hours.

Gary Townsend
Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor.

2789781 ROBERTS, David William "Billy."
10 September 1947 - 21 June 2018.

David RobertsPTE David "Billy" Roberts died recently, Billy deployed to 1 ARU, South Vietnam, on 21 May 1969. He joined 12 Platoon, D Company, 5 RAR on 20 June and remained with them until he returned to Australia with the battalion on 10 March 1970.

Funeral details:
11:30am Friday 29 June
Tweed Chapel
Tweed Heads Memorial Gardens and Crematorium
179 Kirkwood Road, Tweed Heads South.

Gary Townsend
Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor.

54562 WOOLLEY, Robert Geoffrey.
1 September 1943 - 5 June 2018.

Robert WooleyLCPL Robert Woolley passed away at his hometown on the central NSW Coast on Tuesday 5 June.

Robert received his original training at 1 RTB Kapooka and then Infantry Centre, Ingleburn, before he was posted to 1 RAR. He deployed to New Guinea with them from 19 July until 2 August 1964.

On 1 March 1965, the foundation of 5 RAR, he joined 5 RAR. Robert served in South Vietnam on the battalion’s first tour from 22 April 1966 until 9 May 1967.

A Funeral Service for Robert was held by Brian J Reid Funeral Services on Friday 8 June on the NSW Central Coast.

Gary Townsend
Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor.

39280 STEEP, Christopher Steven.
28 December 1948 - 16 April 2018.

RAR BadgePTE Christopher Steep passed away on Monday 16 April.

Christopher’s deployment to Vietnam started with 1 ARU on 12 August 1969, he then joined HQ 1 ATF from 3 June until he was reposted to 1 ARU on 30 July. He joined the battalion from on the 12 August 1969 and was posted to 3 Platoon, A Company. He returned to Australia with the battalion on 5 March 1970.

He returned to Vietnam and joined 1 ARU on 3 September 1970 to 13 January 71, and then joined Australian Logistics Support Company from 14 January to 2 September.

The funeral service for Christopher was held at Newhaven Funeral Home, Stapylton, QLD, on Saturday 28 April.

Gary Townsend
Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor.

212970 SSGT SEATS, Michael Anthony.
4 November 1928 - 20 March 2018.

Michael SeatsSSGT Michael "Mick" Seats died on the morning of Tuesday 20 March.

Mick, a member of RAAMC, served with Administration Company of 5 RAR in Vietnam from 10 May 1966 until 1 April 1967, when he was medically returned to Australia. He was a long serving, capable and efficient senior Australian NCO.

In WW2, Mick served in the Merchant Navy, from May 1942 to June 1943, during which time he turned 14. He also saw service with 3 RAR in the Korean conflict.

The Funeral Service for Mick was held at Mareena Purslowe Funerals, South Fremantle, WA on Tuesday, 27th March. The 5 RAR Association Members in attendance paid their respects to Mick at the service.

Gary Townsend
Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor.

5716145 SUTTON, Geoffrey Edward "Sutt."
17 February 1948 - 4 March 2018.

Geoffery SuttonWithin the last few days PTE Geoffrey "Sutt" Sutton passed away peacefully at his home in Pinjarra, WA, after a short, but brave battle with pancreatic cancer.

Geoff was deployed to 1 ARU in Vietnam, on 18 March 1969 until 29 April 1969. He then joined 11 Platoon, D Company on 30 April as a rifleman/forward scout. Geoff served with the battalion for the remainder of the tour and returned to Australia with 5 RAR.

The Funeral Service for Geoff will take place in Bowra & O'Dea's Chapel, 2 Leslie Street Mandurah, WA, commencing at 14:30 hours on Friday 9 March. Medals are encouraged to be worn. A private cremation will take place at a later time.

Gary Townsend
Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor.

214823 TRAPPEL, Albert Edward "Bert."
14 October 1940 - 10 January 2018.

Albert TrappelOn Wednesday 10 January, CPL Albert "Bert" Trappel died in Canberra Hospital, after suffering a fall at his home on the NSW South Coast.

Bert, a technical storeman and member of RAEME, served on both of the battalion’s tours of South Vietnam, with Administration Company. He deployed for the full tour in 1966-67 and returned with the battalion in January 1969, until he was medically returned to Australia in November 1969.

His Funeral Service was held at the crematorium of Broulee Memorial Gardens, 195 Broulee Road, Broulee, NSW, on Friday 19 Jan 2018.

Gary Townsend
Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor.

37763 WESTERMAN, Albert Henry "Bert."
3 February 1931 - 7 November 2017.

Albert WestermanSGT Albert "Bert" Westerman died, late of Mill Park VIC, on Tuesday, 7 November.

Bert was deployed to South Vietnam as the Platoon Sergeant of 7 Platoon, C Company on the Battalion’s 1966-67 Tour. He was returned to Australia on 15 June 1966 due to an ulcerated leg that had developed on the Trip over on HMAS Sydney.

A funeral Service was held for Bert by White Lady Funerals, Epping, VIC, on Wednesday the 15 November.

Gary Townsend
Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor.

5715960 STONE, David Lawrence "Stony."
9 October 1947 - 25 November 2017.

David StoneDave, or "Stony" as he was generally referred to, was a National Serviceman from WA. He was a Rifleman, Platoon Medic and Section 2IC in 9 Platoon, C Coy during the Battalion’s second tour in 1969/70. Dave excelled in all three positions and was a well-respected and valued member of the tight-knit 9 Platoon team.

Stony will also be remembered for his, at times, wicked sense of humour. Whether in country or post-Vietnam at Platoon Reunions, he could be relied upon to lighten the mood with his innate wit and ability to see the funny side of situations, irrespective of the circumstances.

On RTA, Stony turned to a career as a WA Police Officer and went on to become a Detective in that force.
Dave will be sadly missed by his comrades-in-arms. Our thoughts are with his widow, Margaret, and family.
Rest easy, digger, your duty is done.

David Stone's Funeral Service will be held at Pinnaroo Valley Memorial Park Crematorium, Whitfords Avenue, Padbury, Western Australia on Wednesday 6 December 15:00 hours. This will be followed by a wake to celebrate his life (venue to be announced).

Roger lambert
Platoon Commander, 9 Platoon, C Coy, 1969/70.

2207495 STANTON, Neville George "Nev."
9 August 1944 - 25 August 2017.

Neville StantonCPL Neville "Nev" Stanton died in Coolah District Hospital in New South Wales.

Nev served with Mortar Platoon from 8 February 1969 to 18 February 1970 on the Battalion’s second tour of Vietnam.

A memorial service for Nev will be held on the 5 September, 2pm at the Anglican Church in Coolah NSW. The service will be attended by family members and his mates from Mortar Platoon.

Gary Townsend
Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor.

54624 RAINER, Dennis Claude, MC.
27 November 1939 - 16 August 2017.

Dennis RainerI sadly advise you that Dennis Rainer passed away this morning, 16 August 2017. He was admitted to hospital several days ago with cancer.

Dennis was Officer Commanding 10 Platoon for the duration of the tiger's 1st tour of Vietnam. He was mentioned-in-despatches and was awarded the Military Cross. Dennis was a fine regimental soldier who also served with 1RAR in Malaysia/Singapore and with SASR.

The funeral for Dennis Rainer will be held at Fremantle Cemetery East Chapel, Carrington St & Leach Highway, Palmyra WA at 11.30 AM Friday 25 August. I will be attending and will deliver the eulogy.

Roger Wainwright.
National President,
5RAR Association Inc.

2790951 WINTER, John Robert Dalton.
9 March 1948 - 13 July 2017.

Robert WinterPTE John Winter gave up his struggle, in Canberra on Thursday 13 July, after being hospitalized for many years.

After completing his Basic and Infantry School training John began his Vietnam deployment with 1 ARU from 15 July 1969 He then served with 9 RAR from 6 August to 18 November 1969.

He joined 5 RAR and served in 9 Platoon, C Company from 19 November 1969 until he returned to Australia with the Battalion in March 1970.

Unfortunately the details were not made known to the 5 RAR Association in time for any of our members to attend the memorial services for John.

Gary Townsend
Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor.

3794462 TIECHELMAN, Donald Charles "Don."
27 August 1947 - 12 July 2017.

Donald TiechelmanPTE Donald "Don" Teichelman, late of Eden Park VIC, passed away suddenly on Wednesday 12 July.

Don was posted 1 ATF in South Vietnam on 30 July 1969 and then to 5 RAR on 20 August. He joined 9 Platoon, C Company as a rifleman, where he served until the Battalion returned to Australia.

Thursday 20th July 2017 at 1300 hrs (1.00pm) at the Heidelberg Golf Club followed by a gathering at the Greensborough RSL to farewell him.

Gary Townsend
Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor.

54318 WILLCOTT, Barry Edmund.
6 March 1936 - 25 January 2017.

RAR BadgeBarry Willcott, ex 5RAR 65/66, passed away peacefully January 25 2017. Late of NARRANDERA NSW formerly of Bunbury WA and Canberra.

A funeral service will take place on Monday, February 6, 2017 at the AHM Crematorium Chappel 76 Coperland st Wagga NSW
commencing at 11am .

Gary Townsend
Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor.

4717650 TURNER, Trevor Alfred John "Anna."
21 June 1945 - 14 December 2016.

RAR BadgePTE Trevor "Anna" Turner passed away after being in poor health for quite some time.

Trevor was posted to South Vietnam with 1 Platoon, A Company. He served in theatre from 8 May until 13 September, when he was medically returned to Australia. Trevor was the machine gunner in 1 Section for part of his tour.

His Funeral Service is to be held at Repatriation General Hospital Memorial Chapel, 216 Dawes Road, Daw Park, SA, at 10.30 am on Wednesday 21st December and after at Centennial Park Cemetery, Goodwood Road, Pasadena, SA.

Gary Townsend
Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor.

2207470 TURNER, Peter John.
9 August 1945 - 24 September 2016.

Peter TurnerCPL Peter Turner passed away early on the morning of Saturday 24 September at his home in North Queensland.

Peter served in South Vietnam, as the signaller for D Company, from 8 February 1969 to 5 March 1970. He was a likable and efficient soldier.

Over the years he had been a hard working, long serving Committee Member and a Past President of the Cairns RSL sub-branch and club. In August this year Peter was awarded a Life Membership of both the RSL and sub-branch, for his services.

A private cremation will be held for Peter and a Memorial Service will be held for him at the Cairns RSL.

To read Peter's Eulogy delivered by Kel Ryan Here

All are welcome to attend.

Gary Townsend
Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor.

44558 SMITH, Matthew Kevin "MK."
6 September 1942 - 16 July 2016.

Matthew SmithI have been advised of the passing of PTE Matthew Kevin Smith.
Matthew served with 8 Platoon, C Company in South Vietnam from 6 February 1969 to 10 March 1970 as a Rifleman.
A tribute to "MK" from one of his mates can be read Here

Gary Townsend
Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor.

3793461 WHITTAKER, James Kennedy "Jock."
12 May 1946 - 9 June 2016.

James WhittakerOn Thursday 9 June, after a brief illness, PTE James "Jock" Whittaker passed away in hospital, due to a respiratory problem and other complications.

Jack served with 4 Platoon B Company and Admin Company from 3 Febuary 1969 until 18 Febuary 1970 when he returned to Australia with the Advance Party.

A funeral service will be held for Jock at 14:00hrs Tuesday 14 June, at the Sylvan Funerals Chapel, 22 Warwick Rd, Ipswich.

Gary Townsend
Membership Officer/Editor Tiger Tales.

342627 TAYLOR, Robert Lawrence MBE.
6 June 1938 - 22 April 2016.

Robert TaylorWO2 Robert "Bob" Taylor, MBE, passed away on the morning of Friday 22 April.

Bob served as the Bandmaster for the 5th Battalion, from 30 April 1966 to 12 May 1967 on the Battalion’s first deployment to South Vietnam. The 5 RAR Band was the last band to serve on active service.

Bob had extensive medical training and was instrumental in producing the top class stretcher bearers/medics that were an integral part of 5 RAR.

Bob was also responsible for the selection of the music of 'Dominique' as the Battalion's march in quick time.
An excerpt of the article 'Band of the Fifth Battalion RAR' written by the Battalion's first CO, LTCOL John Warr on this website states:

"From the time he joined the Battalion, Bob Taylor had been thinking about a Regimental March for 5RAR and he had concluded that the most appropriate was "Dominique". He arranged the music then suggested to the CO that Dominique be accepted as the Regimental March. Colonel Warr was not convinced as he had never heard the tune. Bob Taylor, with the support of Major Max Carroll, the Operations Officer, then proposed that the band play Dominique and two other marches for the 800 men of the battalion who would be asked to vote for the march they thought would the best. Dominique received an overwhelming vote from all ranks and so it became the march of the 'Tiger Battalion."

His MBE (Military Division) was awarded on the New Years Honours List, 1979, for his services the Australian Army Band Corps (AABC). At one stage in his career Robert served as the Army Director Of Music.

A private family funeral was held for Bob.

Gary Townsend.
Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor.

3786888 TOMAN, Trevor Jess "Toby."
1 May 1945 - 17 April 2016.

Trevor TomanPTE Trevor "Toby" Toman passed away peacefully in St John of God Hospital, Bendigo, VIC, on Sunday 17 April.

Toby served as a rifleman/Machine Gunner in 12 Platoon for the full deployment of the Battalion’s 1966-67 Tour of South Vietnam. He was an outstanding digger who could be relied upon. One could say his motto was ‘Play Hard, Fight Hard’.

His funeral service will be held at 11:00 on Friday 22 April at St Mary’s Anglican Church, Kangaroo Flats, VIC.

Barry Ruttle.
Committee Member,
5RAR Association.

2788890 SMITH, Robert Keith "RK."
24 November 1946 - 7 April 2016.

Robert SmithPTE Robert "RK" Smith completed his last patrol in Westlakes, South Australia, on the morning of Thursday 7 April.

Robert served as the radio operator with 4 Platoon, B Company in South Vietnam on the Battalion’s 1969-70 Tour. He was medically repatriated to Australia on 10 December 1969.

Gary Townsend
Editor, Tiger Tales.

5713712 ROBERTS, Peter Harold.
19 April1945 - 13 January 2016.

Peter RobertsPeter Roberts of 6 platoon B Company 5RAR First Tour , passed away on the13th January 2016 aged 70 .

His funeral service will be held at the West Chapel Pinnaroo Valley Memorial Park Whitfords Avenue Padbury at 1pm Tuesday 19th January 2016.

His wife and one of his daughters still live in Thailand and cannot attend this service .
We would appreciate any members who can attend this service to come and pay their respects to another Tiger .

Also if anyone has any information they can supply about Peter could they please contact me .

Alan McNulty DCM
WA Representative

6709027 TILYARD, Dennis John.
4 November 1946 – 7 September 2015.

Dennis TilyardPTE Dennis Tilyard passed away on Monday 7 September, he had been suffering from cancer for some time.

Dennis served with D Company on the 5th Battalion’s second tour of South Vietnam, January to August 1969 when he was medically returned to Australia.

A Service for Dennis was held at the Graham Family Funeral Home, Corner Risdon and Bay Roads, New Town, on Friday 11 September, after which interment took place at the Malbina Lawn Cemetery, Malbina at 12 noon approx. Family, friends attended the Services and 5 RAR Association was represented by David Keating.

Gary Townsend
Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor.

4717641 WINTERFIELD, Robert Anthony.
5 January 1945 - 18 June 2015.

Robert WinterfieldRobert "Bob" Winterfield passed away on Thursday 18 June after losing the fight with bone cancer.

Bob served with 3 Section, 7 Platoon on the Battalion's 1966-67 tour of Vietnam until he was WIA in December 1966, when he was repatriated to Australia. At this stage I have no other details.

Gary Townsend
Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor.

18211 SMERDON, Neville John "Smerdo."
18 September 1944 - 29 June 2015.

Neville SmerdonNeville "Smerdo" Smerdon passed away suddenly this morning at his home in Wagga Wagga, from what seems like a heart attack.

Smerdo served on the Battalion's 1966-67 tour of Vietnam with the Assault Pioneers.

I have just been notified that the Service for Neville Smerdon will be held at the Wagga Wagga Lawn Cemetery and Crematorium at 10:00 on Monday 6 July.

Gary Townsend
Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor.

3786648 STEVENS, Trevor John.
9 February 1945 - 3 May 2015.

Trevor StevensI have just been advised that Trevor Stevens has passed away.
PTE Trevor Stevens served with 6 Platoon, B Company from 12 May 1966 to 30 April 1967.
We are waiting on further details and funeral arrangements.

Have been informed that his funeral will be held on Wednesday 13 May at 11:30 at the Springvale Crematorium in Melbourne

Gary Townsend
Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor.

215394 WILCOX, Geoffrey Thomas.
6 March 1941 - 17 April 2015.

Geoffery WilcoxGeoff Wilcox joined the Army in 1964 and was allocated to Royal Australian Infantry. He served with both 1 RAR and 5 RAR and saw service in Vietnam with 5 RAR in 1966/67.

Geoff transferred to RACMP in 1969 and continued to serve until 1984.

Geoff had been fighting cancer for the last few years.

Funeral arrangements: Thursday 23rd April, Tweed Heads Memorial Gardens. 176 Kirkwood Road, at 1130hrs.

Alan McNulty DCM
WA Representative.

5716343 REID, James Albert "Jim."
24 June 1948 – 14 February 2015.

James ReidWe have been notified by the son of PTE James "Jim" Reid, that his father passed away on Saturday 14 February, in Royal Perth Hospital, he had been hospitalized due to terminal illnesses.

Jim served with C Company, during the Battalion's 1969-70 tour.

With a graveside service to be held at Pinnaroo Valley Memorial Park is located on Whitfords Avenue, Padbury. Commencing at 3.30pm.


Gary Townsend
Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor.

A bio by his mate Andy MacDougal, can be read Here

3794371 Pte. ROWLES, Leslie Ernest.
26 March 1948 - 18 December 2014.

Leslie RowlesIt is with deep sadness that I inform you of the passing of Les Rowles in Traralgon VIC.

Les Joined 12 Platoon D Company from 1ARU in June 1969 after the mine incident that decimated the Platoon in June of '69.

Les was a really solid, reliable honest bloke and very well respected within 12 Platoon and D Company. Because of his trade background he would often be seconded to work on aid programmes with the construction of schools etc. He has had a long battle with cancer, demonstrating great courage along such a tough process of surgery and the prolonged treatment programme.

Our deepest sympathy is extended to Les’ family by his 5RAR mates. His goal was to make the 2015 Reunion, unfortunately that wont happen, but we will make sure he is remembered as though he was there.

Bob Fenwick
Commander,12 Platoon D Company 1969 - 70
Bob penned a few words in dedication to one of his 'Digs' Here

2782115 TURNER, Robert Wilfred "Bob."
5 February 1945 – 24 October 2014.

Robert TurnerPte Robert "Bob" Turner passed away at his home in South Maclean, QLD, on Saturday 24th October, after a long illness.

Bob served with B Company, 4 Platoon, as a forward scout, from 10 May 1966 until he was RTA'ed to Australia on 28 February 1967. He was Wounded-in-Action on 21 February 1967 during the Long Hai Hills mine incident.

It was Bob's wishes that there was a private cremation for him. It is possible that the family may have a memorial day at their property at a later time.

His family will be holding a memorial day at 63-71 Chadwick Dve, South Maclean, QLD, 4280, on the morning of 8 November.

Gary Townsend
Tiger Tales 5RAR Association Newsletter.

214129 ROBERTSON, Bruce Anthony "Robbo."
3 June 1943 – 29 September 2014.

Bruce RobertsonGraham Finlayson has notified us that Bruce "Robbo" Robertson passed away on the evening of Monday 29 September at Pindara Hospital, Queensland. Robbo was being treated for cancer and other ongoing problems and very recently suffered a major stroke.

Robbo served with 10 Platoon, D Company on the Battalion's 1966-67 tour of South Vietnam. He returned to South Vietnam with 1 ALSG (1st Australian Logistic Support Group) and the Australian Force Vietnam Amenities and Welfare Group in 1969-70

Gary Townsend
Tiger Tales, 5RAR Association Newsletter.

4717639 PTE. WARREN, Kenneth Raymond.
26 May 1945 - 7 September 2014.

Kenneth WarrenI have received an email from Lynette Warren informing that Kenneth Raymond Warren passed away on Sunday 7 September, in St Andrews Hospital Adelaide. He had suffered from cancer for many years and in the end the liver and bone cancer became too aggressive for him to cope.

Ken served with C Company, 7 Platoon, 1 Section for the full first tour of South Vietnam as a rifleman and was a well respected and liked member of our unit.

Ken's service will be at Moonta Mines Uniting Church on Monday September 15th at 2 PM followed by a committal at at the Moonta cemetery. We will have afternoon tea at our home at 1 Caroline street Moonta afterwards. Everyone is most welcome. As you drive into Moonta from Kadina direction the first road left leads to Moonta Mines Church about 2 kilometres out from town.

Stand Easy Ken.

Gary Townsend
Tiger Tales, 5RAR Association Newsletter.

8553658 PTE. WILLIAMS, Shayne.
DOD - 29 August 2014.

Hi all,

A bit more information about Shayne Williams.

Shayne WilliamsShayne Williams Enlisted into ARA - 28 Apr 2009 Transfer to ARES - 08 Jun 2013
Deployments: OP RESOLUTE, 08 Nov 2010 - 01 Mar 2011
Postings: ARTC, SOI, 5 RAR (C & D Coy), 5/6 RVR (CPL)
Honours and Awards: ADM

Shayne Williams was a member of 5RAR, deployed on op resolute and after battling depression for the last twelve years, took his life last Friday the 29th of August.
(Association member to 28 February 2014)
Some lads from the battalion have started a fund for his funeral and any money left over will go into a trust fund for his 7 year old daughter, Jordan. Our heart goes out to his family and friends.
We will remember him!


Gary Townsend
Tiger Tales, 5RAR Association Newsletter.

18142 SHAMBROOK, Ronald Thomas.
16 February 1933 - 30 May 2014.

Ronald ShambrookWith sadness, I advise that Ron Shambrook passed away peacefully at 10.45 AM today 30 May 2014 in Brisbane after a long and brave fight against his illnesses. Ron had accepted his fate with courage and never lost his renowned sense of humour or his faith in the path ahead.

Ron was an exceptionally devoted Tiger being an original 5 RAR member on formation on 1 March 1965 and was a former association committee member. He served with 5 RAR during the first tour of Vietnam, initially in the rank of Captain as Quartermaster and then 2IC B Company. In February 1967, Ron was promoted to Major and commanded C Company for the last two months in Vietnam. We pass our sincere condolences to his wife Elizabeth and family.

Details of Ron Shambrook's funeral service to be held in Brisbane will be advised when known.

Duty First,

Roger Wainwright
5RAR Association.

From: Brigadier Ron Boxall (Retd)

At 301045K May 2014 the subject officer entered the perimeter of Celestial Company, 5RAR to reinforce the doughty band who preceded him into that garrison ― those Tigers who, having no need for camouflage, have “handed in their stripes” and are now the Battalion’s “White Tigers”.

It was a hard-won transfer. For over ten years he grappled with a cruelly insidious foe; at all times remaining stoic and of great good humour, a combination that could only be categorised as undaunted, unflagging courage.
Ron’s daughter Kim Knox told me a short time ago that he passed peacefully and, in the time honoured way, just faded away.

With apologies to Adam Lindsay Gordon, let us observe:

We tarry yet, we are toiling still,
He is gone yet he fares the best,
He fought fearful odds, he struggled uphill,
He has fairly earned his season of rest;
No tears are needed – pour out the wine,
Let the goblets clash, and the grape juice flow,
Ho! Pledge we a death-drink, comrades fine,
To a brave man gone where we all must go.

Kindest Regards
Ron Boxall.

36267 WILLIAMS, Edward Raymond "Ed."
30 September 1939 - 16 March 2014.

Edward Williams"Ed" Williams passed away in the Carinya Nursing Home centre on Sunday 16 March after a long battle with cancer.

Ed served with 1 RAR and joined 5 RAR on it’s establishment. He deployed to Vietnam as a Sergeant with B Company and then to A Company as CSM (Temp WO2) before returning to Australia in December 1966.

He went on to serve with Special Air Service and continued his military career, retiring with the rank of Major.

Ed had been deeply involved as a Committee member with the Rye (VIC) RSL.

A Funeral Mass was offered for Ed at Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church, Friday 21 March in Rosebud, VIC.

Gary Townsend
Tiger Tales

4717575 SHARP, Peter Colin "Lurch."
9 June 1945 - 30 November 2013.

Peter SharpPte Peter "Lurch" Sharp passed away after an ongoing illness.

Peter served with D Company 11Platoon in Vietnam during the Battalion’s first tour from May 1966 to May 1967.

Peter was conscripted into the Army in the first intake of National Service on the 1st July 1965 and did his recruit training at Puckapunyal before being posted to Infantry Centre Ingleburn NSW, in late 1965. In early 1966 Peter was transferred to 5RAR at Holsworthy Barracks, Sydney, in preparation of the Battalion going into active service in Vietnam. Peter trained in Vietnam as a Vietnamese interpreter.

On his return to Australia, Peter resumed his job in advertising in Adelaide. Later he moved into Real Estate where he became salesman of the year and at the peak of his Real Estate career was Managing Director for an Adelaide Real Estate firm.

In the late 1990’s Peter and his family moved to Queensland, where he retired.

Peter’s Funeral Service was held at Southern Memorial Park Chapel, Carbrook, Qld, and he is survived by his wife Lee, daughter Kristin and 7 grandchildren.

Bryan O’Donnell
On behalf of 5RAR D Company 11 Platoon.

3129846 TRANTER, Neill Arthur "Dogs."
22 February 1947 – 21 August 2013.

Neill TranterNeill "Dogs" Tranter passed away in Townsville Hospital on Wednesday 21 August after suffering a prolonged lung infection which then developed into pneumonia.

He served with 5 RAR’s Assault Pioneers in South Vietnam from 3 February until 3 December 1969.

Neill went on to become a Foundation member of 5/7 RAR 1973, and deployed to Rifle Company Butterworth with C Company in 1974.

Neill’s memorial service will be held at Morleys Funerals, The Lakes, Townsville on Tuesday 27th August.

Gary Townsend
Tiger Tales

312608 WAKE, Peter John.
23 December 1948 - 9 February 2013.

RAR BadgePTE Peter Wake was killed when he was involved in a single vehicle motor accident on Saturday 9 February 2013.

Peter originally went to South Vietnam as a reinforcement, joining 1RAR in December 1968. He joined 5RAR in February 1969 when the Battalion relieved 1 RAR and served in B Company HQ until 28 May 1969. He was then transferred to 1 ALSG at Vung Tau, possibly joining the Provost’s.

No more details are known.

Gary Townsend,
Tiger Tales.

2787617 STAWYSKYJ, Joseph.
17 January 1947 - 20 December 2012.

From Sigmund Jablonski:

Joseph StawyskyjIt is with deep regret that I have to inform you that Joe Stawyskyj passed away early this morning at Liverpool Hospital.

His last days were unpleasant and distressing to say the least….Joe now rests in peace.


Funeral arrangements for Joe:
Date : Monday, 24th December 2012
Church service : 1.30 pm at St Andrews Ukrainian Catholic Church Lidcombe.
Church St Lidcombe, approximately 150 meters from railway station.

Thanks Jabs.

To read John 'Doc' Lloyd's Eulogy: Here

The incident of the wounding of Joe titled "The Day the Sun Went Out" can be read Here

212897 SMALL, Norman McLeod.
16 February 1942 - 4 December 2012.

Norman SmallI have just received notification that Norman McLeod Small, 212897, passed away early this morning after a long battle with cancer. Norm served with 5 RAR in Vietnam 1966-67 in Admin Coy, Transport Platoon as a temp SGT.

The funeral is to be held on Monday 10 December at 10:00 hrs at Reflections Room, Allambie Gardens, Nerang-Broadbeach Road, Nerang. No Flowers by request, donations to the Queensland Cancer Council in lei.

Norm enlisted in 1957 or 1958 and served in Malaya 1961-63, I believe with 2 RAR, he then was posted to 1 RAR and then to 5 RAR when the Battalion was formed in 1965. He continued to serve with 5 RAR until he took discharge in 1968.

Gary Townsend
Tiger Tales Newsletter

53652 SMITH, George Alexander. MM "Smudger."
16 October 1937 - 30 November 2012.

George Smith MMAlan McNulty, our WA representitive, has advised that WO2 George Alexander Smith MM has passed away.

He was CSM D Company 2nd tour and also served with 1RAR 1st tour. No further details are available at this stage.

From Bob Fenwick:
"So a sad goodbye to a very decent man, and from my perspective as a young Platoon Commander the job Smudger did as our D Company CSM with his outstanding skills and experience was exceptional, and made my role as a brash 2Lt (NS) immeasurably easier."

Farewell to a truly exceptional soldier,


2785591 WILSON, Brian Harrie.
23 February 1946 - 16 November 2012.

Brian WilsonLance Corporal Brian Wilson passed away on the 16th November 2012 at Garrawarra Centre, Waterfall.

Brian bravely fought bowel and bladder cancer for nine years and was a TPI veteran. His oncologist called him a "tough old bugger". I guess he had to be, but he was a wonderful, kind, humble and generous man, and his family will always be very proud him.

Brian enlisted on the 28th September 1966 and was discharged on the 20th October 1969. Brian served in Vietnam 8th February to 20th June 1969 before being sent home injured.

His funeral service was held on the 20th November 2010 at Parsons Bulli Chapel.

Rest in Peace "Wilson".

Many thanks.

Kerry Wilson.

337566 Colonel THOMPSON, Graham Oliver (Retd).
2 January 1921 - 29 October 2012.


Graham ThompsonI am the grandson of Colonel Graham O. Thompson. Unfortunately I have the news of his passing on Monday morning at the age of 91 and I thought it was fitting to let you know, as he was very proud to be a part of your association and to serve under the 5RAR.

If you could please inform anyone that knew him, it would be very much appreciated. Also, if there is anyone from Sydney that would care to attend his funeral, the address is as follows:

Friends of Graham are warmly invited to attend his funeral in the South Chapel of the Northern Suburbs Crematorium, 199 Delhi Rd, North Ryde on Monday 5 November 2012, commencing at 11am.


Marcus Butler

Webmaster's Note: Colonel Thompson was the fourth Commanding Officer of 5RAR. To read his biography
click Here

2781518 TOWNER, Garry Laurence "Gaza."
2 June 1945 - 12 October 2012.

Garry TownerI have just been informed by Bob Cavill that Garry Laurence Towner passed away due to cancer, on Friday 12 October. Garry served with Assault Pioneers on the Battalion's 1966-67 Tour of SVN.

I will forward more details as they come to hand.

Gary Townsend
Editor Tiger Tales Newsletter
5RAR Association

To read a tribute to Garry Towner click Here

2788143 SMITH, Garrie Ian.
1 June 1946 - 10 July 2012.

Garrie SmithI’ve just lost my best mate. Garrie Ian Smith died at about 4.00 pm yesterday afternoon. He was diagnosed with Lung Cancer less than 3 weeks ago and succumbed to that terrible disease so quickly. The cancer was so far advanced that they couldn’t do anything for him and he just gave up.

Garrie served in South Vietnam as a LCPL section commander with 11 Platoon, D Company, from 3 Feb to 20 August 1969. He is survived by his wife Maria and two sons, the other three loves in life were golf, cards and beer.

Garrie’s funeral will be held at 12 noon on Tuesday 16 July at Pinegrove Cemetery in Sydney. Hope to see lots
of you there. The address is Kingston Street (just off the Great Western Highway), Minchinbury. So sad so soon after Jim Ward’s goodbye. My contact no’s are (02) 9482 4524 and 0414 600 518 if anyone needs to contact me.

Rest in Peace Gaz – Duty Done


Terry James.

217922 WARD, James "Jimmy."
22 October 1945 - 17 June 2012.

James WardSadly Jimmy Ward passed away on Sunday June 17 in Sydney. He passed quietly in a hospice with his with wife, niece and friends with him.

Jimmy had endured a protracted battle with cancer. He was in 11 Platoon on 2nd tour and had been wounded during his period of service. Our condolences go to his wife, his father and many friends ... particularly those from his film and photography career.

Funeral details are:
3.15 pm Friday June 22
Northern Chapel Northern Suburbs Memorial Gardens and Crematorium
199 Delhi Road North Ryde NSW 02 98872033

A wake is planned following the service, details are not yet available.

Bob Fenwick

2789638 SWAN, Euston Shane "Swanny."
19 August 1947 - 13 June 2012.

G’day everyone,

Euston SwanIt is with much sadness that I must advise you that Euston Swan "Swanny" passed away last night, 13th June 2012, just short of his 65th birthday.

Swanny had not been well in recent times, but his passing has been a great shock to us all. Swanny was born in Tamworth on 19th August 1947, and spent his early years in that area. At the time of being called up for National Service, he was working as a tyre fitter in Werris Creek NSW, and still working on the family farm. After National Service, he returned to the north-west/New England area of NSW and once again took up farming. The drought in the 1980’s forced the family to make some hard decisions, and Swanny moved to the Central Coast area of NSW, and bought a milk run. He ran his business for some 25 years, and after retirement, still continued to assist in the business.

We will always remember Swanny as a 9 Platoon machine gunner – a stocky, fit soldier, who took great pride in everything he did – his gun was by far the cleanest and best maintained weapon anywhere! Swanny was a good soldier, about the only one of us who never got into trouble – he did whatever he was told without question, took his National Service commitment seriously, served 5RAR and his country for the entire 2nd tour of Vietnam, and was a totally reliable and trustworthy soldier. A good, solid, Aussie digger.

We convey to Sharon and the family our most sincere sympathy. Their loss is enormous, as is ours.

Rest in Peace Swanny, you have attended your last parade.

Don Harrod.

217607 WILLETT, Brian Richard.
1 December 1945 – 12 August 2011.

Brian WillettWe have been advised that Lance Corporal Brian Willett passed away earlier this year, in Greenslopes Hospital Queensland after a long illness.

Brian served with C Company and then as company clerk with D Company during the Battalion's tour of South Vietnam in 1969-70.

Another Tiger Stands Down

3411685 WILLIAMS, Frank.
24 July 1947 - 24 November 2011.

Frank Williams
Frank Williams served with 5RAR on both tours of Vietnam. He joined 4 Section, 8 Platoon, C Company on 9 January 1967 after having served with 1ARU and HQ 1ATF. He served the full second tour of 5RAR with A Company and was promoted to Corporal. There is a photograph of Frank on display in the Vietnam section of the AWM with his 1st tour Section Commander Russ Quinn and his Section 2IC Tom Davern.

Frank lived in Wee Waa NSW and would phone me for an occasional chat. A good man and a dedicated soldier. The funeral will be held in Wee Waa on the 2nd December 2011 at 1100hrs.

In memory of a comrade.
Duty First

Roger Wainwright
5RAR Association.

From Neville Thompson who served with Frank:

"On returning home after the second tour, Frank was posted to Canungra as an instructor until his discharge in September 1971. Moving to Wee Waa, NSW he became heavily involved in the local community and was RSL State Councillor for two terms. He was presented with the prestigious ANZAC OF THE YEAR AWARD in September 2009. He was twice Chairman of Narrabri Legacy Group, President of Wee Waa Bowling club, and Town Bushfire Brigade Captain. His funeral on 2nd December was well attended and The RSL did a moving tribute to his military service."

"Due to flooding only four ex 5RAR blokes could make it to his funeral, Peter Wells, Ken Answer, John McKenzie and myself."

2411550 WELCH, Alan John.
11 October 1938 - 14 September 2011.

From: Les Arnould

Alan WelchPlease be advised of the death of Sergeant Alan Welch, Mortar Platoon 5RAR 1st tour, at his home in Pottsville NSW 0600 hrs 14 September 2011.

Alan is to be cremated at Melaleuca Station Memorial Gardens
9394 Tweed Valley Way
11:30 Tuesday 20 Sep 2011

Rest in Peace.

217849 TOBIN, Ross Martin "Tobe."
4 September 1948 - 5 September 2011.

Ross TobinOur great mate “Tobe” passed away today in hospital on the Gold Coast. It is with the greatest sadness that we get this news, he has courageously fought cancer over the last year, and today at 1500hrs, he lost his fight with his wife Liz at his side. Ross was the 12 platoon sig on the 2nd tour, he was the best of blokes, cheery and spontaneous with infectious youthful exuberance, typically able to find the fun side of things. He was wounded twice, the 2nd time in the Dat Do mine incident on June 15 1969, unfortunately his wounds required evacuation to Australia, a sad loss to 12 platoon at that time and a deeper and sadder loss to his family and mates today.

Heartfelt sympathy is extended to Liz and his 3 children by his close 12 platoon mates, D Coy and the Tiger battalion as a whole.

Friday 9 September 1100hrs Sommerville Funerals
Nerang Broadbeach Rd Nerang Qld

About 1km from the M1 on right hand side just past the Allambe Gardens Crematorium (which is at 129 Nerang Broadbeach Rd).

We assume medals to be worn.

Robert Fenwick
12 Platoon Commander

Robert Fenwick has penned a fitting tribute to his 'Sig Tobe' It can be read by Clicking Here

2789641 WILLIAMS, Barry Raymond "Bungy."
28 July 1947 - 3 May 2011.

Barry WilliamsBarry Raymond Williams (Nicknamed 'Bungy') was born in Junee NSW, and was conscripted into the Army as part of the National Service program. Barry was posted to 5RAR in 1968, and was allotted to C Company. He served with the Battalion in Vietnam in 1969/70, and again with the AATTV in 1971.

Barry was a rogue, but a very likeable one. He could sniff out trouble, and be up to his ears in it without even trying. Any schemes or plots that were being hatched up by the diggers were sure to include Barry. At the same time, he was an integral part of 7Platoon, and was a good, solid, dependable soldier. We were proud to have him as a mate.

In recent years, Barry had been subject to serious illness, but approached it head-on. As part of his “Bucket List”, he took his wife to America, and remarried her in Elvis Presley territory. He was a devoted family man and loved his motor bike – the one with the 5RAR number plates.

Rest in Peace Barry, your duty is done.

3787182 SHARP, David William "Sharpy."
27 January 1945 – 1 May 2011.

David SharpI sadly advise you that David William Sharp passed away at about 4pm Sunday 1 May in Adelaide. His family were at his side. A funeral will take place in Adelaide at 10am on Friday 6 May at the Florey Chapel, Centennial Park, Pasadena South Australia. Medals may be worn.

David was a member of the very first intake of those magnificent national servicemen that were called up in 1965. He was a forward scout who then became the signaller for Call-sign 32. David will forever be respected as a very popular and integral member of 8 platoon. I had the privilege of sharing a hootchie with David for virtually all our operations. He will be missed

Rest in Peace Sharpy.

Roger Wainwright

38922 SINCLAIR, Arthur Phillip "Ziggy."
5 March 1947 - 24 March 2011.

RAR BadgeWe have been informed that Arthur "Ziggy" Sinclair passed away in Mackay on Thursday 24 March, after a long battle with bowel cancer. Arthur served as a Corporal with 5RAR, in the Mortar Platoon, on the Battalion’s tour in 1969-70.

In all, Arthur served with 4 Battalions of the Regiment in Vietnam, 6RAR from March to May 1967, 2RAR from May to December 1967, 5RAR from February 1969 to March 1970 and 4RAR from May 1971 to February 1972.

Arthur’s funeral was held for family members at Mackay Funeral Chapel at 0200 hours Monday 28 March.

Your work is done.

16978 WOLLSTEIN, Stephen Douglas.
28 October 1941 - 10 December 2010.

RAR BadgeStephen (Steve) Wollstein, passed away on Friday 10 December 2010, when he finally lost a long and fierce battle with cancer. Steve, a carpenter, served with Assault Pioneer Platoon in South Vietnam from May until November 1966.

No further details known.

216962 SCHAEFFER, Roger John.
12 November 1946 - 28 September 2010.

RAR BadgeRoger Schaeffer served with the Battalion from March until May 1967 and was then posted to 7RAR.
(His passing was published in the March issue of The Veterans, Peacekeepers and Peacemakers Journal)

2788133 SHIELS, Maurice David.
6 December 1946 - 25 September 2010.

G'day everyone,

Maurice ShielsGeoff Pearson phoned me last night with the sad news that Maurie Shiels had passed away in Taree, NSW. Maurie had been battling severe illness for some time.

Maurie was a stalwart of 7 Platoon, and served from February 1969 to September 1969, and apart from being a good soldier, was a very decent bloke.

Geoff Pearson has advised that he has spoken with Jennifer Shiels, and Maurie's funeral will be held on Wednesday 29th September 2010, at the Taree Memorial Gardens, Pampoolah Road, Taree, at 2.00pm.

Directions: From the Pacific Highway, take the exit to Old Bar. This is a major intersection, as the Pacific Highway now skirts around Taree. Pampoolah Road runs north-south off Old Bar Road.

Rest in Peace Maurie, you've completed your final patrol.

To read at tribute to Maurie collated by members of Maurie's platoon click Here

Don Harrod

5715967 STONE, Peter John.
19 October 1947 - 1 September 2010.

Peter StoneIt is with much regret that I inform you of the passing of Peter Stone on 1st September 2010. Peter was a valued member of D Company 5RAR and passed away after a valiant fight with cancer.

The Funeral Cortege for Peter John Stone will assemble at the Main Entrance of the Fremantle Cemetery, Thursday afternoon, 9th September 2010, at 1.00pm for a Cremation Service in the West Chapel.

No flowers by request, donations to the Cancer Foundation would be appreciated.

Regards Alan McNulty DCM

2412547 Pte REEVES, Raymond Walter.
26 February 1949 - 14 June 2010.

Raymond ReevesRAASC transferred to 5 RAR in Vietnam 6 February 1969 to 6 August 1969

Raymond Reeves passed away 10pm 14th June 2010 at Armidale Hospital.

Funeral Service 2pm 18th June 2010 St Stephen's Anglican Church, Armidale NSW 2350

No further details at hand.

218012 SMITH, Reginald William.
26 December 1949 - 29 April 2010.

Reginald SmithIt is with great regret that I have to advise you of the passing of 218012 Pte Reginald William Smith of 9 Platoon (2nd tour).

Reg died in the early hours of Thursday 29th April 2010 at Dubbo Hospital. Reg was 60 years old.

We will all remember Reg as the typical Aussie soldier – hopeless in the barracks, but a magnificent field soldier. He always told me that he was the best forward scout in the Regiment, and I have no reason to doubt this, as it has never been disputed. After Vietnam Reg was posted to 1RAR and went to serve in Malaysia. He subsequently left the Army and returned to his home town of Bingara, NSW. After a listless life, Reg lived in various places including Yetman NSW, and more recently at Lightning Ridge.

As you would all be aware, the funeral for the late 218012 LCPL Reg Smith was held in Bingara NSW on Monday 10th May 2010.

The service was a very fitting tribute for Reg, with his brother Terry and sister-in-law Yvette delivering very touching and fitting tributes. Reg was not painted as a super person - he was described as the Reg we all knew, respected and trusted.

Very appropriate tributes were also offered by Bryan (Blue) Schafer on behalf of Roger Lambert, and Ben Oram speaking from the heart about his closest mate.

I was honoured to read a tribute from David Wilkins, who commanded our group (including Reg) during the last portion of our Vietnam tour. This tribute was so well received that all those attending the service have requested a copy. Many thanks Dave, your words were most sincere.

Those able to get to Bingara to see Reg off on his final patrol included Blue Schafer, Max Postle, Terry Fitzgerald, Eddie Moon, Ross and Liz Bourke, Eric and Pam Hamlin, Steve and Margaret Porter, Mat Mateer, Euston Swan, Phil Greenhalgh, Colin Summerfield, Owen and Lisa Schmidt, Ben and Pat Oram, Phil and Julie Winney, Jock Phillips, Dave Willis BEM (representing 7RAR) and yours truly. Bingara also turned out to farewell Reg, who was highly regarded in the town.

A condolence message was also received from Taffy Cheeseman.

Rest in Peace Reg, your duty is done, and we were honoured to have you as a friend and fellow soldier.

Lest we Forget.

Don Harrod.

PS: Please take the time to read Dave's article - this highlights the service of Reg and fellow Aussies. A copy of Dave's address is Here

2788419 SKELLY, Michael Bernard.
29 May 1947 - 2 April 2010.

Michael SkellyI have just been informed by his mate, Bill O'Mara that Michael Skelly A Company 2nd Tour passed away this morning at 10am 2 April 2010 in Goulburn Hospital. Further details will be published when made available. Michael is featured on page 249 in the latest edition of The Year of the Tigers.

A tribute from Bill O'Mara can be read Here

RIP Mate.

Bill O’Mara.

215060 WEEKES, Graham Mervyn.
14 January 1946 - January 2010.

Graham WeeksGraham Weekes Had being dealing with tumors on his liver for the past two years. Last week he requested a move into palliative care. He went to sleep and never woke up. Graham was laid to rest on the 28-January 2010. Graham served as a driver with 5RAR during the Battalion's first tour.


215648 SHERINGHAM, Ronald James.
19 October 1945 - 16 September 2009.

Hi all

Ronald SherringhamSadly Ron Sheringham passed away early this morning after a long and gallant battle with Pancreatic Cancer. Ron served with 2 RAR, 8/9RAR and with 5 RAR in South Vietnam. I will pass on funeral details when received.

Details of Ron Sheringham's funeral is as follows:

Wednesday, 23rd September, 1300 hrs at Lake View Chapel
Albany Creek Crematorium
Albany Creek Road.

Ron was a stickler for protocol, so as a mark of respect I ask his ex-service mates attending, to wear a Coat and Tie with Medals.


Bruce Schmidtchen

2788160 Pte STEPHENS, Wayne Kenneth. "Rouster."
4 April 1947 - 18 August 2009.

G’day all,

Wayne StephensWe have some very bad news. Geoff Pearson contacted me this morning to advise that 'Rouster' passed away at 0400. He mentioned how ironic it is that he passed away on Vietnam Veterans' Day.

Rouster had been very ill for quite some months, necessitating his hospitalisation in Newcastle. Ngaire moved to Newcastle to be with him, and remained steadfastly by his side.

Arrangements are still to be confirmed, but it is most likely that a funeral service will be held in Newcastle, with a memorial service to be held in his home town of Warren in the near future. It will be remembered that Rouster and Ngaire hosted a very successful 8 Platoon Reunion in that town some years ago.

Rouster trained with 8 Platoon C Company during 1968, and travelled to Vietnam on the HMAS Sydney as a member of that platoon. He left Vietnam on 20th August 1969, at the expiration of his period of National Service. He returned to Warren, recommenced his work as a shearer, and later became a shearing contractor. This bloke was a true Australian bushie, and was made of the stuff that our country is all about.

We extend our sincere condolences to Ngaire, Rouster’s family, his friends, and particularly his 8 platoon mates.

Funeral Arrangements are as follows:

Friday 21/8/09 at 12.00: A Funeral Service is to be held at Pittgrew Family Funerals– 984 Hunter Street, Newcastle West (Phone 02 49698878) for the immediate family- friends from the Newcastle area - everyone that would like to attend.

Cremation will be a private affair only. A MEMORIAL SERVICE will be held at Warren on Thursday 27/8/09 at 11am at the local Catholic Church for locals of the area & whoever wishes to attend.

May he Rest in Peace.

Don Harrod.

36501 WATERS, Graham Edgar.
12 February 1940 - 28 June 2009.

RAR BadgeWe have been advised of the passing of Graham Edgar Waters, on the 28th of June 2009. Graham served with with 5RAR on both tours in the Republic of South Vietnam, serving as a Corporal in Admin Company on the second tour and also with 17 Bn RNSWR

His duty done.

213628 SHEEHAN, John Neill.
24 October 1938 - 17 December 2007.

RAR BadgeIt is with sadness that we report the death of former 5RAR member John Sheehan. John joined the battalion after it had returned from its second tour of duty in Vietnam. He also served with the Australian Army Training Team Vietnam and SAS Regiment. John died on 17 December 2007 and is survived by his son Kim and daughter Alethea.

He will be missed.

The Life and Death of
310123 RSM VAGG, John.
6 January 1926 - 17 March 2007
5RAR 1968-70
By Brig Colin Khan DSO (Retd) CO 5RAR 1968-70

 John VaggJohn Vagg, also affectionately known by many as "John the Copper" or "Sandshoes" (a name originally given him by former RSM's George Chinn and Arthur Stanley when we served together as instructors at Duntroon in the 1950's), died in March 2007 in a nursing home on the NSW South Coast.

While he died in the country where he lived for 57 years and served as an infantryman for 24 years from 1950-74, I was personally sorry not to see him fulfil a long time wish that he had expressed to me, of eventually retiring back in London, from where he came, as a Chelsea Pensioner in a red tunic - he certainly would have looked the part in that famous corps of old, bemedalled, uniformed soldiers.

John (or more correctly "Cyril Roy") was born in WANDSWORTH LONDON on 26 January 1926 and by the age of 24 had seen active service in the. Royal Navy, 1943-44,. British Army, 1944-47 with postings to India, Burma and Japan. For this service he received the 1939/45 Star, the Burma Star, the Defence Medal and the War Medal.

In 1947 he joined the London Metropolitan Police as a constable until 1950. In October 1950 he joined the Australian Regular Army and during the next 20 years saw service in the Royal Australian Regiment in the following battalions:

. 1 RAR and 3RAR in Korea, 1950/51
. 4RAR 1952/54
. 2RAR 1961/63 in Malaya and Singapore,
. 6RAR and 1 Reinforcement Unit, in 1966/67 in Vietnam . 5RAR as RSM, 1968/70, in Vietnam.

His outstanding ability as an instructor was recognized in his lengthy posting to RMC Duntroon from April 1955 to May 1961, during which time he instructed officer cadets in minor tactics, weapons and drill, a number of whom were to serve in 5RAR in Vietnam on both tours of duty.

On return from Vietnam in 1970 he was posted to Army Headquarters in Canberra where he served in a number of staff postings which included his promotion to Lieutenant and duties as an acting Captain. He retired as a Lieutenant in April 1974 after 24 years of loyal, professional and dedicated service to the Army in general and the Regiment in particular. During this period, I had the singular privilege to serve with him in several postings, none more significant than our time together in 5RAR.

On retirement in Canberra, John briefly returned to his policing roots by joining the ACT Corrective Services. He and his wife Grace lived in the suburb of Curtin until her death several years ago. John will be missed by all who knew him, for his contribution to the Australian Army, the Regiment and 5RAR.

218203 STAMP, Charles Edward "Chuck."
27 June 1942 - 26 September 2006.

Charles StampKel Ryan has informed the Association of the passing of Chuck Stamp, 26th September, 2006. Chuck had been admitted to Greenslopes Hospital for tests.

Due to medical reasons, the funeral will likely be on Thursday 12 October 2006 at the Lutheran Church Beinleigh. Details to be confirmed when the family have firmed them both the Minister and the funeral people. Details of Chuck Stamps funeral are:
a. Date/Time: Thursday 12 October at 2.00 pm.
b. Place: Bethesda Lutheran Church 81 City Rd Beenleigh.

3787195 WATT, Bruce.
30 March 1945 - 17 June 2006.

Bruce WattWas advised this morning (17 June 2006) that Bruce Watt, 11 Platoon D Company, 1st Tour passed away either last night or early this morning.

He was a first intake National Serviceman. He was also a voluntary worker at the Victorian TPI Association. Bruce attended RAR and 5 RAR functions, including visits from time to time to us in Sunbury.

Life long mateships were formed during his time in Vietnam as part of 5RAR (first tour) and the family was honoured to have him escorted from his funeral service by members of D Company 5RAR.

Funeral Arrangements:
Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Nelson Place, Williamstown at 2:00 PM on
FRIDAY 23rd June. An RSL Service will be incorporated and Veterans have been requested to wear Medals. Followed by a burial at 4:00 PM at the Rothwell Cemetery, Old Melbourne Road, LITTLE RIVER.
In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund.


Geoff Levey

3787070 SCHULTZ, Alan Richard "Schultzy."
12 June 1945 - 13 May 2006.

Alan SchultzAlan Schultz passed away on Saturday 13 May 2006. He served with C Coy 5RAR in Vietnam in 1966-67. A private graveside service was held at the Welshpool Cemetery (South Gippsland) on Wednesday 17 May 2006.

"Schultzy" joined 8 Platoon C Companyy as a reinforcement during 1966 and after a period with a rifle section, he became my batman. Alan was a quiet but tough bloke, he had a great sense of humour, was extremely reliable and as a carpenter by trade, he put his skills to use within C Company. I certainly appreciated the way Alan looked after me when we were on operations. When we were back in base at Nui Dat, Alan shared a tent with Stretch Bryan and Dave Sharp, just next to Platoon Headquarters.

May Alan rest in peace.

Roger Wainwright.

217108 RICE, Kenneth Lal.
23 August 1935 - 29 November 2005.

Kenneth RiceKenneth Lal Rice, late of Tugun, passed away on Tuesday 29th November 2005, aged 70 years. Loved husband of Irene, loving father of Wendy, Tracy and Kim. Father-in-law and mate to Colin and Patrick, loving pop to Cameron and Courtney and loved son of Ernie and Joyce (both deceased). A fighter to the end.

Sincere thanks to doctors, nurses and staff of John Flynn Hospital.

Family and friends are invited to attend Ken's funeral service to be held at the Tweed Heads Crematorium Chapel, Sunshine Avenue, Tweed Heads South on Monday 5th December 2005 at 11am Queensland time, (12pm NSW Time.)

42754 TIERNEY, John Joseph "Bronco."
23 December 1933 - 2005.

RAR BadgeJohn "Bronco" Tierney served with Anti-Tank Platoon during the battalion's first tour.

Exact date of death unknown and further details not known.

3787309 TOMMASI, Terrence Mathew Mark.
23 May 1945 - 23 March 2005.

Terry TommasiTerry Tommasi's funeral was held in the Tobin Brothers Funeral Chapel on Thursday 25th March 2005. He served as a forward scout with 9 Platoon C Company 1st Tour and was held in high regard not only by the members of his platoon but also his company. The chapel was standing room only with over 60 veterans attending which was a testament to his popularity within the veteran community. A Guard of Honour was formed as the hearse drew away and he was given three rousing cheers.

3787200 WRIGHT, Robert Colin.
8 May 1945 - 18 August 2004.

Robert WrightBob Wright, was a popular member of 9 Platoon C Company 1st Tour. Bob passed away on 18 August 2004, Age 59. His funeral was held in Sunbury Victoria and was attended by members of C Company.

From: Roger Wainwright.

235192 Major SUTTON, Richard Farquher "Reg."
14 November 1938 - 26 June 2004.
OC A Company 5RAR 1969-70

Richard SuttonIt is with great sadness we advise Lt. Col Reg Sutton died at 0300 hrs on Saturday 26th June 2004. For over ten years Reg had been ill with Huntington's Disease and spent the last six years in a nursing home in Canberra. His funeral was held at RMC Duntroon Chapel and well over 200 attended the funeral. Apart from his family, these included the Governor General (a relative of his wife Robyn) and Mrs. Jeffery.

To read a tribute to Reg Sutton click Here

216363 WILLIAMS, Father John Francis.
29 July 1929 - 24 September 2004.

Father John Williams John was the archetypical soldiers' padre, four-square with the Diggers, quietly sharing their hardships and dangers. He was totally unpretentious, effortlessly approachable and always welcomed wherever he went. Because his ministry was low-key, conversations with him could easily turn to matters religious.

His first battalion chapel, in a tent, had an alter fashioned from ammunition boxes. The communion rail was of bamboo harvested on the spot. Once he baptised a soldier using a latex collecting bowl borrowed from a rubber tree. He handed out "field rosaries", a ring surmounted by a cross and ten small bumps corresponding to the beads of an ordinary rosary.

John got around the Task Force area on a motor bike.On one occasion, he took off alone to Binh Gia, well beyond any security. This caused a great stir up the chain of command. He fostered close relations with the Vietnamese priests in as many villages as possible and, on one occasion, officiated with them in services combining our Diggers with the local congregation.

It was in his early teens that John decided to enter the priesthood and he was ordained in July 1953. Apart from Vietnam, John served all around Australia and in Singapore where he found himself the most senior Australian chaplain and officiated at a service attended by the Queen.

After leaving the army, John worked as parish priest at Bondi Junction, Darceyville and Bass Hill. His last years were marred by a heroic fight against cancer. He never lost his faith, courage, or sense of humour.

Tony White
RMO 1st tour

2790040 ROSS, William John.
15 July 1947 - 31 May 2004.

William RossMy close mate Bill Ross, lost his life to cancer on 31/5/04.

His life was celebrated by many of his friends at Forest Lawn Crematorium on 4 June 2004, and afterwards at the Bass Hill RSL, and his favourite "drinking hole," the Twin Willows Tavern, where most of his 5RAR mates said their last farewells. An extremely emotional day indeed.

Bill arrived at 5RAR in 1968 & was "fortunate" enough to share a room with me, having been balloted to 4 Section, where we shared each other's company both socially & professionally during training for deployment to Vietnam. On arrival "In Country", we also shared a tent spending many hours/days/months together.
Bill Ross Vietnam
Back in Australia in 1970, our earlier service cemented a close, personal bond that lasted until the end.

Bill was a laconic - quintessential Australian who was never on time, but never late. His time become known as "Bills Time", which he practiced (unknowingly) until his last days.
He is sadly missed.

Geoff Pearson

6709231 VENN, Anthony.
17 November 1947 - June 2003.

RAR BadgeAnthony Venn passed away in June 2003. Tony served with 1ARU April/May 1969 and then with A Company 5RAR from May 1969 until March 1970.

1410796 SHERRINGTON, Graham Maxwell.
4 October 1944 - March 2003.

Graham SherringtonGraham Sherrington served with 6 Platoon B Company 1st tour. He had written a number of articles about his time with the battalion and contributed articles and photographs for the association's website. Sadly Graham passed away from cancer in March of 2003.

2788144 SMITH, Ian William Balen.
16 January 1947 - June 2002.

RAR BadgeI am writing to inform the members that Ian Smith passed away some eight months ago (June 2002) with cancer. I only found out recently through my accountant, who was a good friend of Smithy's.

Smithy worked at Hastings Deering in Brisbane as a finance manager for about 20 years, was made redundant and then set himself up as tobacconist-gift shop in a large shopping centre (Caindale) in Brisbane.

It was a very successful business and during the process of setting up another similar business became ill and subsequently discovered he had cancer. It was only a couple of months later that he passed away.

Although he and I weren't particularly good mates, it's always a shock to hear that one of the boys has 'checked out'.

Ian served with 2 platoon A Company 2nd Tour.

Graham 'Steiny' Itzein.

4717565 RIDGEWAY, Michael Warne.
8 May 1945 - 1 July 2001.

RAR BadgeMichael Ridgeway passed away on the 1st July 2001 in Adelaide, and was an active member of the Port Lincoln Vietnam Veterans Federation for many years.

His wife, Bridgette, died a few years ago. His children Nick, Kelly and Matt and a grandson cane, survive Michael. Greg Negus spoke highly of him as a soldier.

2781522 WALKER, Allan Robert.
20 February 1945 - 25 June 2001.

RAR BadgeAllen Walker passed away on the 25th June 2001. Allen was a national serviceman and served with distinction as a member of Signal Platoon. Tom Case, who was a good mate of Allen wrote:

I lost a mate today,
And he's taken part of me away;
But as I grow older, I'll always remember,
He's there beside my shoulder.

1731066 WALKER, Patrick Ronald "Paddy."
5 March 1945 - 9 February 2001.

Patrick WalkerPaddy Walker joined the army in 1965 and was posted to infantry. He was posted to 6RAR and then joined 5RAR for its second tour. His tour with 5RAR was as a tracker with his dog 'Caesar'. As all trackers had to carry their own rations plus those for their dogs, there were not many Diggers that shared a meal with Paddy, especially when he prepared it. Paddy had a weird sense of humour and nobody was ever sure whether they were eating rations or Lucky Dog!

Paddy spent eleven years in the army then worked for Telstra until his war caused injuries and illnesses forced him to retire. His death on the 9th February 2001 was after a long illness (coma) where he leaves a very loving and close family.

41561 SOUTHWELL, Terrence John.
22 January 1928 - 2001.

Terrence SouthwellIt is with the deepest regret that I inform the members of the 5RAR Association of the passing of Terry Southwell. Terry was the second in command of Support Company during the battalion's 2nd Tour.

3487 Colonel WARR, John Arnold. D.S.O.
15 September 1925 - 8 May 1999.

John Arnold WarrCommanding Officer 5th Battalion 1st Tour 1966-67 Colonel John Warr passed away suddenly on the 8th May 1999. John was born in Melbourne in 1925, educated at Scotch College and later gained a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Melbourne. He enlisted in the A.I.F. in January 1944, graduated from Duntroon in 1947, served with the BCOF (British Commonwealth Occupation Force) in Japan and then as a platoon commander in Korea until he was wounded in action. John married Shirley Ruxton in 1951.

To read the awarding of the DSO to Colonel Warr click Here

2781410 SLATTERY, Peter Anthony.
23 January 1945 - June 1997.

Peter SlatteryPeter Slattery passed away in June 1997 after a serious illness which was only diagnosed midway through 1996, aged just 52.

Peter was the first intake national serviceman and completed his recruit training at Puckapunyal. he was posted to 5RAR and served in Vietnam 1966-67. Peter had the added responsibility as an infantryman to provide communications for his platoon. He will be missed by us all.

Peter is survived by his wife Robyn, and sons Dean and lee.

1200617 SNOXELL, Brian John "Jack."
20 October 1938 - 18 September 1995.

Brian SonxellI have just received the belated information (2022), that 1200617 Cpl. 'Jack' Snoxell passed away on 18 September 1995. Jack Served with 7 Section 9 Platoon in South Vietnam from 20 May 1966 to
12 May 1967. He completed a second tour of South Vietnam with 1 ARU (Army Reinforcement Unit)
8 to 30 July 1969 and 6 RAR 31 July 1970.

Gary Townsend
Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor.