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14839 JOHNS, Richard James "Dickie."
16 May 1938 - 2 December 2023.

Richard JohnsSGT Richard ‘Dickie’ Johns, formally of Fairy Meadow, died in Coledale Private Hospital, NSW, on Saturday 2 December 2023.

Dickie enlisted in September 1958 and attended 1 RTB and then joined 4 RAR, serving in Singapore-Malaya. He then joined 1 RAR. When 5 RAR was formed he became a founding member.

In 1965 Dickie served in New Guinea and in May 1966 he deployed to Vietnam with Mortar Platoon Support Company. Originally as an MFC with Bravo Company and later as the Mortar Platoon SGT. He retired in 1970 with the rank of WO2.

A private cremation will be held for Richard.

Gary Townsend
5 RARA Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor

3792428 KENT, Douglas Allan.
10 December 1947 - 29 September 2023.

Douglas KentPTE Douglas ‘Doug’ Kent, formerly of Caboolture, QLD, died on Friday 29 September.

Doug did his initial training at 2 RTB and Corps Training. He deployed to Vietnam, on 8 February 1969 as a carpenter, with Assault Pioneer Platoon. Doug was returned to Australia on 13 August 1969 when his NS term was ending. Doug rejoined and later returned to 2 RTB as staff. He also served with 7 RAR and 5/7 RAR (twice to Malaysia), 11 Armoured Regiment and 4/19 Prince of wales Light Horse before taking his discharge in 1985.

Date/Time: Friday13th October at 1300hr
Venue: Caboolture Sporting Central (Ex RSL) Caboolture QLD

Gary Townsend
5 RARA Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor


235352 McDERMOTT, Michael Keith "Mick."
13 December 1946 - 9 September 2023.

Michael McDermottLT Michael ‘Mick’ McDermott passed away on Saturday 9 September after a long illness.

Michael graduated from Royal Military College Duntroon in 1968 when he joined 1 RAR and while serving in Malaysia, was transferred to 1 ARU in Vietnam in August. On 4 September Michael became the OC of 10 Platoon, Delta Company, 5 RAR. He returned to Australia on Board HMAS Sydney and remained with 5 RAR until transferring to Australian Army Training Team Vietnam in June 1971. Michael had many other postings and took his discharge in August 1990 with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

His family are organising a private cremation in a few days. On Friday 29th September there will be a service for Mick at the RSL ANZAC Village Narrabeen (Sydney) at 10.30am in the Lone Pine Function Room which is part of the Gallipoli Building. Medals to be worn. The family is planning a service at the AATTV Memorial Grove at the LWC Canungra. There is a tree assigned to Mick and his wishes were for his ashes to be placed there. Timing is possibly in December 2023. The AATTV Assn will be supporting his family in organising this service, so more to come on this element.

Gary Townsend
5 RARA Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor


213559 McKENZIE, Robert Neil.
15 September 1941 - 7 September 2023.

Robert McKenzieCPL Robert ‘Neil’ McKenzie of Lake Munmorah, died on Thursday 7 September.

Neil enlisted in 1959, did his initial training, joined 1 RAR in Malaysia and then stayed on with 2 RAR. On his return Neil rejoined 1 RAR, serving in New Guinea and when 5 RAR was formed he became a founding member. He deployed to Vietnam in May 1966 in command of a Section of 4 Platoon, Bravo Company. He was badly wounded in action in the Long Hai Hills incident and was medivaced home. Neil also served with 6 RAR and 9 RAR retiring in 1982 with the rank SSGT.

A Funeral Service will be held for Neil at the Hillside Chapel, Palmdale Memorial Gardens, Palmdale Road, Palmdale NSW 2258 at 12:30 hours on Thursday 14 September.

Gary Townsend
5 RARA Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor


1734035 MOSTERD, Lubert Johan "Luke."
19 July 1947 - 5 August 2023.

Lubert MosterdPTE Lubert ‘Luke’ Mosterd passed away on Saturday 5 August in the Gold Coast University Hospital.

Luke was conscripted in February 1968 and completed recruit and Corps training at 3 TB, Singleton. He was transferred to 5 RAR in August 1968 and deployed to Vietnam, with the Battalion, on 17 February 1969. In-country Luke was attached to 1 Platoon, Alpha Company and then Delta Company as a stretcher-bearer. He returned to Australia, on 3 December 1969, when his term of enlistment was almost completed.

A Private Family cremation was held for Luke as it was his request to his family.

Gary Townsend
5 RARA Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor

55071 NEGUS, Gregory Normand.
26 October 1939 – 13 July 2023.

Greg NegusLT Gregory Negus passed away on Thursday 13 July in the Joondalup Health Campus, Perth.

Greg joined the Citizens Military Forces in May 1959 and served with them until he transferred to the Australian Regular Army in May 1965, when he joined 5 RAR which included 5 weeks in New Guinea. Greg deployed to Vietnam as OC of 11 Platoon, Delta Company, on 19 April 1966 with the Advance Party. He was then transferred, in July/August, to be the commander of Transport Platoon, Admin Company and completed the 1966-67 Tour in that position. Greg returned to Australia, aboard HMAS Sydney with the Battalion, docking in Sydney on 12 May 1967. After a posting to 2 RTB and short time with 7 RAR he rejoined 5 RAR in 1972 as OC of Charlie Company and in December of 1973, with the linking of 5 RAR and 7 RAR, he assumed the command of Admin Company 5/7 RAR. He had various other postings during his 27 years of ADF service.

A Funeral Service will be conducted for Greg and held in mid-August.

Gary Townsend
5 RARA Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor 

4717402 NAISMITH, Robert Hamilton "Bob."
26 January 1945 - 25th June 2023.

Robert NaismithL/Cpl 'Bob' Naismith was called up in the first national service intake and underwent basic training at 2nd Recruit Training Battalion. Upon completion of basic training, he was posted the the 5th Battalion RAR to completed his Infantry Corps Training. Bob served with 9 Platoon C Company until November 1966, he then transferred to  Mortar Platoon for the duration of his tour.

Funeral details are sketchy but it is believed there will be a private cremation.



Gary Townsend
5 RARA Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor

43217 KLOSE, John David.
27 October 1945 - 31 May 2023.

John KloseLCPL John Klose died on Wednesday 31 May, he was suffering with dementia, had a fall in his nursing home, broke his hip and succumbed to pneumonia after the surgery.

John enlisted in the ADF in April 1963, did his recruit training at 1 RTB and then attended Infantry Centre. In December 1963 he was posted to 2 RAR until January 1966. He was transferred to Admin Company 5 RAR, in the Quartermaster’s area. John deployed to Vietnam with the Battalion on 10 May 1966 and remained there until 9 May 1967. John had two other postings and discharged in April 1978 after 15 years service.

A Funeral Service will be held for John on Friday 30 June at 10.00hrs, at Simplicity Funerals, 429 Main North Road, Enfield SA.

Gary Townsend
5 RARA Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor

335113 O’NEILL, Robert John AO.
5 November 1936 - 19 April 2023.

Robert O'NeillCAPT Robert ‘Bob’ O’Neill died peacefully in Katoomba Hospital, on Wednesday 19 April.

Bob graduated from the Royal Military College-Duntroon in 1958. He deployed to Vietnam on 12 May 1966 as 2IC of B Company. In early August Bob was appointed as the Intelligence Officer with BHQ, he retained that position until he RTA’ed with the advance party on 27 April 1967. Bob was Mentioned-in-Despatches for his service.

Bob has had an illustrious career, both as an author, researcher and advisor to many committees and groups, including the 5 RAR Association.

Bob’s funeral will be held at 11 am Wednesday 3 May at Leura Memorial Gardens, Leura with refreshments afterwards at the Blackheath Golf Club.

The link to the live streaming Here

Gary Townsend
5 RARA Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor

3786823 NYHUIS, Johannes Gerhardus "John."
9 March 1945 - 2 April 2023.

John NyhuisPTE Johannes ‘John’ Nyhuis lost his long battle with multiple cancers, on Sunday 2 April, it had become too much for him.

John was a 1st intake National Serviceman and completed his recruit training at 2 RTB. In September 1965 he was transferred directly to C Company, 5 RAR to undergo his Infantry Corps training. He then was a late addition to the Band as a side-drummer, and attached to 4 Platoon as a stretcher-bearer. On 21 February 1967, in the Long Hai mine incident, 7 men were killed-in-action or died of wounds and 22 men were wounded-in-action, including John.

A Funeral Service will be held for John at 10.30 Tuesday 11 April by William Matthews Funeral Parlour, 45 Cave Hill Rd, Lilydale, VIC.

Gary Townsend
5 RARA Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor

8544559 JUDD, Mitchell Neil.
28 September 1989 – 24 January 2023.

Mitchell JuddMitchell enlisted into the ARA on 15 July 2008 as a Rifleman. Upon completion of recruit training in Oct 2008 and the subsequent infantry Initial Employment Training’s at School of Infantry in Dec 2008, Mitch was posted to the 5th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment. In October 2010, Mitch deployed as a member of MTF-2 to Afghanistan (OP SLIPPER), returning to Australia in July 2011.

In January 2012, Mitch was posted to Royal Military College-Duntroon. Just over a year later in April 2013, Mitch was successfully placed onto a Medic training course and was posted to Army Logistic Training Centre (Alternate Support Headquarters) to undergo his corps transfer. Upon successfully completing the 18 month training continuum, Mitch was then posted as a Medic in 2014 to 1st Close Health Battalion (as it was then) in Brisbane.

In January 2016, Mitch was posted into Special Operations Engineer Regiment down in Holsworthy, Sydney. This would be his last posting within the ARA as he successfully transferred out of the ARA in April 2018, transferring to SERCAT 3 (Standby Reserves).

A Service is planned for Mitch at the Royal Military College-Duntroon Chapel on Monday 13 February at 1300 hours.
The service was live-streamed Here

Gary Townsend
5 RARA Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor

5716289 KENWORTHY, Gregory Bernard.
18 May 1948 - 24 December 2022.

Gregory KenworthyPTE Gregory Kenworthy died on Saturday 24 December, in his home state of WA, he had recently been diagnosed with lymph cancer.

Greg, a National Serviceman, deployed to 1 ARU in Vietnam on 24 June and was with them until 29 June 1969. He then joined HQ Australia Force-Vietnam, I believe as an Embassy Guard, until returning to 1 ARU on 4 October of that year. On 3 December 1969 he was transferred to 4 Section, 5 Platoon, B Company, 5 RAR as a rifleman. Greg returned to Australia with the Battalion aboard HMAS Sydney on 5 March 1970.

The funeral details for the late Greg Kenworthy is be held in the West Chapel Fremantle Cemetery on Friday 13 Jan 2023 at 1245 hrs . Mourners , please gather at Carrington Pavilion

Gary Townsend
5 RARA Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor

5715712 MORRIS, Lionel Christopher.
8 August 1947 - 24 October 2022.

Lionel MorrisLCPL Lionel Morris died in hospital on Monday 24 October, he had been battling the recurrence of an aggressive cancer.

Lionel was conscripted on 7 February 1968, did his recruit training at 2 RTB. He was transferred to 3 RTB (Infantry Corps Wing) on 19 May for his Corps training. In July he joined Mortar Platoon, Support Company, 5 RAR as a Mortarman. Lionel deployed to Vietnam with the Battalion on 8 February 1969. He was promoted to LCPL and remained in that position until he was medically returned to Australia on 3 December 1969. He completed the remainder of his National Service at HQ Western Command and was discharged in February 1970.

The funeral for Lionel Morris will be held at Bowra & O’Dea Funeral Directors, 460 Pinjarra Road Greenfield’s, Mandurah; on the 7th of November at 11AM.

Gary Townsend
5 RARA Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor

215619 KENNEDY, Donald Leo.
27 December 1946 - 20 September 2022.

Don KennedyCPL Donald ‘Don’ Kennedy died peacefully in his sleep on Monday 20 September, in the nursing home where he had been residing.

Don enlisted in January 1964, did his recruit Training at 1 RTB and Corps Training at School of Infantry. He was transferred to 1 RAR in August 1964and served with that unit until March 1965. Don then joined 5 RAR assigned to 6 Platoon B Company and deployed to South Vietnam (SVN) with them. During his time in SVN he was promoted to Corporal and appointed the Section Commander of 8 Section. Don took his discharge after his 3 year enlistment.

A Funeral Service for Don will be held by Farrell O’Neill, 85 Plunkett St, Nowra, NSW, at 13.30hrs on Tuesday 27 September.

Gary Townsend
5 RARA Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor

1200137 PEMBERTON, Barry Maxwell "Spike."
27 January 1947 - 19 July 2022.

Barry PembertonPTE. Barry ‘Spike’ Pemberton died at home on Tuesday 19 July, due to a cardiac problem, in recent times he had not been travelling well for quite a long period.

Barry enlisted in March 1964, did Recruit Training with 1 RTB, Corps Training with Infantry Centre and then joined 2 RAR. In January 1966 he was transferred to 5 RAR and deployed to South Vietnam on 6 May, Barry completed the Battalion’s full 1966-67 Tour of Duty. He served in Admin Company, as a member of the band, but on operations or patrols he operated as a stretcher-bearer for Bravo Company. Barry later served with the Armoured Corps Band and took discharge in March 1970.

The funeral for Barry Pemberton will be held at 11am on Tuesday 2 August 2022 at the Holy Spirit Parish, Corner Todd Row & Moore St, St Clair NSW 2759. Followed by burial at Springwood Cemetery, Springwood with details provided at the service. All attendees are then welcome to join the family at the Royal Hotel, 220 Macquarie Rd, Springwood NSW.

Gary Townsend
5 RARA Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor

27234 MILLER, John Frederick CVO AM MBE.
19 September 1930 - 21 April 2022.

John MillerMAJ. John Miller died in the morning of Thursday 21 April at the age of 91.

John was a foundation member of 5 RAR on 1 March 1965. He served with 3 RAR, 1 RAR and HQ Australian Army Force during the Malayan Emergency. John deployed to South Vietnam as OC of Admin Coy in May 1966, early in the 1966-67 tour he was transferred to OC of Charlie Coy. He returned to Australia in command of the Advance Party to prepare for the Battalion’s return to Holsworthy and to find a tiger cub, Quintus, to greet HMAS Sydney as it docked. John also served with 4 RAR. He was instrumental in the formation of the 5 RAR Association and also wrote our original constitution.

A Funeral Service will be held for John on Tuesday 3 May, 14:00hrs, at Northern Suburbs Crematorium. Dress code will be Jackets and Medals.

Roger Wainwright will deliver a Military Eulogy for John.

Those who attend the funeral are invited to gather at 'Mounties' at Harbord Diggers Club, 88 Evans Street, Freshwater, after the service.

Gary Townsend
5 RARA Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor

781393 MURPHY, William Joseph "Spud."
17 February 1945 - 25 February 2022.

William MurphyPTE William ‘Spud’ Murphy passed away on Friday 25 February in the care facility that he had been residing in for approximately the last twelve months.

Spud, a 1st intake National Serviceman, completed his recruit training at 2 RTB, Puckapunyal. On 15 September 1965 he was posted to 5 RAR, Charlie Company, 8 Platoon and received his Corps training with the Battalion. He then joined Alpha Company, 2 Platoon and deployed to South Vietnam on 8 May 1966. He completed the tour and returned to Australia with the Battalion aboard HMAS Sydney, arriving in Sydney on 12 May 1967.

A Funeral Service was held for Spud, on 9 March, a member of the 5 RAR Association was present.

Gary Townsend
5 RARA Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor

3787048 NIEUWENHOUT, Anton "Tony."
8 January 1945 - 23 January 2022.

Anton NieuwenoutPTE Anton ‘Tony’ Nieuwenhout died on Sunday 23 January in his home town of Yarrawonga VIC, he had been battling cancer for quite a few years.

Tony, a National Serviceman, completed his recruit training at 2 RTB, Puckapunyal. On 15 September 1965 he was posted to 5 RAR, Charlie Company, 7 Platoon and received his Corps training with the Battalion. He then joined Bravo Company, 4 Platoon and deployed to South Vietnam on 10 May 1966. During Operation Renmark, Tony was wounded in action while 4 Platoon was involved in a firefight with a group of Viet Cong. He was Medevaced to Australia, arriving on 9 March 1967.

A private Family only funeral will be held for Tony in the near future.

Gary Townsend
5 RARA Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor

2790158 PIGGOTT, David Christopher.
11 August 1947 - 14 July 2021.

David PiggottPTE David ‘Dave’ Piggott died unexpectedly, even though he had been fighting cancer, in the early hours of Wednesday 14 July.

Dave, a national serviceman, did his recruit training at 1 RTB Kapooka and Corps at Ingleburn. He was then posted to 5 RAR and joined 5 Platoon B Company as a rifleman. Dave deployed to South Vietnam with the Battalion in February 1969 aboard HMAS Sydney. He was wounded in action on 20 May 1969 when an APC he was travelling in hit a mine. After recovering he was transferred to BHQ. Dave returned to Australia with the Battalion in March 1970.

It was Dave’s wish that no Funeral Service was to be held for him.

Gary Townsend
5 RARA Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor

134368 KIME, Edward Leonard.
7 October 1947 - 28 June 2021.

Edward KimeWe have been informed that CPL Edward ‘Eddie’ Kime died on Monday 28 June, he had not been travelling well for quite some time and he finally succumbed to his illness.

Eddie deployed to South Vietnam, with the Battalion, in February 1969, aboard HMAS Sydney. He served as a section commander with 8 Platoon, C Company until his return to Australia with the Battalion, again on HMAS Sydney on 10 March 1970.

A Funeral Service for Eddie, attended by his family, was held by Turnbull Funerals, 71 Letitia St, North Hobart, on Thursday 8 July.

Gary Townsend
5 RARA Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor 

2790705 PALMER, Earnest William.
28 June 1948 - 7 June 2021.

Earnest PalmerPTE Ernest ‘Bill’ Palmer, late of Cooks Gap, died on Wednesday 7 July in Mudgee District Hospital.

Bill was a national serviceman who deployed to 1 ARU South Vietnam on 9 April 1969. On 6 May he was posted to the strength of 5 RAR, joining the Trackers Platoon, Support Company. Bill continued in this position until he returned to Australia, with the Battalion, aboard HMAS Sydney.

A private Family Service and cremation will be held for Bill on Wednesday 14 July at 11:00hrs by Eastaugh & Carroll Funeral Directors. The service will be available to view online Here.

Gary Townsend
5 RARA Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor

14429 McLEAN, Allan Charles.
26 October 1936 - 17 March 2021.

RAR BadgeCPL Allan McLean died late on the night of Wednesday 17 March, after losing a long battle with cancer.

Allan deployed to South Vietnam, with the Anti-Tank Platoon, on 10 May 1966. When the Reconnaissance Platoon was formed in September of that year he was transferred to Alpha Company. He served there until his return to Australia on 22 February 1967. Allan returned to Vietnam with 6 RAR, serving as the Pioneer Platoon Sergeant from 8 May 1969 to 16 May 1970.

A funeral Service will be held for Allan at 11:00hrs on Wednesday 24 March, at Gregson and Weight’s Chapel, 5 Gregson Place, Caloundra, QLD.

Gary Townsend
5 RARA Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor

2789164 PAGE, Douglas James.
10 April 1946 - 21 February 2021.

RAR BadgePTE Douglas Page died in the middle of the day of Sunday 21 February, he had not been travelling well and suffering for some time.

A National Serviceman when he deployed to South Vietnam in February 1969 with 5 RAR. Doug was a member of 3 Section, 10 Platoon, Delta Company. On Operation Quintus Thrust, the first operation of the 1969/70 Tour, he was wounded in a mine incident near Hoa Long in which the Battalion lost three members Killed-in-Action and several others wounded. Doug was medically evacuated to Australia on 26 March 1969.

His family has decided to hold a private cremation service for Doug and has requested that we respect their privacy in this matter.

Gary Townsend
5 RARA Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor

1202008 MECKENSTOCK, Patrick Ernest "Paddy."
17 March 1942 - 10 November 2020.

Patrick meckenstockCPL Patrick ‘Paddy’ Meckenstock died on the evening of Tuesday 10 November, Paddy had been struggling for quite some time against cancer and other complications.

Paddy deployed to South Vietnam with 3 Platoon A Company on 8 February 1969 and served as a section commander. He was wounded in action on 21 August 1969 during Operation Camden, when 3 Platoon and Assault Pioneer Platoon contacted a bunker system. This system was in the Hat Dich Secret Zone, Phước Tuy, Long Khánh and Biên Hòa Provinces met, defended by the 3rd Battalion of 274 Regiment. Paddy returned to Australia with the Battalion on 5 March 1970.

Gary Townsend
5 RARA Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor 

The funeral service for Patrick Meckenstock is to be held on Tuesday 1st December at 1030hrs at:
Pinnaroo Valley Park
Whitfords Avenue
Padbury WA 6025
Large medals to be worn and a venue for the wake has not been decided.
Alan McNulty DCM.

708310 KING, Neil Douglas "Snoopy."
1 January 1945 - 12 October 2020.

Neil KingPTE Neil ‘Doug’ King died at his home in Magra, Tasmania on the night of Tuesday 13th October.

Doug was also known as ‘Snoopy’ during his service as a National Serviceman. He deployed to South Vietnam to join 1 ARU on 22 October 1966 until 29 November. He was transferred to Charlie Company on 30 November and served with them until he returned to Australia aboard HMAS Sydney on 12 May 1967.

At Doug’s request a private funeral will be held for him on Monday 19 October, another Tiger who is no longer with us.

Gary Townsend
5 RARA Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor  

3786792 MARIE, Ray Kenneth.
21 June 1945 - 29 August 2020.

Ray MarieWe have received news from the Frankston (VIC) sub-branch of Vietnam Veterans Association of Australia, that PTE Ray Marie died on Saturday 29 August.

Ray, a National Serviceman, deployed to South Vietnam aboard HMAS Sydney on 22 April 1966. His position was as the pay clerk for Charlie Company, 5 RAR. Not long after disembarking HMAS Sydney, Ray developed a skin problem due to the heat and humidity in Vietnam. He was medically returned to Australia on 15 June 1966.

A Funeral service was held for Ray on Friday 4 September by Tobin Brothers Funerals.

Gary Townsend
5 RARA Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor


4410799 MARTIN, Gordon John "Marty."
7 October 1946 - 20 July 2020.

Gordon MartinPTE Gordon Martin died on Monday 20 July in the Australian Capital Territory.

Gordon deployed to South Vietnam aboard the last Qantas flight, carrying the Battalion members, on 10 May 1966. This flight carried 114 members and Gordon was attached to B Company, 6 Platoon CHQ, possibly as the OC, 2LT Ted Pott’s batman. He served for the full 1966-67 Tour of Duty and returned to Australia with the Battalion aboard HMAS Sydney on 12 May 1967. Gordon continued to serve in the Army and retired with the rank of WO2.

A Funeral Service will be held for Gordon on Thursday 30 July at 14:00hrs in the Chapel of Norwood Park Crematorium, Mitchell ACT. The service was streamed online Here

Gary Townsend
Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor

5715880 KOPPEN, Alexander Michael "Hippy."
27 August 1947 - 19 April 2020.

Alexander KoppenLCPL Alexander ‘Hippy’ Koppen died in the United Kingdom as a result of his contracting the COVID-19 virus. Alex had been residing in a nursing home for the best part of a year.

He served with the Battalion for the full 1969-70 tour of South Vietnam, initially deploying with Support Company, Dennis ‘Digger’ Nevins states; “Hippy and I served in Tracker Platoon together and he was my No2 on the gun. We both transferred to 7 Platoon, C Company, to continue serving with LT Ian Hosie, and marched into C Company together. Hippy may have been a Pommie but he loved Australia and served in Vietnam under our Slouch Hat. A sad day for all.”

Gary Townsend
Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor

1733744 MACKENZIE, Ronald George.
14 May 1947 - 11 April 2020.

RAR BadgePTE Ronald ‘Ron’ Mackenzie died, in his home town of Mudgee NSW, on Saturday 11 April.

Ron, a national serviceman was conscripted on 30 July 1967 and after recruit and Corps training he served with 6 RAR from February 1968 to January 1969. He deployed to 1 ARU from 28 May until 25 June 1969. Ron was then posted to B Company 5 RAR on 26 June and served there until he was returned to Australia due to medical concerns. He then served with the ADF in Australia until his discharge on 17 March 1970.

A private funeral, with an RSL service, was held in Mudgee on Friday 17 April at the funeral home of Eastaugh and Carroll, 39 Horatio St, Mudgee NSW.

Gary Townsend
Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor

3795072 POTTER, John Anthony "Potz."
15 June 1948 - 26 March 2020.

John PotterPTE John ‘Potz’ Potter died on Thursday 26 March.

John deployed to South Vietnam on 6 August 1969 and was posted to 1 ARU until 22 August. He then joined 5 RAR and served in the Assault Pioneer Platoon, Support Company, for the balance of the Battalion’s Tour of Duty. John returned to Australia with the Battalion aboard HMAS Sydney on 5 March 1970. He served with the Victorian Police service, attaining the rank of Senior Sergeant upon his retirement.

Due to the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic a service for John’s Remembrance will be held at a later date.

Gary Townsend
Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor

3786932 MELKI, Abraham "Abe."
25 April 1945 - 20 March 2020.

Abraham MelkiOn Friday 20 March PTE Abraham ‘Abe’ Melki died suddenly due to a massive heart attack, he had recently attended the 2020 Reunion.

Abe completed his recruit training at 2 RTB and was immediately posted to 5 RAR, at Holsworthy, in early September 1965. He joined 8 Platoon, C Company, where he received his Corps Training and was then transferred to the Mortar Platoon. Abe was deployed with Mortar Platoon to South Vietnam on 6 May 1966. He served with Mortars until he returned to Australia with the Battalion aboard HMAS Sydney on 12 May 1967.

The funeral for the Late Abraham Melki has now been confirmed. It will be held this coming Friday the 27th of March 11:30am at St Nicholas Antiochian Orthodox Church (176 Simpson Street, East Melbourne).

At the conclusion of the mass the burial will take place at Fawkner Cemtery (Old Fawkner) in the Chapel Lawn Section, entering via Sydney Road.

Gary Townsend
Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor

37675 LEADBEATER, William Keith.
13 December 1939 - 7 March 2020.

William LeadbeaterLCPL William ‘Bill’ Leadbeater suffered a sudden heart attack, on Saturday 7 March and died, at his home in Wingham, NSW.

Bill was a foundation member of the 5th Battalion, joining the Transport Platoon as a driver for Admin Company on 1 March 1965. He held that position on the South Vietnam deployment of the Battalion until he returned to Australia on 9 May 1967. On 10 February 1970 he re-deployed to South Vietnam with 7 RAR and served there until 9 July of that year.

A private family funeral will be held for Bill.

Gary Townsend
Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor

2789660 PICKSTOCK, Dennis "Pommie."
16 October 1947 - 12 February 2020.

RAR BadgeLCPL Dennis ‘Pommie’ Pickstock, late of Iluka NSW, died on Wednesday 12 February. He had been suffering from kidney problems for a many long years.

Pommie served with 1 Section, 4 Platoon, B Company as machine gunner, from 8 February 1969 until 5 March 1970 and returned to Australia aboard HMAS Sydney. He is remembered as a popular and funny digger and attained his stripe just before the tour ended.

A private family cremation was held for Dennis.

Gary Townsend
Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor

794454 PLOSZCZYNSKI, Roger.
29 May 1947 - 28 January 2020.

RAR BadgePTE Roger Ploszczynski, formerly of Melton in Victoria, died on Tuesday 28 January. Prior to his marriage Roger changed his name to Roger Raynor.

Roger was deployed to South Vietnam and joined 1 ARU, where he served from 16 April to 5 May 1969. He was then transferred to the 5th Battalion and served with Support Company, until he returned to Australia aboard HMAS Sydney, arriving back in country on 5 March 1970.

A funeral Service is to be held for Roger at 13:30hrs on Tuesday 4 February at Gardenia Funerals, Melton Chapel, 29 Reserve Road, Melton, Victoria. Medals to be worn at the funeral.

Gary Townsend
Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor

2412330 O'SULLIVAN, Denis Michael "Mick."
15 February 1944 - 10 December 2019.

Denis O'SullivanPTE Denis ‘Mick’ O’Sullivan died on Tuesday 10 December while undergoing a surgical procedure in hospital.

Mick deployed to South Vietnam and joined 1 ARU on 11 June 1966. On 20 July he was transferred to 5 RAR, joining 9 Section, 12 Platoon, D Company. He served as a rifleman in that sub-unit until his return to Australia in May 1967.

The Funeral Service for Mick O'Sullivan will be held at 12:00hrs on Wednesday 18 December at the Catholic Church 46 Levy St, Glenbrook, NSW, 2773.

Gary Townsend
Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor

215945 MASHFORD, Robert Leslie.
10 December 1940 - 29 November 2019.

Robert MashfordWe have belatedly received information that LCPL Robert ‘Bob’ Mashford died on Friday 29 November 2019.

Bob deployed to South Vietnam with the Battalion on 10 May 1966 and served until his return to Australia with the Advance Party on 3 March 1967. Later in his ADF service he transferred to Royal Australian Corps of Military Police and attained the rank of Warrant Officer Class 1.

A Funeral Service was held for Bob at Purslowe & Chipper Funerals, Rockingham, WA on Wednesday 11 December 2019.

Gary Townsend
Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor

3787020 MACKIE, Ronald James.
22 April 1945 - 15 October 2019.

Ronald James MackiePTE Ronald ‘Ron’ Mackie passed away surrounded by his family, in Ipswich QLD, on Tuesday 15 October.

Ron completed his Corps Training in 8 Platoon, C Company. He then deployed with 5 Platoon  B Company  5 RAR to South Vietnam, on the Battalion’s 1st tour. Serving there from 12 May 1966 until he returned to Australia with the Battalion, aboard HMAS Sydney, on 12 May 1967.

A celebration of Ron’s life will be held on Thursday 24 October at the Centenary Memorial Gardens, following the service family and friends will meet at CSI (RSL) North Ipswich.

In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to the Ipswich RSL Sub branch in Ron's honour.

Gary Townsend
Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor  

2788408 O’MARA, William Owen "Bill."
24 April 1947 - 3 August 2019.

William O'Mara 5RARPTE William ‘Bill' O’Mara died on the evening of Saturday 3 August, he had not been travelling well for a while.

Bill served with 5 RAR in South Vietnam with 9 Section 6 Platoon B Company on the Battalion’s 1969-70 Tour.

He was involved in the Battle of Binh Ba when B Company cordoned and the searched the village of Duc Trung, on 7 June 1969. Bill was medically repatriated to Australia in August 1969.

A Funeral Service will be held for Bill on Wednesday 14th August at William Cole Funerals, 60 Nettlefold St, Belconnen, ACT at 13.30hrs.

Gary Townsend
Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor

235287 MORRIS, Earnest Benjamin "Ben."
6 November 1944 - 14 July 2019.

Earnest "Ben" MorrisLT Ernest ‘Ben’ Morris passed away on the evening of Sunday 14 July in St John of God Hospital, Bendigo, VIC. Ben suffered a cardiac arrest after being admitted with pneumonia. He and his wife had recently relocated from Wollongong to Bendigo.

Ben joined 5 RAR on 8 February 1967 from 1 ARU and commanded 3 Platoon A Company. After 5 RAR returned home. Ben served with the Civil Affairs Unit at HQ 1ATF and then 2 RAR again as a platoon commander until the completion of his tour.

A private funeral will be conducted for Ben and a memorial service is being planned to be held at Victoria Barracks, Sydney in late August.

Gary Townsend
Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor

43867 LOCKE, Graham John.
7 June 1947 - 15 March 2019.

Graham LockeLT Graham Locke passed away on Friday 15 March in southeast Queensland.

LT Locke graduated from the Officer Cadet School at Portsea Victoria in June 1966 two days after his 19th birthday. Graham was the OC of Assault Pioneers, Support Company for the Battalion’s 1969-70 Tour of South Vietnam. On 21 August 1969 he was Wounded-in-Action, during a major battle on Operation Camden in the Hat Dich Secret Zone.

Graham continued his service in the ADF after his RTA and retired with the rank of Major.
The Funeral Service for Graham will be held at Somerville Chapel, 129 Nerang-Broadbeach Rd, Nerang on Friday 22 March at 10:00hrs.

David Wilkins has penned a short bio about his fellow officer and it can be read Here

Gary Townsend
Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor.

5715691 LOCKE, Kimberley William "Hippie."
21 July 1947 - 5 December 2018.

Kim LockeG’day Gents, It is with sadness that I advise that our mate Kim 'Hippie' Locke of 8 Platoon C Company passed away yesterday, 5th December 2018 at a nursing home in Mandurah, Western Australia.

Hippie had been resident in the facility for over ten years, after suffering a series of strokes and other illnesses. Terry Major and Alan McNulty from the 5RAR Association had visited Hippie, and had shared many memories with him. He always had a smile on his face.

May I ask that if anyone has any photographs of Hippie in Vietnam, or any stories about him, please forward these to me as soon as possible. Another Tiger stands down. We acknowledge and thank him for his service.

The Funeral Cortege for Hippie will assemble at the Main Entrance of Freemantle Cemetery for a Cremation Service on Tuesday 18 December at 10:00 hours.

Don Harrod
Editor Half Circle Newsletter

5713686 McSHANE, Bernard Jeffery "John."
16 February 1945 - 22 October 2018.

Bernard McShanePTE Bernard ‘John’ McShane died in Hollywood Private Hospital, Perth, on Monday 22 October, he had not been well for some time.

On 22 April 1966, John deployed to South Vietnam aboard the HMAS Sydney along with the majority of C Company. He served in 3 Section, 7 Platoon as a rifleman and occasional machine-gunner. John served for the entire tour and returned to Australia on board HMAS Sydney, docking at Garden Island on 12 May 1967.

Gary Townsend
Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor.


216528 LOADER, John David "Jack."
7 September 1941 - 28 July 2018.

RAR BadgeCPL John ‘Jack’ Loader passed away on Friday 27 July in his hometown of Nerang, Gold Coast.

Jack joined 1 RAR in South Vietnam in April 1966, when 1 RAR returned to Australia he was posted to 6 RAR. He returned to Vietnam with 5 RAR on 28 January 1969 as a member of 7 Platoon Charlie Company. During the second phase of Operation Federal Overlander, Jack was wounded in action during a bunker contact. Due to his wounds he was medically returned to Australia on 7 April 1969.

The Celebration of his Life, to be held in the Somerville Chapel, 129 Nerang-Broadbeach Road, Nerang, on Tuesday, 7th August, 2018, at 12.30p.m.

Gary Townsend
Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor.

311340 ISAAC, Edward Wright "Jock."
> 13 November 1937 - 3 July 2018.

Edward IsaacSGT Edward ‘Jock’ Isaac, late of Wulguru, near Townsville, QLD, passed away peacefully on Tuesday 3 July.

In 1963-65 Jock served in Malaya and Borneo with 3 RAR and then in South Vietnam with 7 RAR from 8 April 1967 to 26 April 1968. He returned to South Vietnam and joined 1 ARU on 16 June 1969. On 15 October of that year he was posted to the strength of D Company 5 RAR, as a Platoon Sergeant, where he served until he was medically returned to Australia in January 1970.

All Family and Friends are warmly invited to attend the 'Celebration of Jock's Life' which will commence at 2.00p.m. Monday afternoon 9th JULY, 2018 at the Woongarra Crematorium Chapel, Bruce Highway, Julago.

Gary Townsend
Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor.

235023 MAIZEY, Stanley John.
24 August 1931 - 18 June 2018.

Stanley MaizeyJudith Maizey called me this afternoon and consequently I sadly advise you that her father "Stan the Man" passed away yesterday 18 June. Judith mentioned that his ongoing Parkinson's disease had impacted and he had been in bed for the past two weeks with palliative care. He passed away peacefully at home where he wished to be.

Stan was second in command of 5RAR's 1st tour of Vietnam and did much to overcome the significant equipment and administrative problems faced by the battalion before and during the tiger battalions deployment into Vietnam. He was 2IC until 12 Dec 1966 when he was reposted to HQ 1ATF as GSO2 Operations. He returned to Australia in July 1967.

Stan's funeral will be at 11.00 AM next Monday 25 June at Mount Cotton Crematorium, 1774 - 1794 Mount Cotton Road, Carbrook, Qld.

COL. Roger Wainwright (Retd)
President 5RAR Association Inc.

From Ron Boxall, Vice President 5RAR Association:
From Kendall’s “Names Upon A Stone”:

A fitting garland for the dead
We cannot compass yet;
But many things he did and said
We never will forget

6709143 LOADER, Stanley Robert "Lorry."
10 September 1947 - 17 April 2018.

Stanley LoaderPTE Stanley "Lorry" Loader died on the evening of Tuesday 17 April. He had been battling multiple cancers for some time.

Stan deployed to Vietnam with 7 Section, 3 Platoon, A Company on the battalion’s 1969-70 tour. During Operation Camden, on 21 August 1969, Pioneer Platoon and 3 Platoon encountered a heavily defended bunker system occupied by 3 Battalion 274 Regiment. The two platoons suffered I KIA and 37 WIA, Stan was one of the wounded and he was Returned-to-Australia on 22 September 1969.

Stan Loader's Funeral Service is on Monday 23rd April at 10.00 hours. The Funeral Directors are Grahams Funerals at 73 Risdon Road, Newtown, TAS.

Gary Townsend
Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor.

From Mick Dench MM:
"An age ago and in a country beyond description, a young soldier crawled to me from the perimeter to tell me that he and his mate Smiley were wounded, and wanted to know if they could continue into the Casualty Treatment Position. In a gentle manner that only a caring NCO of my ilk could use ... I told him to 'get your arse back to the perimeter and watch for a counter attack' that we knew was coming from that direction."
The brave little bugger survived that battle, but a few moments ago, his mate Smiley called to advise me that Stan "Lorry" Loader had finally stopped the condition that had his name on it.
Old NCOs never cry? What BS...
So long Lorry ... we'll meet again and when we do, I'll apologise to you for being the prick that I was. God WILL keep you.

3795679 MAGALAS, Wladymyr "Wally."
14 May 1947 - 5 April 2018.

Wladymyr "Wally" MagalasPTE Wladymyr ‘Wally’ Magalas died on the afternoon of Thursday 5 April.

Wally served with 1 ARU from 20 August 1969 to 2 September 1969. He was then posted to 5 RAR and joined 8 Platoon, C Company where he completed the tour and returned to Australia with the battalion. Wally was Wounded-in-Action in a contact west of Xuyen Moc, in February 1970.

The Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral.
Cnr Canning and Dryborough Streets,
North Melbourne,
10.30am Friday 13th April 2018.

A burial is to follow at Fawkner Cemetery' and afterwards, refreshments at the Tea Rooms.

Dress is Suit and Medals.

Gary Townsend
Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor.

2782718 PHILLIPS, Lynn Charles.
8 May 1945 - August 2017.

Lyn PhillipsPTE Lynn Phillips passed away mid-August in his home town of Batemans Bay NSW.

He deployed to 1 ARU in August 1966 and then joined D Company in August until he returned to Australia with the Battalion.

A funeral service was held for Lynn on Wednesday the 23 August.

Gary Townsend
Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor.


2790549 LAING, Henry Graham "Harry."
30 April 1948 - 4 July 2017.

Henry LaingWe have belatedly been advised of the passing of PTE Henry ‘Harry’ Laing on Tuesday 4 July 2017, losing his battle with cancer and other problems.

Harry deployed to Vietnam with 1 ARU on 30 July 1969 and then joined 4 Platoon, B Company, 5 RAR where he served until his return to Australia with the battalion.

For many years after his discharge he was involved with training the young AFL footballers in his local area.

The Funeral Service was held for Harry on Monday 10 July 2017. It was attended by men who had served with him in Recruit Training, Ingleburn, the 5th Battalion, friends and family.

Gary Townsend
Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor.

29534 McLEOD, Charles Stuart "Mouse."
20 August 1936 - 2017.

Charles McLeodSSGT Charles ‘Mouse’ McLeod was listed as having died in ‘Chin Up', the TPI VIC magazine, we do not have an actual date of death or any other details.

Mouse was an excellent CQMS – a hard worker, great organiser, and one who made sure that each re-supply was accurate and accommodated the troops’ needs. He was a very quiet man, and just went about his tasks without any fuss. He worked closely with storemen such as 'Blue' Newberry and Ted Suttor during their tenures in that role. He also worked well with “baitlayer” (cook) Paddy, they ensured that the diggers didn’t go wanting on ops.

He returned to Australia, to take his discharge, on 22 October 1969.

Gary Townsend
Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor.

1200734 MARALDO, Norman Peter.
9 December 1943 - 15 May 2017.

RAR BadgeCPL Norman ‘Norm’ Maraldo, late of Mintaro, South Australia, suffered a sudden massive heart attack in Marble Bar, Western Australia. He and Karli, his wife, had been touring at the time.

Norm joined the Battalion as a rifleman and later served as a CPL with 12 Platoon, D Company from 18 October 1966 to the Battalion’s return to Australia.

The funeral is to be held at the hall in Mintaro SA. on Friday 2 June at noon with the burial at the Mintaro cemetery. Ex 5 RAR & ex service welcome to attend. Medals to be worn. Any further details contact Mid North Funeral Services, Clare, South Australia on 0888423368.

Regards Eric Leask, OAM.

Gary Townsend
Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor

MUSCAT, Bryce.
14 December 1993 - 3 May 2017.

RAR BadgePTE Bryce Muscat tragically passed on Wednesday 3 May in Darwin. Bryce was a serving member of the 5th Battalion The Royal Australian Regiment.

Bryce's funeral service was held at Karrakatta Cemetery, Railway Road Karrakatta, WA and was followed by an internment.

5RAR Commanding Officer, Regimental Sergeant Major an Honour Guard from B Company and members of the 5RAR Association paid their respects to Bryce at the ceremonies.

Gary Townsend
Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor

3787069 PHILLIPS, Paul Richard.
26 June 1945 - 9 February 2017.

Paul PhillipsPTE Paul Phillips passed away on the morning of Thursday 9 February at his home in Benalla, VIC.

Paul served with 1 Section, 7 Platoon, C Company, for the full deployment of the Battalion’s tour of South Vietnam 1966-67.

His role in the section varied between Machine Gun N0 1 and 2, Rifleman and Forward Scout and could be a bit of a rogue at times.

The Funeral details for Paul Phillips are as follows;
Friday 17th February, 10:00 hours, a graveside service at the Benalla Cemetery, 128 Cowan St, Benalla, Vic. There will be a wake held after the service with the venue to be advised at the service.

Gary Townsend
Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor

1314 MUGGLETON, Thomas Lloyd MBE.
10 December 1924 - 15 January 2017.

Thomas MuggletonThomas ‘Tom’ Muggleton passed away on the evening of Sunday 15 January on the Gold Coast.

During WWII Tom served in the Aitape/Wewak area of Papua New Guinea with 2/5th Infantry Battalion AIF. At the end of hostilities he joined 67 Battalion AIF, deploying to Japan with the Commonwealth Occupation Force and was with them when they became 3 RAR on formation of the Regiment.

He was with 3 RAR when they deployed to Korea from September 1950, to May 1951.

For six years Tom served as RSM Royal Military College Duntroon, (RMC) after which he took his commission. He was posted to 5 RAR as QM for the Battalion’s 1969-70 tour of SVN. Towards the end of his military career, Tom served as OC, HQ Company, at RMC.

The funeral will be conducted at the Sacred Heart Catholic Church, 50 Fairway Drive, Clear Island Waters on Friday, 20 January, 2017 commencing at 11am (Queensland time).

Gary Townsend
Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor.

To read Tom's Obituary: Here

To view the video of Tom's interview by 'Australians at War:' Here

55656 LAWSON, Robert "Pom."
30 January 1949 - 1 November 2016.

Robert LawsonPTE Robert ‘Pom’ Lawson passed away on Tuesday 1 November on the Gold Coast, Queensland, after a fairly short illness.

Rob, a member of the Australian Army Catering Corps, served with Administration Company from 8 February 1969 until 5 March 1970, on the Battalion’s 2nd deployment to South Vietnam.

A Funeral Service is to be held for Rob at Allambie Memorial Park Cemetery and Crematorium, Gold Coast, at 11:30 hours on Tuesday 15 November. Dress code is jackets and medals.

Gary Townsend
Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor.

215069 MUSSON, Peter James.
26 October 1945 - 26 October 2016.

RAR BadgeLance Corporal Peter Musson passed away in the Mandurah area of Western Australia on Wednesday 26 October, his 71st birthday.

Peter arrived in Vietnam and joined the 1st Australian Reinforcement Unit in February 1967. On 13 March he was posted to the strength of 5 RAR and remained until the battalion returned to Australia. He was posted to 8 Platoon,
C Company ,7 RAR to complete his deployment and was RTA'ed on 20 February 1968.

His funeral will be held at Bowra & O'Dea Funerals, 10 Leslie Street, Mandurah, WA at 14:00 next Wednesday, (2 November, 2016). There will be a gathering after at the Mandurah RSL.

Gary Townsend
Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor.

5713690 MELLOWSHIP, David George.
7 April 1945 - 14 August 2016.

David MellowshipPTE David ‘Dave’ Mellowship passed away on Sunday 14 August in his home state of Western Australia.

Dave received his initial training at 2 RTB, Puckapunyal, he was then posted to 5 RAR at Holsworthy and completed his Corps Training with 8 Platoon, C Company. On completion of this he joined 5 Platoon, B Company where he served for the Battalion’s full deployment to South Vietnam, 1966 -'67.

A Funeral Service will be held for David at Pinnaroo Valley Memorial Park, Whitford & Gibsons Avenues, Padbury, WA, 6025, Monday 22 August at 13:00 hours.

Gary Townsend
Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor.

2796662 OWEN, Jeffery Keith "Stumpy."
25 October 1949 - 20 July 2016.

Jeffery OwenI have been advised of the passing of Jeffery Owen, B Company 5RAR on the 20th this month.

Jeff’s funeral details are:
Leura Crematorium
Great Western Hwy Leura 2780 at 1300hr 26 July.


Gary Townsend
Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor.

54818 PENMAN, David James.
1 November 1946 - 13 June 2016.

David PenmanOn Monday 13 June, PTE David Penman lost his battle with cancer and passed away in Wynnum North, QLD.

David served as a driver with Transport Platoon, Admin Company for the full deployment of the Battalion’s 1966-67 tour of South Vietnam.

The funeral details for David Penman are as follows:
Wednesday 22 June, 10:00 hrs, Hemmant Chapel, Hemmant and Tingalpa Rd, Hemmant, QLD.

Gary Townsend
Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor.

216185 JOZWIAK, Sigmund.
20 October 1945 - ?? 2016.

RAR BadgeWe have been advised of the passing of CPL Sigmund Jozwiak, date unknown at this stage.
Sigmund served as a clerk in BHQ and then as Company Clerk with B Company during the Battalion’s 1969-70 tour of South Vietnam.

His death was published in the Vietnam Veterans & Peacekeepers magazine of the Granville branch.

Gary Townsend
Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor.

1734598 McCORMACK, Russell Shane "Stretch."
29 March 1948 - 10 June 2016.

Russell McCormackIt is with regret that advise you of another Tiger passing, I received a telephone call from the widow of Russell McCormack this morning informing me of his passing.

PTE Russell ‘Stretch’ McCormack passed away suddenly on Friday 10 June. He suffered a major cardiac arrest while mowing his lawn, at his home in North Queensland.

Stretch served with Support Company in the Mortar Platoon from 7 May 1969 to 10 March 1970 in South Vietnam.

Gary Townsend
Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor.

215625 NICHOLS, Ronald Frederick.
13 May 1940 - 23 May 2016.

Ronald NicholsCPL Ronald ‘Doc’ Nichols passed away at his home in WA on Monday 23 May. He had been battling his illness for quite some time.

A RAAMC member, Doc served as the Company Medic with B Company from 12 May 1966 to 10 May 1967.

Ron was the first medic to reach, and dress the wounds, of Errol Noack on 24 May 1966, our first casualty. He was also WIA on 21 February 1967, during the Long Hai Hills mine incident.

A funeral will be held for Doc at Simplicity Funerals,73 Gordon Rd, Mandurah on Monday 30 May, at 10:00 hours.

Gary Townsend.
Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor.

61855 McCARTHY, Graeme Eugene.
18 September 1947 - 29 March 2016.

Greame McCarthyPTE Graeme McCarthy passed away in hospital on the morning of Tuesday 29 March. He had been suffering and in hospital for some time.

Graeme served with Administration Company, from 8 February till 22 October 1969, on the Battalion’s 1969-70 Tour of South Vietnam.


Gary Townsend
Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor.

218019 McCLELLAND, Mervyn Douglas.
26 April 1946 - 8 February 2016.

Mervyn McClellandOn Monday 8 February PTE Mervyn ‘Doug’ McClelland, aged 70, passed away in hospital. Doug underwent surgery for prostate cancer in late January and appeared to recover well. He was recently returned to hospital after he suffered a massive stroke, from which he did not recover.

Doug served in South Vietnam, with Administration Company, from 3 February until 8 October 1969 when he was medically returned to Australia.

A funeral Service will be held for Doug at 11:00 Saturday 13 February, Olsen’s Funeral Chapel, 691 Old Princes Highway, Sutherland, 2232.

Gary Townsend
Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor.

29058 MEALING, Matthew John "Sailor."
9 August 1928 - 12 October 2015.

Matthew MealingSSGT "Sailor" Mealing passed away on Monday 12 October, at St Vincent's Private Hospital in Lismore He had been suffering from respiratory and blood problems and some of his organs shut down.

Sailor served with 3 RAR in Korea where he was severely wounded and than spent 12 months in Malaya during the Emergency. He was the CQMS of B Company from May until October, when he was WIA in a helicopter crash, after the pilot was shot by a VC sniper. Sailor again returned to Vietnam in 1968 with the AFV Amenities and Welfare Unit.

Funeral service will be held on Monday 19 October at 1200 hrs at Rainbow Chapel, corner of Rainbow Ave & Kalinga St, Ballina.

Gary Townsend
Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor.

26352 PERRIMAN, Anthony Bruce.
24 March 1932 - 26 August 2015.

Anthony PerrimanRowdy Hindmarsh phoned to advise that Tony Perriman passed away in Grafton this morning. Tony served with 5RAR 2nd tour, as the Battalion's Operations Officer.

Funeral details are: Funeral service will be held at the Cowper Catholic Church, Grafton NSW at 10.00 AM on Mon 31 August.

To read a tribute to Major Perriman Here

2787492 MATTHEWS, James Charles "Jim."
20 May 1946 - 14 May 2015.

James MatthewsI wish to inform the 5RAR association of the passing of my father James "Jim" Charles Matthews on 14 May 2015 at Camden Hospital after battling brain cancer since being diagnosed in June 2014.

Jim was a serving Police Officer with the NSW Police Force when he was conscripted for National Service. He enlisted in the Army on 12 July 1967 and was discharged on 11 July 1969 before returning to the NSW Police Force. During his army service he was posted to 5RAR on 13 December 1967 and completed his operational tour in Vietnam with 5RAR (LCPL, Regimental Police Section, BHQ) Feb-June 1969.


Paul Matthews

Jim's Memorial Page is Here

4717737 MAALST, Hendrick "Henk."
28 March 1945 - 22 April 2015.

Committee members,

Henrick MaalstHendrick 'Henk' Maalste have just been advised that Henk Maalste passed away this morning (22 April) in Berri Hospital. Henk was a member of my 8 Platoon on the 1st tour of Vietnam. We knew that he had been ill and was admitted to hospital about three weeks ago where he celebrated his 70th birthday with family and friends. His passing was relatively quick though he fought to the end. Henk is to be returned to Broken Hill where a funeral service will be held. Details will be provided when known.
The Mushroom Club has been advised.

Rest in peace fellow digger.

Roger Wainwright
5RAR Association.

212569 PATTERSON, Ernest Ross.
13 July 1941 - 22 March 2015.

RAR BadgeWe have been informed that Ernest 'Doc' Patterson passed away on Sunday 22 March, in Hollywood Hospital WA, after a long illness.

Ernest served two tours of Vietnam, the first with 1 RAR in 1965-66 and then with 3 RAR in 1971. He was a member of 5/7 RAR when it was based at Holsworthy.

A cremation service will be held for Doc at Pinnaroo Valley Memorial Park, East Chapel, on Thursday 26 March at 09:30 hours.

2781501 KAY, John Jesse.
28 March 1945 - 16 March 2015.


John KayI have just been advised by John's wife Pam, that John Kay has passed away today, 16th March 2015.

He was the M60 gunner from 2 platoon. Great guy. He had been battling Throat Cancer and Lung Cancer for several years. I recently visited him while at the 50th Reunion which he wished to attend, however he was too ill. He passed away in Caloundra Palliative care unit.

Funeral arrangements:
11 am Saturday 21st March at Funeral Directors Gregson & Weight 5 Gregson Place Caloundra Qld.

Wayne 'Bluey' Clarke

47031 PFITZNER, Errold Frederick.
9 September 1939 - 9 March 2015.

Fellows Tigers,

Errold PfitznerI have been advised that Fred Pfitzner passed away at 1.00 AM this morning at home in Adelaide. We knew he had been ill for some time and was under palliative care at home. Fred served in 5 RAR from February 1967 as 2IC C Company for a short period and then as 2IC D Company.

After RTA of 5 RAR he served on HQ 1ATF. Fred also served on active service with 3 RAR, commanded 8/9 RAR, was Director of Infantry and commanded 6 Brigade.

Funeral is to be held at 2.00 PM on Tue 17 Mar at Christ Church, 35 Palmer Place, North
Adelaide (near Jeffcott St).
I have not seen any details about medals but presume this would be appropriate. Afternoon tea will follow the service.

Duty First

Roger Wainwright
5RAR Association Inc.

44506 MULLEN, John Francis.
6 April 1946 - 3 March 2015.


RAR BadgeI have been advised of the passing of John Mullen by his nephew Chris Burgess.

John served in Admin Company during the Battalion's 2nd Tour. Cause of death to be determined by a coroner's report.

John was buried on the 17 March, Centennial Park SA, in the soldiers' section.


Ted Harrison
5RAR Association.

2781384 L/Cpl. MEREDITH, Gordon Desmond.
5 March 1945 - 20 December 2014.

Gordon MeredithWe have been notified of the passing of LCPL Gordon Meredith, on Saturday 20 December, in Bunbury, WA. Gordon has been significantly incapacitated by a cerebral haemorrhage for some time and has been cared for by his wife, Sylvie.

Gordon served as 2IC of 7 Section, 9 Platoon, C Company, for the full term of the Battalion’s 1966-67 deployment to South Vietnam. He will be sadly missed by his mates who served beside him.
A private cremation will be held for Gordon and at this stage his family is asking for their privacy to be respected.

Gary Townsend
Tiger Tales
5RAR Association newsletter.

1411066 Pte. MORONEY, Darryl Martin “Butch.”
3 April 1946 – 5th Dec 2014.


Darryl Moroney"Butch" was a regular soldier and originally a member of the Anti-Tank Platoon. He volunteered and was selected for Reconnaissance Platoon and was forward scout for Bill Harvey’s 61B patrol, a role in which he excelled and relished. Butch had been ill for some time and typical of his stoic character he quietly succumbed to his cancer surrounded by his family and friends. Butch was a typical laid back Queenslander where no task was too daunting and challenge insurmountable as he showed throughout his fight with cancer, wonderfully supported by Leigh his wife. He was a unique individual and we are all going to miss that mischievous smile when you knew something was up. He was a great friend and supporter of everyone in the Platoon and that’s pretty special.

Butch’s funeral is on 10th Wednesday 10.00 hours at Eco Chapel, Quinn's Hill Rd Stapylton QLD.

Michael von Berg MC,
Commander Reconnaissance Platoon.

61614 LEWIS, Laurance Victor.
24 August 1941 – 12 November 2014.

Laurance LewisIt is with regret that we have been informed of the passing of Laurence ‘Laurie’ Lewis, who passed away on Wednesday 12 November. Laurie had been ill for some time and was being looked after in Townsville General Hospital.

He served with the 5 RAR Band and was platoon medic with 10 Platoon D Company where he was awarded an MID (Here) during an action. Laurie service included 1RAR Band (attached), Engineers Band, NQ Army Band and 6 MD Band.

Funeral details will be advised when they come to hand.

Laurie Lewis's Funeral is this coming Thursday 20th Nov 2014 at 1100 hrs. at the Morley's Funeral Home, Townsville, followed by refreshments at the Tvl RSL.


Gary Townsend
Tiger Tales 5RAR Association Newsletter.

217886 MOORE, Leonard William "Grub."
2 April 1949 – 26 October 2014.

Dear friends,

Leonard MooreI am sad to inform you that our mate, Leonard 'Grub' Moore, passed away peacefully earlier today (26th October) in Innisfail Hospital, after a long battle with cancer. He was only 65.

His wife Ros, and loving family, were on hand during his final hours. Grub is remembered as a courageous man who fought until the very end.

He, (along with most of the Battalion) arrived in Vietnam 8th February 1969 as a 19 year old forward scout with 6 Section, 5 Platoon, B Company a task that he relished. Later in the tour he was promoted to the role of 2IC 4 Section.

Grub was a loyal mate and loveable 'larrikin' who endeared himself to all who knew him.

Over the past 18 months or so Grub was fortunate to re-establish contact with most of his former 5 Platoon mates, which was a privilege for all concerned.

Mourn not that Grub has gone rather, be glad that he lived and that we were fortunate and proud to call him a mate !

Onwitdawar !!

Ken Davis
former 2IC 6 Section
2nd tour

2781601 MAROULIS, William Nicholas.
22 April 1945 – 21 October 2014.


William MaroulisI have been informed of the passing of Bill Maroulis, 3 Platoon A Company 1st Tour.

I'm led to understand that Bill was visiting family in Burke, NSW when he suffered a heart attack and passed away on Tuesday 21 October 2014. The funeral will be conducted at 2pm, Monday 27 October in Coffs Harbour.

Ted Harrison
5RAR Association

3411701 MAHER, Phillip Robert.
9 July 1945 - 11 April 2014.


Phillip MaherPlease be advised that I have been notified by the Welfare Officer of the Watsonia RSL that Phillip Robert Maher passed away on Friday night (11 April 2014).

I am told that he has had cancer for some time but I don't know that that was the cause of death beyond this being a very high probability.

It is my understanding that he served in B Company 5 RAR in Vietnam from 09-September-1966 till 12-May-1967.

His funeral service will be held at St Mary's Church, Grimshaw Street, Greensborough (opposite Red Rooster) at 1030 hrs on Wednesday, 16 April 2014.

Doug Bishop
Victorian Representative
5 RAR Association

43974 LECKIE, Robert James.
21 August 1947 - 5 January 2014.


Robert LeckieSad news I am afraid, Bob Leckie passed away this morning in the Murray Bridge Soldiers' Memorial Hospital.

Bob did two tours of Vietnam, both with 5 RAR. Would you be kind enough to pass this on to the members & advise that details of the funeral will be forthcoming as the information comes to hand.

Bob slipped away after suffering from cancer over the last year, his family were by his side.

Mo Hancock
SA & NT Representative
5RAR Association

215355 IRWIN, David Bede "Brush."
24 February 1940 - 17 September 2013.

David IrwinWe have been informed that PTE David "Brush" Irwin passed away on Wednesday 17 September in the Newcastle, NSW, area.

David served for a full deployment in the Quartermaster Platoon, Administration Company, with 5 RAR during the Battalion’s 1966-67 tour of in south Vietnam. He originally served with 1 RAR and then joined 5 RAR when it was established in 1965.

From the reports of those who served with him, Brush was known as a bit of a character.

A funeral service will be held for David at James Murray Funeral Chapel, Broadmeadow, on Monday 23 September 2013.

Gary Townsend
Tiger Tales

3787155 MASTERSON, Kevin James "Bat."
6 January 1945 - 29 June 2013.

Kevin MastersonI have been informed by Tom Davern that Kevin "Bat" James Masterson, D Company 1966-67, Passed away in Northern Territory yesterday, Saturday, 29 June. There are no other details at this stage.

Just received word from Luke Masterson (Son), that Bats funeral service will be held at 10 am Saturday 6th July 2013, at Darwin Funeral Services, Amy Johnston Drive Darwin.

Gary Townsend
Tiger Tales Newsletter

54231 MARSHALL, William Patrick.
24 February 1933 - 31 March 2013.

William MarshallWe have been informed that CPL William "Bill" Marshall, of Rothwell, Queensland, passed away on Sunday 31 March this year.

Bill suffered a stroke approximately four years ago and his health had deteriorated over the last 6 months of his life, according to his son, Robert Marshall.

He served as a clerk with Admin Company, from May 1966 until May 1967, during the Battalion’s first deployment to South Vietnam.

The Funeral Service for Bill was held at Traditional Funerals, Redcliffe, QLD on Friday 5 April.

Gary Townsend
Tiger Tales Newsletter

2790819 MOON, Edward James.
25 March 1948 - 24 April 2013.

Edward MoonIt is with much sadness that I advise that Eddie Moon, (C Company 2nd Tour) passed away last night in Liverpool hospital.

I will inform every one of the funeral arrangements when known.

Rest in Peace Mate,

'Blue' Schafer,
5RAR memorabilia Officer.

A tribute to Eddie Moon by a good mate Don Harrod, can be viewed Here

A tribute to Eddie from his Platoon Commander Roger Lambert, can be viewed Here

215733 PHILP, David Alan.
25 September 1946 - 23 February 2013.


David PhilpTo advise that David Philp passed away on Saturday Night (23rd February) in Rylestone Hospital. Philp was a non-member of the Association who served with the battalion on its 1st tour. I am also advised that he was WIA and evacuated probably to Aust.

Ron Hamlyn
Treasurer/Membership Officer
5RAR Association.

16979 ORCHARD, Raymond Laurence.
14 April 1944 - 12 February 2013.

Committee members and other colleagues

Raymond OrchardSadly advise you that our fellow tiger Ray Orchard passed away this morning from a heart attack. Ray served as a section commander in 7 Platoon throughout the battalion's 1st tour of Vietnam. Ray was 68.

I visited Ray at his aged care home in Canberra only last week and he was happy and in good spirits particularly following the recent arrival of his new grandson. I understand that there will be a cremation service in Canberra and Ray's ashes will then return to his family base in Queensland. More details will follow.

A very sad loss of a very popular and outstanding infantry soldier.

Duty First,

Roger Wainwright,
5RAR Association.

2791197 NICHOLLS, David Frederick.
13 November 1947 - 9 December 2012.

David Nicholls We regret to advise that Dave passed away on 9th December 2012. Dave served with 7PL from August 1969 to February 1970. He was also wounded in action. We will remember Dave as being a young National Serviceman who took his service seriously, did his job well, and was a good reliable team member. We extend our condolences to Dave’s family, including his son Daniel, who has kept us informed.

Farewell Dave, you have served your Country well.

Don Harrod.

217883 MATYSAIK, Michael Leo.
24 May 1948 - 29 September 2012.

Dear Members

Michael MatysaikIt is my sad duty to inform you that Mick Matysiak (6 Section, 5 Platoon 2nd Tour) passed away at Greenslopes Hospital on Saturday 29th September at 22:20 hrs.

Please be advised that the funeral of Mick Matysiak will take place at Heritage Park Crematorium 113 Stuart Street, Goodna QLD on Friday the 5th of October at 10:00hrs.

Paul Foley
Qld representative
5 RAR Association

To read a tribute to Mick Matysiak Here

14829 MOORE, Bertram Peter.
25 June 1936 - 24 September 2012.

RAR BadgeAdvised last night by Bob Trenear that Association Member Bertram Peter MOORE (1st Tour) passed away on Monday evening.

Funeral- Friday 1pm @ Mackay Family Funerals – 249 Pacific H’way OURIMBAH (phone 0243 622733). The service is being conducted by the Welfare Officer of Toukley RSL (Cathy Marvell) where Peter was a member.

I forwarded to her a Funeral Sash which she is to attend to.
Bob is going to try to attend the funeral & is advising a number of our members that live around the central coast.

Geoff Pearson
5RAR Association.

3793612 LOWE, Peter William.
16 October 1947 - 2 August 2012.

Peter LoweI am sending this to let you know - if you hadn't already heard - of the passing away of an ex-Nasho, who served in South Vietnam with 5RAR (second tour).

Unfortunately, all the local paper here in Bendigo (Vic) reported was that Pete had passed away on 2 August at the Bendigo Hospital.

Peter Lowe was a neighbour of my parents for many years. My dad has passed on, but mum & I will be attending Pete's service today (7 August) at 1400 hrs, to be held at the William farmer Funeral Home, Bendigo (followed by the interment later at the Kangaroo Flat cemetery).

Pete was a TPI Pensioner, and very much a 'loner' in his life; he lived by himself, never married, and kept a couple of wee chihuahua dogs. He rode a small motor bike and the dogs would sit in his jacket (or pannier bags), accompanying him most places.

Once in a while I would visit Peter, who was a very gentle guy, and he would 'open up' a bit on rare occasions about his war service. Your roll has his name in blue colouring, indicating WIA - he never spoke of that. All I remember clearly is him recounting one occasion when an enemy soldier came very close to him during either sentry, or an ambush setting, at night (of which he was totally unaware). From memory, Pete got in the shit over that one, and Pete had to try and explain that he wasn't sleeping or 'switched off' - apparently the MO discovered soon after that he was totally blind at night - absolutely no vision unaided at night time - once that 'big hexamine' set in the west.

Anyway, mate, just to let you fellows know that another Tiger has 'Gone to God.'

RIP, Pete Lowe.

Yours sincerely, in fellowship,
Lest We Forget.

Peter Barker.

1200661 LENNON, Ronald.
28 March1943 - 1 May 2012.

Ronald LennonSad news passed to me today of the passing away last night of Ronald Lennon.

His brother John, (ex Army & Navy SVN service) gave me the news and advised he went peacefully and without pain. John also advised me that Ron, during his 3 tours "In Country", had completed 928 days.

Ron's funeral details are:, Gregson and Weight, Caloundra, 1300hrs next Tuesday the 8th of May.

Rest in Peace

From Kevin Lynch, 9 RAR Association, Queensland.

A tribute to Ron Lennon can be read: Here

2791406 JONES, Frank Boyce.
24 July 1948 - April 2012.

RAR BadgeWe have been informed that PTE Frank Jones, who served with B Company from August 1969 until February 1970, passed away in April.

Frank’s funeral was held on Thursday 19 April at the Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Camden Valley Way, Leppington NSW.


Stand Down Soldier

2789635 PRATER, Richard.
23 October 1946 - 19 February 2012.

RAR BadgeHave seen an email on my phone from Royal Australian Regiment Association Qld the passing of Richard Prater, who served with 5 RAR second tour.

He has been in Greenslopes Private Hospital for some time with lymphoma, I was advised by the hospital's RSL Pensions and Welfare officer, Ron Bird. He does not have much detail as apparently there is no close family.

Before going into hospital, Richard was from Yeppoon. Born in Armidale NSW 23 October 1946 according to DVA Honour Roll and served with 1 ARU before going to 5 RAR, 4 June 1969 to 5 March 1970.

Funeral notice is in today's Courier-Mail: East Chapel, Mount Thompson Crematorium, Nursery Road, Holland Park, Friday, 24th February, at 10.30am.

Kerry White.

8551119 Private OSBORNE, Sam.

From the CO 5RAR:

Sam OsborneThe Battalion lost one of its soldiers on the 31st of December 2011. PTE Sam Osborne was tragically killed in a motor vehicle accident at Tweed Heads. A brief service history of PTE Osborne follows:

8551119, Private Sam Osborne, enlisted into the Australian Regular Army on the 9th of February 2009. PTE Osborne completed Initial Employment Training on the 21st of August 2009 and was posted to the 5th Battalion (Mech) the Royal Australian Regiment.

PTE Osborne was assigned to Operation Slipper on the 17th of September 2010 and deployed to Afghanistan as part of the Provincial Reconstruction Task Force on the 5th of October 2010. He returned from service in Afghanistan on the 6th of July 2011. For his service in Operation Slipper, PTE Sam Osborne was awarded the Australian Active Service Medal with ICAT Clasp, the Afghanistan Campaign Medal, the NATO – ISAF Medal and the Infantry Combat Badge.

PTE Osborne's funeral will be held at the Uniting Church, Dalley St, Mullumbimby on Wed 11 Jan at 1100h. The Battalion is providing bearers, a firing party and the OPSO, MAJ Dave French, will be the official mourner and deliver the military eulogy. The Battalion will affix a plaque to the Brigade Non-Operation Death memorial Wall in due course.

A young Tiger at rest.

6708286 JOHNSON, Charles Allen.
10 January 1945 - 28 October 2011.

Charles JohnsonCharlie Johnson was born in Launceston Tasmania where he received his initial music training and played in brass bands. A very talented musician, he won many age group and open eisteddfods in Tasmania. When conscription was re-born, Charlie became a member of the 1st intake National Servicemen and after recruit training at Puckapunyal he was posted to the Army School of Music at Balcombe for corps training. From there he was posted to 5 RAR band and served with them in Vietnam until he was severely wounded and sent home. He spent several months in hospital having many operations to remove shrapnel from his body.

Charlie was an easy going bloke, loved a joke and loved a drink. His final years were spent living in relative seclusion on acres in his riverside mansion in north western Tasmania. He enjoyed tinkering, fixing, repairing and making. He passed away from the ravages of cancer on Friday October 28, 2011.

A funeral service was held for Charlie at Church of Christ, Ulverstone, on Wednesday 2nd November.

No more pain. RIP.

2790814 MANGAN, Wayne Vincent.
23 May 1948 - 9 June 2011.

RAR BadgeA Vietnam Veterans' magazine has noted the passing of Wayne Vincent Mangan. Wayne served with 7 Platoon C Company from July 1969 to March 1970.

39666 LOCHRIE, Peter John.
3rd July 1947 - 4 July 2010.

G'day all,

Peter LochrieI have some sad news, Peter Lochrie passed away last Sunday (4 July 2010).

Peter Lochrie was a good bloke. I had the privilege of completing both Recruit and Infantry Corps Training with Peter. Although he was posted to CHQ, he always spent his social time with 1 Platoon A Company.

The Chapel Funeral of Mr. Peter John Lochrie will be held at Tobin Brothers Expressions of Life Chapel, 21 Lyall Rd, Berwick, on THURSDAY July 8, 2010 at 10 a.m. A private cremation will follow.

RIP mate.


214618 INGLETON, Robert James.
10 March 1942 - 10 June 2010.

RAR BadgeThe passing of Robert Ingleton on the 10th of June 2010 was published in "Reveille" the magazine of the New South Wales Returned Services League.

Robert served with the 5th Battalion on its tour of duty 1966 - 67. No further details are available.

Rest easy now.

18446 GENTRY-PIKE, Colin Douglas.
24 October 1946 - 23 May 2010.


Colin Gentry-PikeI would like to advise your organisation of the passing of my father who was a member of 5RAR & did a tour in Vietnam & then returned as an interpreter until 1970.

My father's name is Colin Douglas Gentry-Pike.

He was born 24 October 1946 & passed away from cancer at Junee hospital at 4.07am, 23rd May 2010. He was surrounded by his wife & children when he passed away.

His funeral will be held in Wagga Wagga Cemetery, Tuesday 25/05/2010.


Shane Gentry-Pike.

3793713 LEAHY, Michael Francis.
11 August 1947 - 9 May 2010.

Michael LeahyIt is with great sadness that I advise of the passing of Mick Leahy in Melbourne on Sunday 9th May, 2010.

Mick served in 3 Platoon during the second tour and distinguished himself as a brave and competent soldier. He was wounded twice during the tour and took part in all major engagements. He particularly distinguished himself when he and privates Kevin (Willie) William and Tim Donnelly recovered Lieutenant John Lee's body under intense enemy fire.

For the last 30 years he has suffered as a result of his service but always remained in close contact with his 5RAR mates. He attended this year's reunion on the Gold Coast.

Mick's funeral will be held on Friday 14 May at St Leonard's Roman Catholic Church, 349 Springvale Rd, Glen Waverley at 1:00 pm.

Lest We Forget.

John James.

39377 MASSIE, Michael Gregory.
14 May 1947 - 10 February 2010.

Michael MassieSadly I advise of the death of 39377 Michael G. Massie, (5RAR 2nd Tour). He passed away during the night of February 10, 2010 while in intensive care at Western Hospital, Footscray Vic. I believe caused by his long term illness. At this time I have no further news.

John Smee

Today, Tuesday, 16 February 2010, I attended an overflow funeral ceremony for former Tiger veteran Michael Massie at the Altona Crematorium along with members of his family and civilian friends; a number of Collingwood supporters; and elements of the Vietnam Veteran's Fraternity from all parts of Australia, and in particular a strong representation from his Noble Park RSL Comrades. We celebrated the life of an all-round good bloke who turned out to be a diamond with many dimensions. Michael was a soldier, a husband (more than once), a dearly beloved parent; he was also a poet (moves are currently afoot to have his poetry published); he was a one-eyed Collingwood supporter – 'Go Pies'; and he was a mate with a wicked sense of humour and a clever turn of phrase. Michael spent more than 20 years in the Australian Regular Army; however what is unusual about the Massie family is that he had one brother who made a career of serving in the RAN and another brother who made a career of serving in the RAAF.

Michael served in Vietnam in D Company, 5RAR from February 1969 until March 1970. Michael's former Company Commander paid this tribute to him:

"Mick was a valued member of headquarters D Coy 5RAR in Vietnam, where he served for several months as the company radio operator. There was no glamour in the job, just constant demand, physical hardship and little sleep, together with having to relay information accurately and stay as calm as possible in tense and confusing circumstances. Despite all the difficulties, Mick was cheerful and popular and I could always rely on him. He served the nation with honour and pride, and I am privileged to have served with him."
— Major General Murray Blake AO MC, (Retd).

Ah, good one Muzz – and all of us at the 5th Battalion RAR Association extend our most heartfelt sympathy and condolences to Michael's wife Kathy (who brought mutual meaning and happiness to the past seven years of his life), and his loving sons who have been blessed with a wonderful role model memory to accompany them throughout the rest of their lives. Michael, your work here is done – you may now stand down. Rest in Peace my friend.

As a post-script, Kathy's brother Bill Edwards served with 5RAR in B Company on the first tour and was seriously wounded in the final months there; and special mention is due to Tony 'Skeeta' Speelman who served in Vietnam with Michael, for loyalty and friendship above and beyond the call of duty.

Doug Bishop
5 RAR Association Victorian Representative.

2790351 JACKSON, Ian John "Jacko."
30 April 1948 - 28 November 2009.

Ian JacksonI am sorry to have to inform you of the passing of Ian 'Jacko' Jackson.

Geoff Ford contacted me two weeks ago and told me that Jacko was very ill, and I had prepared a notification for our members in Half Circle No 36.

Jacko was a National Serviceman, a reinforcement, and posted to 7Platoon. He was seriously wounded in the mine incident on 4th July 1969. He was treated for his injuries, and the decision was made to retain him in Vietnam. Due to the trauma of the incident, Jacko did not return to operational duties, and was retained at our Ap An Phu base, looking after Company hygiene for the remainder of the Battalion's tour.

After the Battalion returned to Australia, Jacko was discharged and returned to his home town of Narrandera NSW. He stayed there for a short while, and moved to Sydney. Jacko was classified as TPI many years ago, and lived in the TPI units at Canterbury Road, Belmore (Sydney). Jacko never married, and is survived by a brother and sister, and five nephews and nieces.

Many will remember Jacko as a very quiet, solid bloke with black hair, slow moving, but always completed the task at hand. He had a very gentle manner. A good, steady bloke.

Jacko's funeral will be held at 1200 hours on Tuesday 1st December 2009, at the West Chapel of the Rookwood Memorial Gardens Crematorium (Sydney).

Rest in Peace Jacko, your duty is done.

Don Harrod.

L/Cpl JOHANSON, Steven Carl.

RAR BadgeL/Cpl Steven Johanson 5RAR Darwin was killed in a motor vehicle accident whilst on leave after an eight month deployment to East Timor with Timor-Leste Battle Group 5

At Rest.

3786797 PANTALONE, Leonardo "Leo."
19 April 1945 - 21 May 2009.

Leonardo PantaloneIt is with sadness that I advise you that earlier today Leo Pantalone lost his battle with cancer. Leo was a first intake National Serviceman who served with 12 Platoon D Company on our first tour. For a few years now Leo has been undergoing chemotherapy for cancer here and cancer there, winning each battle before moving on to the next bout. In recent times the cancer took hold in his liver which I understand means that his fate was sealed. Leo's friend and former 12 Pl comrade, Gerry Coret came over from Tasmania to be with his friend during his hours of need and brought Leo's plight to my attention. (Twelve Platoon was commanded by 2Lt Melford Roe on 5RAR's first tour).

On Tuesday evening I paid a visit to Leo and asked him if there was anything that I could do for him. He asked me for an assurance that an Australian flag would be draped over his coffin at his funeral. I promised him that this would be done. With his permission I took a photograph of him before leaving. I am pleased to say that he appeared to be in good spirits.

The following day I wrote to his local Federal Member of Parliament, Maria Vamvakinou, telling her of Leo's situation and asked if an Australian flag could be presented to Leo before he passed away; his own flag to adorn his coffin to become a memento to be cherished by his wife (Amelia) and his two daughters. Maria Vamvakinou was so moved by my request that she went to Leo's home this morning to personally deliver the Australian Flag (that had been presented her by the Speaker of the House of Representatives). Unfortunately, when she got there no-one was at home there – Leo and Amelia had gone to the hospital for some treatment. Maria left the flag at Leo's place for when he came home.

At the hospital Leo collapsed to the floor in a coma and passed away about an hour or so later without ever getting to see or know about his flag. Special thanks are due to Gerry Coret, his wife Anne; and also to Maria Vamvakinou MP for her prompt action and generous spirit. Action above and beyond the call of duty, to both of you. So close, and yet so very far.

I have just been advised that the funeral for Leo is at 12:30pm Wednesday 27 May at St Monica's Catholic Church 22 Robinson St Moonee Ponds.

Another Tiger at rest.

1410882 MOLONY, James Patrick.
2 June 1945 - 13 February 2009.

James MolonySadly, James Molony passed away on the 13th of February 2009. James served with
B Company during the Battalion's first tour.

Now at rest.

217995 MINTON, Eric John.
13 December 1949 - 18 January 2009.

Eric MintonWe have sadly learned of the passing of our esteemed member Eric Minton after losing his battle with cancer. Eric served with 11 Platoon D Company during the Battalion's second tour in the Republic of South Vietnam.

The funeral will take place at 10 am 23 January 2009. Manning Memorial Gardens Pampoolah Rd, Old Bar, Taree NSW.

May a fellow Tiger rest in peace

36456 MOORE, Richard Gordon "Soapy."
11 July 1941 - 6 January 2009.

Richard MooreWe have been notified by the family of the passing of Richard "Soapy" Moore who sadly passed away on the 6/1/09 at Greenslopes, age: 67 years. Loving father and friend of Children Wendy, Kevin, Tony and Gary.

Richard served with 3 Platoon, A Company until he was wounded in action on 10 June 1966 and he was returned to Australia in July of that year. Richard returned to Vietnam with Signals Platoon, 8RAR from November 1969 until March 1970.

A memorial service will be held at the RAR National Memorial Walk Enoggera Barracks, Sunday 18th January 2009. Time: 1115hrs - 1200hrs with a BBQ after.

Richard served with the following units;
1961-63 2 RAR Malaya
1966 5 RAR Vietnam
1967-1970 8RAR Malaya and Vietnam
Rank; Corporal

Lest We Forget.

2790963 NOONAN, Barry Bernard "Nugget."
24 June 1948 - 29 December 2008.

Barry NoonanRegretfully Barry "Nugget" Noonan passed away on Monday 29 December 2008. He was 14th intake National Serviceman and joined 2 Platoon A Company during the Battalion's second tour. He leaves his wife Rhonda, a son and three daughters.

Funeral arrangements are: A grave-side service will take place Friday 2nd January at 1:pm in Griffith NSW.

Another Tiger laid to rest.

4717760 NOTTAGE, Gary Thomas.
26 March 1945 - 26 October 2008.

Garry NottageGarry Nottage passed away in the Port Pirie Hospital on the 26th Oct 08 after a very short illness. Garry was a valuable member of Reconnaissance Platoon on the battalion's first tour of SVN 66/67. After working in the smelter works in Port Pirie, Garry at 19 years of age decided to join the Army. An original member of the Anti Tank Platoon, Garry volunteered to attend the Recce Platoon training and selection course in Nov 66 and passed that course with flying colours. His early teens working in the heat and intensity of the smelting works served him well for the arduous tasks to follow. Everyone in Recce Platoon, like many other Platoons' in the Battalion had nicknames and Garry's was "Background" mainly due to his quiet demeanour and the fact that he never complained about anything and when in a group would always be in the "background". Although quiet and reserved he was an enthusiastic and competent member of the team who went about his tasks with determination and resilience. He also responded with good humour to his new found nickname.

After Vietnam and after his period of regular service had expired he went back to live and work in his home town of Port Pirie. His funeral service was held in a small local funeral parlour on Thursday 30th Oct 08 and Garry was laid to rest in the Port Pirie cemetery in the war graves section attended by his family, friends and members of the local ex service community. Bob "Dogs" Kearney, Dennis Mills and me as the only other ex Recce Platoon members in SA drove up for the funeral and to support his partner Pat. We were honoured to be asked to be pall bearers and particularly proud during a eulogy delivered by one of his ex service mates of no matter how low at times Garry would get struggling with his inner demons he would always say how proud he was to have served in SVN with the Tiger Battalion and Recce Platoon.

Garry may have been in the "background" during his time with us but he certainly is not in the background of our thoughts and memories. Rest in peace old digger!

Michael "Deaky" von Berg MC.

4719433 McKENNA, Patrick Joseph "Paddy."
3 March 1947 - 2 September 2008.

RAR BadgeThe Association has been notified of the passing of Patrick 'Paddy' McKenna on 2 September 2008 due to a massive heart attack. Paddy served with 1ARU, 1RAR and then with 12 Platoon D Company 5RAR from February until June 1969.

May he now rest peacefully.

1410929 McKENZIE, Earl Lachlin.
27 November 1932 - 2 August 2008.

Earl McKenzieSadly, we have been advised of the passing of Earl McKenzie on Saturday 2 August. Earl had suffered from Prostate Cancer and chronic Bronchitis and had entered hospital to treat the latter. During the treatment it was found that he had developed Lymphoma and a few days later he succumbed to a massive heart attack.

As a Corporal, Earl served as a Section Commander in B Company for most of the Battalion's first tour until he was medivaced to Australia in late January 1967.

Earl is survived by his wife Frances, two sons and two daughters, five grandchildren and a great-granddaughter.

Rest In Peace.

311319 POLLOCK, George.
22 July 1928 - 16 June 2008.

George PollockGeorge "Paddy" Pollock moved on to his final posting on Wednesday 16 June.

Paddy served with 7RAR on their first tour in 1967-68 and then with 5RAR, second tour in Support Company, until he was WIA on September 18 1969 and Medivaced to Australia.

The death of George "Paddy" Pollock on 16 June in Perth is noted. Paddy served with 3 RAR in Malaysia/Thai Border and Borneo 1963-65. Was an original member of 7 RAR (Porky 7) South Vietnam 1st tour and WIA 5 RAR 2nd tour. His passing is deeply felt by all who knew him.

Don Cruden
WA Representative 7RAR Association.

217942 MOTT, Frederick Joseph.
30 January 1949 - 5 April 2008.

Fred MottI have been advised that sadly another Tiger has passed on. It appears that he had been suffering from bowl cancer for 4 1/2 years and then passed away quickly on April 5 of this year. Fred Mott had served with the 'Tigers' in Mortar Platoon, Support Company during the second tour. He apparently served 23 years in the Army, retiring in 1990 with the rank of Captain.

214302 KEYS, Ronald Sidney "Buncha."
22 February 1942 - 19 April 2008.

Ronald KeysRon, for as long as I can remember had the nickname of “Buncha” which characterised both his physical features and his warrior feistiness. “Buncha” of course was the prefix of that well known term that most soldiers could relate to when referring to the receiving or offensive act of a “bunch of fives” and in looking closely at Buncha’s ever smiling face you would deduce that Buncha had been on the receiving end on more than one occasion or just had one bad altercation with a 5 tonne truck. A badly broken and disfigured nose; cuts and stitch markings all over his face and “Buncha” was born.

I first met Buncha in the OR mess queue in 1 RAR in 1962 as a digger in E Company and Buncha, a driver in Admin Company, where the mess was shared between these two Companies. Right from the outset due to our rugby and recreational interests a mutual respect and friendship was spawned. The non-soldiering activities in those days was rugby, the canteen for post game refreshments and then the Railway Hotel in Liverpool for the late night entertainment and Buncha certainly, like so many others of that vintage, knew how to entertain.

Nothing changed in coming back to what ostensibly was half of 1 RAR in the newly established 5 RAR as an officer after OCS, where Buncha would smartly salute, which made the both of us laugh almost uncontrollably, and then reverting to a more digger to digger greeting, a warm handshake and as Buncha was wont to do, a bit of a yarn, about life but rugby more importantly.

I was saddened when notified of Buncha’s death not only because we had lost a fine individual and soldier but because we would never ever again see that broad, broken face of a smile at an Anzac Day parade or one of the battalion reunions. I last saw Buncha at an Anzac Day parade in Sydney some years ago and although considerable time had passed the infectious grin and handshake was still as firm and genuine as always.

I don’t think Buncha had an enemy in the world and the world is lesser place in losing such a fine individual far too soon and far too young.

Mike von Berg MC.

36775 LODGE, Ian William.
28 May 1941 - 4 November 2007.

RAR BadgeThe December edition of the VVFA Newsletter has reported the passing of 36775 Cpl I. W. Lodge who served with the 5th Battalion during its first tour.

One more passes.

4717629 McQUADE, Trevor Garry.
20 February 1945 - 14 December 2007.

Trevor McQuadeI have been advised that Trevor McQuade had passed away on the 14 December 2007 after a long illness. Trevor was a national serviceman and had served with 1 Platoon A Company during the battalion's first tour.

He is survived by his wife Carmel and their two children Tanya and Ricky, his son in law Michael, and his grand children Alison, Andrew and Peter.

Trevor's obituary can be read Here

Another Digger rests.

2796622 McPHEE, Roderick McKenzie.
12 October 1949 - 30 November 2007.

RAR BadgeI was informed yesterday of the passing due to throat cancer of Roderick McPhee on 30/11/07.
Roderick was a Nasho and served with 1ARU, 4RAR '71, 2AOD and 5RAR back in Australia.

Resting now.

Alan McNulty DCM, WA Representative.

3795002 MAHER, Daniel John.
15 January 1948 - 1 March 2007.

Daniel MaherI was advised by Murray Blake that Danny Maher had died on 1 March 2007. I subsequently contacted Danny's mother and had a long talk about Danny and what had happened to him during the past few years as we had lost contact after I moved. He had contracted throat cancer which had been cleared but then succumbed to lung cancer on 1 March and was laid to rest in Mildura cemetery.

Danny joined 5RAR in August 1969 and served with the Battalion 'till February 1970 when the second tour returned to Australia.

Being signal trained he was posted to Signal Platoon, then to D Company where he was our Admin/Air Radio Operator. I had a lot of support from Danny, he was a competent Radio Operator who always had Communications. He had a wry sense of humour and was good company and took great pride in 5RAR and serving as a Tiger. I will miss him and may he rest in peace.

Peter Turner
D Coy 1969-70.

342917 LEVEY, Geoffery Robert.
2 February 1947 - 15 July 2007.

Geoffery Levey Geoff Levey joined the Army in 1963 and served with 1RAR in 1964 - 65. He joined 5RAR as an original member on 1 March 1965 and served with the Tigers during the first tour of Vietnam. He was the Administrative NCO with C Company. In 1968-70 he served in Singapore with HQ FARELF. Geoff discharged from the Army in July 1973 and was the proprietor of a Mobil service station for five years. He joined the Australian Customs Service in 1978 and retired in 2002.

In May 2002, Geoff's health suffered a severe setback when he and his wife, Tricia were injured in a serious car accident whilst returning from holiday, causing Geoff to spend eight months in hospital. Despite this setback Geoff continued his voluntary work and must be admired for the brave and positive outlook he maintained.

Geoff has been an outstanding voluntary contributor to 5RAR and other veterans groups. He was the 5RAR Association Victorian Representative for 10 years and at the time of his passing was a member of the RAR Association (Victorian Branch) committee as the 5RAR representative. He has been a long serving RSL member and from 1991 to 2005 he was President of the Sunbury RSL Sub-branch. Geoff was also an active member of the Melton VVAA. Over many years Geoff has been a dedicated worker for the veterans community and has spent many years as a welfare and pensions officer. He is widely respected in the Sunbury district for his untiring support of community activities.

The Association extends its sympathy to Tricia, their three children and their families.

Lest We Forget

Roger Wainwright.
5RAR Association.

The Sunbury Telegraph article celebrating Geoff's life can be read here Page 1 Here, Page 2 Here

54792 LONGLEY, Terry John.
27 November 1941 - 22 April 2007.

Terry LonglyIt is with deep regret that I must notify you of the passing of our esteemed member, Terry Longley. Terry passed away on Sunday, 22nd of April 2007. He will be especially remembered at our dawn service tomorrow. His funeral will be conducted on Thursday 26th of April at Pinnaroo Cemetery 0930hrs.

I have been working with his family to make the necessary DVA claims etc and all is going well. The funeral was well attended and conducted with feeling and respect. I think Terry would have been very happy with it.

Yours Sincerely

John Pronk
Bullsbrook and Districts Sub-branch
Bullsbrook WA

26988 WO1 McGARRY, Larry. OAM
29 December 1930 - 28 February 2007.

Larry McGarryWO1 McGarry served in the Australian Army for 37 years. He served with 1 RAR in Korea and on return from Korea he met and married Betty O'Halloran, a young Tasmanian girl working in Sydney. He served with 2RAR in Malaya during the Malaysian Emergency Campaign.

In 1964 he was posted to AATTV where he served with the American Special Forces Group as an advisor. In later years he served with 5RAR and the Royal Military College, Duntroon. He finished his career as the W01 Training Command Sydney.

Larry died on the February 28, 2007 after a courageous battle with Cancer. He is survived by his wife, Betty, sister Barbara, children David, Robert and Sue and nine grandchildren.

2788403 MURDOCH, William Robert.
12 February 1947 - 28 January 2007.

William MurdochI have been advised that Bill Murdoch, B Company 2nd Tour, passed away last Sunday after a massive heart attack. His funeral is at 2.00pm Friday 2nd of February 2007, at Rockdale Funeral Home, Sydney; and we understand the service will be conducted by Metro Funerals. There is a post-funeral reception at the RSL Club, Bay St, Rockdale.

A special thought for another Tiger who has completed his duty.

Roger Wainwright
5RAR Association.

From Bill O'Mara:
I recall as we stopped to pick up Billy at Harden/Murremburrah railway station, we met at the rear of the train carriage for a smoke. Billy commented "She's a beautiful bloody sight" referring to his home town. Bill (or Billy) as he was known by his many mates, was the first new recruit I met on the train from Yass to Kapooka. We were both 10th intake Nashos and did our two full years together. He was in 5 Platoon B Company in Vietnam, until we flew home together on 20th August '69.

In the early 70's I went to Harden and called at the local store asking " where can I find Billy Murdoch"? She just pointed to the pub across the road. We spent a couple of hours together and last saw him in 2002.

61960 LEO, Terrence Michael.
4 December 1946 - 7 October 2007.

From: 'Bung' Porter RAAC.

Terrence LeoThought I would pass on that Terrence (Terry) Michael Leo, Support Company 2nd Tour 5RAR, passed away at Caloundra Qld at 6:50am 7/10/06. Terry spoke of his time in 5RAR in Vietnam and back home before joining the RAAC. Terry was from Queenstown Tasmania and received his share of jokes. He will be remembered by all 'Black Hats' who knew him fondly. His wish was to be buried back home and if any one wants any information I can be contacted by this site.

3786830 IVES, Kenneth James.
21 February 1945 - 3 September 2005.

Kenneth IvesKenneth James Ives, 7 Platoon C Company First Tour, sadly passed away on 3rd September 2005 having been diagnosed with cancer shortly after the 40th anniversary reunion in February.

Ken was a popular and likeable member of 7 Platoon Charlie Company on the 1st tour of Vietnam. His funeral was held at Frankston, Victoria on 7th September and he was interred at Bunurong Cemetery, Dandenong.

The funeral was attended by about 200 people. The Frankston RSL formed a guard of honour and Ken's partner, Margaret Chamberlain, was presented with the Australian flag that adorned the coffin. As well as Margaret, Ken leaves behind his mother, two children, three stepchildren and their families. He was an active member of the Frankston District Veterans' organisations.

213206 JENKINS, Walter "Jock."
15 August 1929 - 11 June 2005.

Walter JenkinsAdvice has just been received (15-June-05) of the passing of Walter 'Jock' Jenkins who served with the battalion on the 1st tour. His son has posted a message on the Message Forum which states:

"My name is Andrew Jenkins and I would like to advise any of the ex- servicemen who served with my Father Walter (Jock) Jenkins that he passed away suddenly on the morning of 11/6/2005. Dad served with 1 Battalion in Malaya and with 5 Battalion in Vietnam in 1966/67 The Funeral service will be conducted on Friday 17/6/2005 at the Mackay family Crematorium which is on Lot 21 Pacific Hwy Palmdale (Central Coast NSW) The service will commence at 14:30hrs followed by a wake at the Ourimba R.S.L. "

214650 LONDON, Brian Kent. O.A.M., D.C.M.
3 March 1938 - 8 March 2003.

Brian Kent LondonBrian London was twice decorated for service, outstanding service, to his country. Once by being made a Member of the Order of Australia. But more significantly, with the award of the Distinguished Conduct Medal; primarily for personal bravery but in addition, for Leadership in battle in South Vietnam.

As a result of, not one, but two tours of active service with the 5th battalion in Vietnam, he was an outstanding leader who, apart from personal courage, provided guidance, assurance and professionalism as an example to the younger soldiers under his command.

No greater accolade can be given to him to say he was honoured and beloved as a soldier, comrade and leader by his subordinates, his peers and by senior officers. He will be greatly missed by all with whom he served, namely the 'Tigers' of both tours.

He will be remembered by the 5th Battalion Association as the tireless editor of the 'Tiger Tales' a newsletter with which his name became synonymous.

We of the 5th Battalion Association send our sympathy to his wife, Marie and his family.

Brigadier Colin Kahn, DSO. (Ret.),
Commanding Officer, 5RAR
2nd Tour, 1969-70
Chairman of the 5th Battalion Association.

To read a tribute to Brian London Here

2790572 KING, David John.
14 January 1948 - 19 August 2002.

David KingDavid King served with Support Company 5RAR during the Battalion's second tour. David was living at Toongabbie when he suffered a massive heart attack and passed away.

Information supplied by his sister Beverley


2781606 MEREDITH, Robert Wittfield.
9 May 1945 - 9 August 2001.

Robert MeredithRobert Meredith passed away on the 9th August 2001 at his home in Surfers Paradise. Bob was a first intake national serviceman. He went on to serve as a sergeant in the NSW police Service.

Robert is survived by his children, Karen and Janelle.

235092 NEWMAN, The Hon Kevin Eugene. AO.
10 October 1933 - 17 July 1999.

Soldier and Federal Minister

Kevin Newman AOA long illness finally has claimed Kevin Newman on the 17th July 1999. Kevin was, in his distinguished career, the CO of the Fifth Battalion the Royal Australian Regiment for two years prior to the amalgamation with 7RAR.

Claude Ducker, who visited Kevin just before his death wrote: "He had his usual smile when he read the card which I had brought on behalf of his class."

Claude in his written report to Kevin's classmates who could not attend, stated that the funeral had a fitting RMC influence as Kevin and his family would have wanted it. RMC cadets were casket bearers and classmates lined the road in front of the chapel.

167125 MALTBY, Wayne Barry "Bluey."
8 August 1949 - 23 November 1998.

Wayne MaltbyCorporal Wayne Maltby was born in Brisbane on 8th August 1949. Wayne grew up wanting to be a soldier and joined the 2/14 Q.M.I (Queensland Mounted Infantry) Civilian Forces in October 1966. He then enlisted in the regular army in March 1967. Wayne received two awards, one for Outstanding Soldier and one for Top Recruit. He was assigned to Armoured Corps but requested reassignment to Infantry. He was eventually transferred to 5RAR and served with the battalion in Vietnam 1969-70. Wayne was promoted in the field to the rank of Corporal and was the section commander of 3 Section, 7 Platoon C Company. He was a courageous soldier and very proud of the fact that he never lost a man whilst he was Section Commander.

Wayne passed away in Greenslopes Hospital on November 23, 1998. He is survived by his wife Carmel and his three daughters Michelle, Lisa and Lynette. No prouder family could any man have.

Wayne penned a phrase quite awhile back, which is to be inscribed on his plaque at Mount Gravatt Lawn cemetery, ANZAC Section.

"Shall come the darkness, shall come the peace."

2789144 KEARNEY, Patrick Francis
13 January 1946 - June 1998.

RAR BadgePatrick Kearney was enlisted in the Australian Army as a National Serviceman on the 7th February, 1968. Pat served in 1RAR and 5RAR in South Vietnam and again in Malaya in 1969. Pat served his country with distinction as a rifleman and as a platoon medic and was discharged from his national service in 1970.

Pat was born in Young, NSW on the 13th January, 1946 and lived in Bribaree where he worked as a motor mechanic until his call up.

On discharge from the army he married Elizabeth Moran in May 1970 and moved to Wollongong and worked as a fitter at BHP. Pat passed away in June 1998. He was a caring person and as always ready to help anyone in need. Pat will not be forgotten, may he rest in peace.

2146596 Major MALLINSON, Kenneth George. R.F.D., E.D.
28 February 1932 - 7 July 1998.

Kenneth MallinsonKen Mallison passed away in his home on the 7th July, 1998. Ken was born in Newcastle in February, 1932. Ken had always wanted to join the army and in 1952 he was accepted to attend the number 4 course at Portsea. Ken served with the battalion as Mortar Platoon Commander 1966/67.
     Colonel Warr spoke of Ken:
"Service with 5RAR in Vietnam was demanding, exciting and dangerous. but it was a very efficient, professional battalion due to the dedication, loyalty and hard work of its members such as Ken. He devoted the past 13 years to working ceaselessly for several organisations relating to returned soldiers. As secretary of the 5RAR Association, Ken was always a tremendous help to me. He was enthusiastic, cheerful hard working and constantly coming up with proposals to improve the association. The greatest memorial to Ken will be his family. He relied very much on June, they were a great team and justly proud of his daughters, Charlenne and Christine, their husbands, his six grandchildren and one great grandchild."

43676 LOGAN, John McKenzie.
1 August 1945 - 22 July 1997.

John LoganJohn McKenzie Logan was born on the 1st August, 1945 in Warwich. His family then moved to Adelaide where he attended primary school and later completed his secondary education at the Croydon Technical School. John also completed his apprenticeship as a builder prior to joining the Australian Army in 1964. After recruit training at Kapooka, he was allocated to infantry and completed his corps training at Ingleburn.

John was posted to 1RAR at Holsworthy and joined 5RAR on formation of the battalion. He completed two tours of Vietnam (1966-67 and 1969-70) John served as Platoon Sergeant of 1 Platoon A Company on the second tour with 5RAR. In 1970 after returning from active service, John elected to take his discharge and return to his home in Adelaide.

John was well known throughout the battalion and will be sadly missed.

4717628 LYNCH, Trevor Michael.
23 May 1945 - 8 April 1997.

Trevor LynchTrevor Lynch passed away on the 8th April, 1997. Trevor served with the battalion as a member of Assault Pioneer Platoon. He was badly wounded in October, 1966 and as a result of his wounds, lost sight in both eyes.

Trevor developed liver cancer and was admitted to Concord Hospital Adelaide. He requested during this period for members to visit him. A thank you to John Warr, and all of the members of the association who provided comfort and assistance to Trevor during that time. In particular, Wayne Clark and Chris Kuchenmeister, Robert 'Dogs' Kearney and Colin Cogswell, their families and others.

Robert Kearney went on to co-author a book about the wounded of Vietnam titled: "Flashback, Echoes from a Hard War" in which his mate was one of those featured.

3794208 KALLERGIS, Harry.
17 June 1948 - 24 September 1995.

Harry KallergisHarry Kallergis was born in Crete on 17 June 1948 and 20 years later became a National Serviceman in the Australian Army. He served in 5RAR’s second Vietnam tour of duty in 1969-70. Harry died on 24 September 1995. His platoon commander writes:

"Harry came to 9 Platoon at the end of April 1969 from the 1st Australian Reinforcement Unit. While we were a tight-knit unit, he was readily accepted by his comrades-in-arms and quickly settled into routine.

Harry was what I would describe as a 'likable larrikin'. In Nui Dat or on R&C in Vung Tau, if there was any trouble to get into, Harry would find it. If memory serves me correctly, on several occasions, both the OC and the CO 'lightened his wallet' after finding him guilty of ‘conduct to the prejudice of good order and military discipline’. However, once in the field, Harry proved to be a very competent and reliable rifleman, tenacious in carrying out any assigned tasks.

Harry sailed home with us in March 1970 on HMAS Sydney aka The Vung Tau Ferry. His two-year commitment as a National Serviceman was over and he returned to civilian life as an electrician in Victoria.

Although we lost touch over the succeeding years, I was told at a Platoon Reunion that Harry had settled down and become a dutiful husband and father. Sadly, as I was to find out later, he died in 1995. He is survived by his widow Monika and children Adam, Michael and Jessica.

Rest easy, Harry. Your duty is done.

Roger Lambert

Platoon Commander, 9 Platoon, C Company, 5 RAR, 1969/70.”

39679 Private NEWBERRY, Robert Lyle.
20 March 1948 - 1992.

Robert NewberryRobert Newberry passed away sometime during 2009. A tribute to Robert penned by a mate Ian Leis can be read Here

2298 Colonel OXLEY,Peter Henry Griffith. OBE
17 March 1923 - 5 October 1981.

Peter Oxley Lieutenant Colonel Peter Oxley, was born in Cairns on 17th March 1923. Educated at Brisbane Grammar School, he entered the Royal Military College, Duntroon in January 1941 and graduated in December of the following year. He saw WW2 service with 15th Australian Infantry Battalion in the SW Pacific Theatre where he was wounded.

In early 1965 he was appointed Commanding Officer effective upon the formation of the Battalion on 1st March 1965. After just six months he relinquished command to his successor, Lieutenant Colonel John Warr, and left on promotion to Colonel to raise the new 3rd Training Battalion at Singleton.

To read Col Oxley's bio click Here