Poetry - Tiger Battalion

Unpopular at Home

You have heard the songs and tales of the Vietnam War,
Perhaps this tale is just one more;
Young Anzacs, we were called,
We left these shores to answer a Nations' call;
We fought with courage – and we won,
The Anzac Soldier is second to none.

A pity we were unpopular at home.

Those of you who wouldn't load the ships,
Did you really think that would make us quit?
You in high places who joined the other side and;
You who protested with banners high.

A pity - you lost - you lost your country's pride!

You young ANZAC so called - let no one put you down - for sure,
Some may say you're efforts were folly;
But they didn't know the score - or hear the enemy volley,
They who once waved banners and shouted scorn,
Will one day ask you to dress in green and fight once more;

A pity - we have marched that road before.

You who play this game of chess,
Lead us not into another bloody mess!
We the young Anzacs, so called, will always fight,
If fight we must, for our country and others, of trust.

A pity - to fight and fall alone,
Especially if you are unpopular at home.


© Brian London OAM, DCM
Vietnam both tours

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