Poetry - Tiger Battalion

The Slouch Hat

It's part of our long history and its served in many wars,
From desert sands to jungles deep on many foreign shores;
It's worn by all our Diggers, with pride, and that's a fact,
And recognised around the world, as the "Aussie's old Slouch Hat."

Khaki is the colour with a lighter pugaree,
And a highly polished chin strap for all the world to see;
The left side brim loops upward and displays the "Rising Sun",
And the pride in those who wear it, is seen by everyone.

The trenches at Gallipoli and the tough Kakoda Trail,
The hat was worn in battles and never did it fail;
Its been highly decorated, won medals by the score,
Its won VC's and DCM's and many, many more.

Even in more recent times, in Korea and Vietnam,
It served a tour of duty with Australia's fighting man;
In the jungles of Malaya and the hills around Nui Dat,
Our diggers have fought in battles and with them, "The Old Slouch Hat".


© Mal lyons
D Company Vietnam 1st Tour

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