Tales From the Tiger

The Said Frig... Alias the Safe

After Church Parade we had the rest of the day off to ourselves when I get this beaut idea. The old company from the 1st battalion had left behind this old safe. So smarty here goes and gets a saw, hammer and nails; we are going to cut a trap-door in the floor of our tent ... We do have floor boards.

We cut the said trap-door, in the said floor. Then dig out the said dirt. The said hole is about 3x3x2 feet deep. After removing the said dirt from the said hole, we then place the said safe in the said hole, fill around the said safe in the said hole with dirt. Making sure that the door of the said safe is facing upwards to allow easy access to the said safe. Now making the said trap-door to cover the said safe in the said hole was easy. The trick to overcome the problem of the said trap-door covering the said safe in the said hole from squeaking when walked on, was by nailing the said trap-door covering the said safe in the said hole at 45° allowing easy access to the said nails by using said pair of pliers.

With all that done the next thing to do was to try out our handy-work. No dry runs here, only the real thing. So, two Diggers armed with money head for the canteen to purchase two cartons of the finest amber ale. Next step was to scrounge up some ice, that too was easy, you just need to know the right people. Then came the big test. We placed the said beer in the said safe in the said hole. You beauty! 48 cans with ice! No problem, easy. Next step; how to get the water out? I knew you would ask that ... simple; use a mop head. The next question; did it keep the beer cold? Just ask the blokes who drank it; too bloody right it did!

I'm not real sure it was the best kept secret, but it would go close. I never found out if my platoon commander knew about the safe, or if he turned a blind eye. My sergeant knew, as he would have one with us.

And that is the story how the safe became alias ... the fridge in the said hole under the said trap-door.

Dedicated to the men of 12 Platoon Delta Company 5 RAR
South Vietnam 1969-70


© John Hunter
D Company
2nd tour

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