Poetry - Tiger Battalion

The Saga of Nui Dat

I say Old Boy, have you heard the word that's got around?
There's a Company up on top of Nui Dat.
They've got a Shangrila up there;
And the bastards wont come down.
What the hell will the C.O. do about that!

"This hill is ours" they've told the world,
"No intruder comes up here."
"We'll hold this place 'till Kingdom come;
Or, at least, for this one year."
We've closed the road,
And sighted guns for every field of arc;
We've laid our mines and booby traps,
Our flares light up the dark.

"We've built a boozer from bamboo,
We've got a still installed.
We've got the food, we'll get the girls;
We're going to have a ball.
And we're going to stay right here
......On Nui Dat."

The C.O. thought: "I'll starve them out,
But they're too well fed for that;
I'd put an air drop on the hill,
But I just can't call on SAS."
Then the light of wisdom dawned;
To clear the furrowed brow,
The C.O. smiled in triumph:
"I've got the answer now:

They think they'll live a life of ease,
Of bawdy vice and sin.
I'll stop their game before it starts,
I'll send the Padre in!"
He'll get those rebels down
.....From Nui Dat.

The C.O. was right, you know, Old Man,
The Padre did the trick.
He drove the Company from the hill;
And there, alone, he sits.

....Well, not quite alone, you see, Old Friend,
The Boozers' up there still,
And if one relates the raucous din that echoes from the hill;
To a Padre lost to a life of sin,
Then the problem's with us still.
Who's going to get the Padre down:
.....From Nui Dat!


© Father John Williams
Catholic Padre
5RAR vietnam 1st tour

Father John Williams was the battalion's Catholic padre during the battalion's first tour. Sadly, he passed away 24 September 2004. As can be seen he had a great sense of humour. In the words of John O'Callaghan ... "Enjoy your promotion!"

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