Poetry - Tiger Battalion

Nui Dat... The Home of the Bull 'n Bra Boozer

Long before the S.A.S, called Nui Dat their own,
The hill was just a feature of bamboo, overgrown;
Until in nineteen sixty six, when Tigers' set the pace,
For Delta company Tiger Five, the hill was our home base.

Led by Major Greenhalgh in the clearing of the hill,
It took a mighty effort, hard work and lots of skill;
A base from which to operate, a self secured zone,
A place to rest a little, a place we could call home.

Yes, this was home sweet home for us when not on operations,
looking down from Nui Dat across the thick plantations;
An Observation Post on top, with a 50 cal, as well,
Sandbag walls and bunkers, we were safe as hell.

Our time in base was limited, for we had a job to do,
Patrols and village clearing, well ... that was only two;
Lying wait in ambush, and many waits were long,
Before there was a sighting and a battle with the Cong.

Operation over and time to rest and chat,
Waiting for the choppers, then home to Nui Dat;
To wait more battle orders and sometimes shed a tear,
Post-mortems of our actions and a very welcome beer.

We had built a little Boozer from bamboo and some tarp,
Lost a lot of precious blood cause bamboo spikes are sharp;
Choice of beer ... well, there were two, Budweiser or a Swan,
The only other option was maybe having none.

At the entrance to our boozer was placed a buck bull's horn,
With a lacey bra from Vung Tau, our Booza's name was born;
"Bull 'n' Bra" we called it and raised our old bush hat,
The "Bull 'n' Bra Booza" ... stood proud on Nui Dat.

Many a story was written and many a tale was told,
'Round the drum that was used for an esky to keep all the amber stuff cold;
Stories from back home in Aussie and a sing song to take away pain,
For soon it was put all your gear on and back in the jungle again.

Homes, are not forever and this for us was true,
We sadly had to leave the hill to establish the Horseshoe;
We left a lot of memories on the Hill at Nui Dat,
And the Bull 'n' Bra boozer ... well ... there alone it sat.

The S.A.S claimed Nui Dat and called the place their own,
While we, the rightful owners found another home;
Renamed SAS Hill forevermore is another battle scar,
Because it's home to Delta Tiger Five, and Home of The Bull n' Bra.


© Mal Lyons
D Company Vietnam 1st Tour

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