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Tales from the Tiger

Australian Infantryman's Combat Badge
Title: Tales From the Tiger

dot "Feed the Man Meat"...
dot Night of the Living Dead
dot How's This for a Cool Head
dot Opening of the Toilet
dot The Slouch Hat
dot Christmas 1969 - Nui Dat
dot Grenade Hand Frag HE M26
dot Once a Tiger...
dot My Clasp Knife and Secateurs
dot Overhead Protection
dot What's in a Word
dot Where are you Parker Hale D808
dot The Said Frig... Alias the Safe
dot Choose Your Weapons
dot My First Contact
dot Thank God For Officers
dot Thirsty Tigers

     Life was never dull during our tour in the Republic of South Vietnam. We all lived through a wide range of experiences. War of course is a deadly business, no more so than as an infantry soldier whose task was to "Seek Out, Close With and Kill the Enemy."
   There were lighter moments, and it has been said the Aussie Digger could find a joke in a cardiac arrest!
    The stories on this page are from members who would like to share their humourous experiences with you.
   I'm looking for more contributions, so if you served with 5RAR or were in support of the battalion I would like to hear from you.

 What is amusing now, had to be taken in desperate earnest once.
Virginia Woolf, A Room of One's Own, 1929

dot The Hoa Long Dance
dot A Really Good 'Porky'
dot Ham and Lima Beans
dot A Letter of Warning From
a 5RAR Vietnam
dot Thank Christ We Weren't
in the Navy Mate!
dot INTSUM:―Intelligence
dot Personalities
dot The VC in a Kilt
dot "Robbo"
dot "The Wart"
dot Three Re-learned Lessons
dot A True Yarn about a "True
Blue" Officer
dot Sapper Attacks HQ
dot Rats!
dot Christmas Eve 1969
dot Closing the Mushroom Club
(AKA Charlie Company