Operational List 5 RAR 1966 ~ 1967



CAPT. Robert J. O'Neill was the Battalion's intelligence officer from August 1966 and unit historian during its first tour. He authored the book 'Vietnam Task,' which the Webmaster has referenced for operations conducted by the Battalion in 1966 - 67.
He was "Chichele Professor of the History of War, All Souls College, University of Oxford," and is now retired.

In summing up the battalion's achievements at the completion of its first tour, the Commanding Officer Lieutenant Colonel John Warr said:

"Like all battalions of the Royal Australian Regiment, the 5th developed its own reputation and characterises particularly its first tour of South Vietnam. It soon became recognised as being fiercely independent, professionally efficient and possessing considerable initiative and fighting tenacity. During its 12 months tour of South Vietnam, the 5th Battalion had encountered and defeated forces from the main force regiments, the provincial battalion and the guerrilla units of the province. Over 90% of the people of Phuoc Tuy had been brought under government control and the influence and effectiveness of the VC had been considerably reduced. The stage was now set for the Task Force to develop operations of a different nature beyond the borders of the province. The men of the 5th Battalion have maintained the standards and the fighting traditions of their forefathers, from the shores of Gallipoli, the fields of France, in the deserts of North Africa and in the jungles of New Guinea."

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