5 RAR Republic of South Vietnam 1969 - 1970

12 APRIL ~ 18 APRIL 1969

As a result of the previous operation, Quintus Thrust, individual companies were deployed into AO (Area of Operations) Quintus with ambush and reconnaissance tasks at company and platoon level. Battalion headquarters remained at Nui Dat. During the three day operations each company commander had under his command a two man team from the assault pioneer platoon, and a tracker team.

The only contact was made by B. Company some four thousand metres to the south west of Nui Dat. At 2045 hours enemy movement was heard to the north (rear) of the ambush position occupied by company headquarters and 5 Platoon. The sentry Private A. Remeljej fired a burst of M16 killing one enemy twenty five metres from the perimeter. The enemy squad immediately replied with heavy automatic fire and RPGs. M60's on the perimeter suppressed the enemy position while casualties were evacuated and the Dustoff was called in. Further enemy movement was heard on the eastern flank and engaged with artillery from Nui Dat. The Dustoff was fired on from the east as it carried out the evacuation. Sixty five minutes after the initial fire fight was joined the enemy withdrew.

Captain Mike Battle
Intelligence Officer

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