Humourus anecdotes from soldiers of 5RAR during the Vietnam War
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our mate mick

Mick probably doesn't need any introduction if you served in Vietnam. You would have come across Mick in any unit. He was always one for a yarn. Some of his most entertaining tales where based on fact ... maybe with a little embellishment; others, if you'll believe me, completely true.

Some were exaggerated to buggery or even straight out lies that he made up as his story unfolded. The problem was that most of us were at times left wondering which was which. All his yarns were told with a serious tone.

He hated for you to interrupt him when he got into his yarn. If you did, or worse, challenged a claim he'd made, you got a sort of 'hurt' look and, as you shut up Mick would simply continue where he'd left off.

Mick was a popular member of our platoon and it was his second tour of duty with 5RAR.The first being in 1966. Whether he was a 'Reg' or a 'Nasho' that signed on, I never did find out. He knew the ropes and we welcomed his experience. It was now 1969.

Mick told us he had got married after completing his first tour, and as hed say, "I've got one little nipper and one on the way. When I get back home I'm going to put a house up on the few hundred acres I bought in 1966". Even as he told us this, we just wondered if we were being set up for another one of Mick's doubtful tales, or was this for real ... Time will tell.

You'll get to know Mick pretty well after you read a few of his tales. As I recall, some of them get pretty long winded, and usually without too much swearing except for the occasional 'bloody'. Like most of us he smoked, drank; but not to excess, and had a small flutter on the horses on the rare times we weren't out 'scrub bashing'.

Most of all he was a good mate.

A 5RAR Digger