W Inaugural Life Membership of the 5RAR Association to Brian Budden
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Brian BuddenBrian Budden commenced his working life as a screen printer with its associated artistic and technical aspects.

In 1965, he was enlisted into the Army as a National Serviceman. Following advanced infantry training, he was posted to 5RAR as a member of 9 Platoon, C Company, later to be transferred to C Coy HQ as the Intelligence NCO. He served with the Battalion in South Vietnam on its first tour of duty during 1966-7 and took part in every operation in which C Company had a role. He carried out his tasks as a rifleman and provided essential intelligence support to Company and Platoon leaders. When not on operational duty, he used his sign writing talents to Brian Budden cutting hairproduce signage throughout the Company base and for Battalion sites, much of it humorous and tongue in cheek, to the amusement of viewers and visitors Upon completion of his National Service commitment, Brian continued military service with the Royal New South Wales Regiment and since 2001 as an Officer of Cadets with 213 Army Cadet Unit.

Brian had maintained contact with former 5RAR colleagues and arranged sub-unit reunions. In 1989, already a member of the 5RAR Association he was appointed a member of the National Committee and served as the Memorabilia Officer.

After completing a university degree (BA) and several managerial roles in his chosen industry, Brian became the owner and Managing Director of Rebel Graphics. In his factory and with his specialized machinery and his talents, he designed and produced at no cost to the Association, an enormous quantity of memorabilia and items for use at Association formal and reunion occasions. Over the past 20 years he has donated an enormous quantity of items including place mats, coasters, menus, car stickers, name badges, programmes, all tastefully commemorating departed comrades and Battalion history. He was at the forefront of volunteers who were responsible for the production of significant events in the life of the Association.

As a Committee member for over twenty years, Brian has given valuable service for the betterment of members, and events. He has contributed personally to the present good financial position of the Association. He is fiercely protective of the reputation and symbolic importance of the Association.

Brian Budden has served the Fifth Battalion and the Association with distinction during a period of 45 years. He is an excellent candidate for appointment as one of the inaugural life members.