Poetry - Tiger Battalion

Korea—Do You Remember?

Do you remember, - do you remember who they were,
or that they came from the cities and from the farms?
Do you remember who they fought, - or when, - or where
and that when duty called they came to bear arms?

Do you remember the war they fought for so long,
in the sky, - at sea, - and on land?
Do you remember the April they fought at Kapyong
the place where they made their great stand?

Have you heard of the Han, the “Hinge" or the “Hook”
or the bloody fight to take Maryang San?
Have you seen them march proudly with their far away look
as they smartly follow the band?

Will you remember their deeds when the last post is played,
and give thanks and spare them a thought?
Will you pass on to your children the sacrifice made
teach them where - and for what values they fought?


© Robert Kearney OAM
C Company & RECCE Platoon
Vietnam 1st Tour

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