Australian Infantry Combat Badge (ICB)



Pte. Bryan P. Watson 5RAR Killed in Action
Private. Bryan P. Watson, 21
Norseman, Western Australia.

Pte. Watson was training as an office equipment technician when he was called up on June 30, 1965. Pte. Watson was a member of 4 Platoon, B Company when on November 10 1966, on a VC clearance on Long Son Island, he was killed by an enemy sniper.

Pte. Erald H. Nilsen 5RAR Killed in Action
Private. Erald H. Nilsen, 20
Brisbane, Queensland.

Pte. Nilsen died from an accidental discharge at the 1st Australian Task Force base on November 14, 1966.

Pte. Neol A. Pracy 5RAR Killed in Action
Private Noel A. Pracy, 20
Sydney, New South Wales.

He applied to join the police force and the Army, but the Army advice arrived first and he enlisted on October 22, 1964. Posted to 6 Platoon B Company 5 RAR. The rifleman private had been in Vietnam six months when he died on November 18, 1966.

Pte. Matthew E. Linton 5RAR Killed in Action
Private. Mathew P. Linton, 22
Sydney, NSW.

Conscripted in July 1968, Pte. Linton initially served with the Battalion as a signalman. He was serving as a forward scout when he was killed by an RPG (Rocket Propelled Grenade) during 'Operation Kings Cross' in Bien Hoa Province on November 4, 1969.

Cpl. Henry E. Suttor 5RAR Killed in Action
Corporal. Henry E. Suttor, 26
Mudgee, NSW.

Cpl. 'Eyes' Suttor enlisted as a regular soldier on November 15, 1967. On the morning of the 16th November 1969, Cpl. Suttor's platoon were advancing on a bunker system, when at 0730 hrs his section made contact with the VC. 'Eyes' was 30 metres from the forward bunker when he called out that he was going to 'grenade it'. As Cpl Suttor raised himself to throw the grenade he was hit by two rounds of enemy fire. He dropped the grenade and the grenade exploded killing him instantly.

Lance Corporal. Michael P. White, 20
Cronulla, NSW.

Michael White followed his two older brothers into the army and was posted to 6 Platoon B Company, 5RAR. The L/Cpl was wounded in action in Bien Hoa Province on November 1, 1969. He died of his wounds 24 days later in the 1st Australian Field Hospital, Vung Tau.