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Killed in Action or Died of Wounds Month of April


Pte. Richard E. Lloyd

Pte Richard E. Lloyd, 21
Western, NSW.

A conscripted rifleman private with 4 Platoon B Company. He died when a mine was detonated in the village of Dat Do, Phuoc Tuy Province on Easter Sunday Morning April 6, 1967. Pte Lloyd had been wounded in action in February 1967.

A profile of Pte. Lloyd was researched and read by James McKay OAM at the Vietnam War Memorial Civic Park, King Street Newcastle, on Saturday 19 August 2017. The profile can be read here



2nd Lt Kerry P. Rinkin
2nd Lieutenant. Kerry P. Rinkin, 21
Taree, NSW.

Promoted to Second Lieutenant six months after call up on June 30, 1965. He was Platoon Commander of 4 Platoon B Company when on April 7, 1967 he was wounded by a mine. He died of his wounds three hours later in 2 Field Ambulance, Vung Tau.



Pte. James M. White
Private. James M. White, 21
Collie, Western Australia.

James White was a labourer when he was conscripted on May 1, 1968. The rifleman was killed in an enemy contact at Long Khanh, April 4, 1969.



Pte. Geoffery A. Pike
Private. Geoffrey A. Pike, 26
Sydney, NSW.

A regular soldier who served a previous three years in the army. Pte. Pike re-enlisted on March 26, 1968. Pte. Pike was shot by the VC and died from wounds to the chest and leg in Long Khanh on April 4, 1969.



Pte. Alexander Remeljej
Private. Alexander Remeljej, 21
Detmold, West Germany.

Alexander Remeljej's family settled in South Australia where he was conscripted in 1968. Pte. Remeljej was killed by an enemy grenade as they attacked his unit's position on April 11, 1969.

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