Tales From the Tiger

How's This for a Cool Head

Just prior to my promotion in February 1967 and posting as OC C Company 5RAR, I was detached from B Company 5RAR to HQ 1 ATF as Operations Officer to work in the 1 ATF Command Post.

On 17 February 1967, 6RAR were deployed against D445 Battalion during Operation 'Bribie'. A Company 6RAR commanded by Major Owen O'Brien mounted a near text book company attack on the enemy who were known to be dug in and had several machine guns.

At this time at HQ 1ATF I have the various 6RAR radio net open and am keeping up to date on the situation. As A Company 6RAR crossed the start line the radio traffic went something like this:

"Zero Alfa' (HQ 6 RAR) this is 'One' (OC A Company 6 RAR) we are coming under heavy fire over."

The response was: "This is 'Niner' (CO 6RAR LTCOL Colin Townsend) what do you mean by heavy fire. 'Over'."

The reply was: "This is 'One', they are only little bullets but there are a f**king lot of them, 'Over."

Article courtesy 'Tiger Tales' The official newsletter of the 5RAR Association.


© Ron Shambrook AM
2IC B Coy & OC C Coy
1st Tour

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