The 'Fighting Fifth' Home from Vietnam

Australians Home From Vietnam May 1967

British Pathé/Cinesound Newsreel of 5RAR

To the Webmaster,

   In the AUDIO VIDEO Section of the Website. I found the British Pathe'/Cinesound Newsreel of 5 RAR's 1st return to Sydney on 12 May 1967, of interest.
However, inside the newsreel footage at 2.03 minutes into the newsreel, there is film of the fenced minefield under construction by B Company 5 RAR immediately north of the little village of Phuoc Loi.
At 2.21 minutes into the newsreel there is film of the wounded Private Stephen Perry, who was wounded by the explosion of an M16 mine at approximately 11.30 am 6 April 1967, who is waiting and then being evacuated by R.A.A.F. Dustoff.

Ross Wood
formally of: 6 Platoon B Company 5 RAR


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