Poetry - Tiger Battalion

Do You Remember?

Do you remember the date; 21 Feb, 67?
When five of our mates were blown clear up to heaven;
When the driver and commander of our rumbling track,
Were killed by the blast from a mine booby trap?

Do you remember the screams of mates who were dying,
While all else was silence, like the shock before crying;
And the medic was one of the dead on the ground;
And no one dared move 'coz more mines were around.

Do you remember our weapons that were lost in the blast,
And all we could do was sit still on the grass;
Our training demanded that our eyes keep on searching,
But we could do nothing in that hellish damn clearing.

Do you remember the "Possum" and the bloke who got out?
He walked up the track but was stopped by a shout;
"Another bloody step and I'll shoot you me-self!"
He replied, "Shoot if you must but I got wounded to help."

Do you remember that bloke and the calmness he showed,
As he tended each Digger as their blood quietly flowed?
No equipment 'cept that which he found layin' 'round;
Do you remember watching him without a damn sound?

Do you remember his voice, as he demanded your aid,
To get him a bandage or to apply some first aid?
Do you remember forgetting the fact there were mines,
As he triggered your instincts to save your mates' lives?

Yes you remember ... you remember it well,
Because how can you forget those times shared in hell?
And you can remember because you are alive;
Perhaps you'd be dead had that bloke not arrived.

© Anthony W. Pahl
4 Platoon B Company
31st January 2001

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