COs Report April 2024

Lt-Col Hugh Grogan


G’day Tigers,

It is a privilege to write to you for the first time as Commanding Officer to provide an update on what the Tiger Battalion will be getting after this year. Our Tigers performed to an excellent standard throughout 2023, both on operations in the United Kingdom (OP KUDU) and on exercises at home and with partners abroad.

As always, the termination and professionalism of 5 RAR’s soldiers and officers maintained the excellent rep-utation of the Tiger Battalion within Army and abroad. Firstly, I would like to acknowledge the leadership and stewardship of the Tiger community by the outgoing Commanding Officer of the Battalion, LTCOL Chris Gilmore. LTCOL Gilmore continues his ongoing contribution to Army working alongside our ally in the United States of America. The Tiger Battalion continues to be well served by our “Village Elder”, the Regimental Sergeant Major WO1 Brad Foster, with whom I’ve had the pleasure to serve with previously. Personally, I am honoured and energised to lead the Tigers to transition to a light infantry battalion, and to re-link with our sister battalion 7 RAR later this year.

I wish to thank the President Dave French, Secretary Geoff Pearson, and all the committee members and volunteers who safeguard the memory and legacy of service and sacrifice of the soldiers and officers who have proudly served with distinction in the Royal Australian Regiment. I look forward to meeting you all and sharing a Binh Ba Bitter with you when you return to your home for Binh Ba week in June. As planning for the week gets underway in earnest, I’ll ensure that the details are provided to enable those of you who can make the journey to plan your travel.

As always, the focus of the Tigers since return from the Wet Season break has been force preservation, individual and small team training, as each of the companies prepares for a full year ahead with a focus on littoral capability and international engagement. Since LTCOL Gilmore last wrote to you, 5 RAR has remained busy. The Battalion provided significant support to Operation RESOLUTE over the Christmas-New Year’s period, providing a large contingent to conduct small boat operations in the Kimberley Marine Park, partnered with Australian Border Force and the Navy to protect fisheries from illegal exploitation.

The year ahead presents us many challenges and opportunities. We are prepared to welcome our brothers and sisters of the United States Marine Corps of this year’s Marine Rotational Force – Darwin shortly as part of the enduring commitment to our alliance. The first half of the year will see Charlie and Delta Coy, enabled by Support and Log Coy, working through section and platoon training as a light infantry unit. This will set conditions for the Tigers to work towards the 1st Brigade’s major exercises, integrating across the ADF, and with international allies and partners. As always, the Battalion will be busy abroad, with B Coy in Malaysia for Rifle Company Butterworth, C Coy in Timor-Leste, and the opportunity to work with other nations always on the horizon. The ongoing hard work and professionalism of the Tigers will continue
to foster collaboration, and build important relationships with our partners in the region.

Duty First!
Hugh Grogan.

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