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Brigadier Colin Khan DSO, AM. (Retd)
Brigadier Justin ('Jake') Ellwood DFC.
Nominal Roll 1st & 2nd Tours, Republic of South Vietnam
Selected Links
LTCOL. Travis Gordon
LTCOL. Paul Shields MBE
LTCOL. Richard Barrett
LTCOL. Andrew Forbes
LTCOL. Darren Huxley DSC
LTCOL. Jake Ellwood DSC
LTCOL. Kevin E. Newman AO
LTCOL. John A. Hooper CBE
LTCOL. Graham O. Thompson
LTCOL. Colin Khan DSO AM
LTCOL. John A. Warr DSO
LTCOL. Peter H. G. Oxley OBE
WO1 S. Ransome
WO1 R. Rootham
WO1 D. de Kock
WO1 C. Howe OAM
WO1 G. Burns
WO1 J. McFadzean
(Bio Pending)
WO1 R. C.Wormald
(Bio Pending)
WO2 R. G. Armitage BEM
(Bio Pending)
WO1 C. R. Vagg
WO2 R. R. Burns
(Bio Pending)
WO1 L.T. Foale
(Bio Pending)
WO1 F. J. Glynn-Armstrong
(Bio Pending)
December: Members of the battalion who were killed in action or died of wounds in the month of December.
Middle East
Republic of South Vietnam
Afghanistan, MTF-2
Vietnam, 2nd Tour
Vietnam, 1st Tour
Vietnam 1969 - 70
Vietnam 1966 - 67
The Enemy & His Tactics
Cordon & Search Operations Phuoc Tuy Province
Were Russian Advisors in Phuoc Tuy Province?
Australian Infantry Small Arms ― Vietnam War
VC & NVA Weapons
Booby Traps ― Vietnam War
Mines ― Vietnam War
Military Dispositions and Unit Descriptions Vietnam War
Verse from our Members
Ode of Remembrance
5RAR - Formation and Preparation for War
The Reflections of a Battalion Medical Officer
Enemy Bunker Systems
Operation Camden: 3 Platoon & Assault Pioneer Platoon Encounter 3rd Battalion 274 VC Regiment
When 'Wingy' Read the Riot Act!
When Wingy Read the Riot Act ... A Reprise
Anatomy of a Bunker Contact
Preparation & Logistical Problems Faced By 5RAR up to Dec 1966
Memoirs of an Armourer
To Nui Dat with the 173rd Airborne Brigade
5RAR's Final Battle
The Long Hai Hills Incident
The Village of Dat Do
Close Quarter Ambush
Band of the 5th Battalion
Task Force Vietnam Video
A British Pathé/Cinesound Newsreel of 5RAR's Farewell Parade through the streets of Sydney and C Company members with family and friends prior to boarding HMAS Sydney May 1966. 1:53
Opening screen shot of the short film 'The Fighting Fifth'
A British Pathé/Cinesound Newsreel of 5RAR's 1st Tour Return to Australia. 3:30
video icon Video Tribute - 5RAR Vietnam
(5.8Mb) Producer: Kevin Gaunt

Huey Helicopter
Video tribute to the Chopper Crews of the Vietnam War
video icon High Quality Video (12Mb)
video icon Small Quality Video (4.8Mb)

5RAR War Dead
video icon Video Tribute to 5RAR's
War Dead (5.4Mb)

audio icon 5RAR Band Recital Nui Dat

audio icon Audio Interview with Assistant Ops Officer Capt Bob Supple During Operation Queanbeyan
Officers of the Battalion
Senior NCOs First Tour
Senior NCOs Second Tour
Men of the Battalion
On Operations
Reconnaissance Platoon
Operation Renmark
Aircraft in Support
Artillery in Support
Armour in Support
Navy in Support
Nui Dat Base
Phuoc Tuy Province
Captured VC Photographs & Art
5RAR Sergeants' Mess Honour Board 1st Tour
Training Australia
MTF-2 Afghanistan
Awaiting Contributions
Awaiting Contributions
2/5th Infantry Battalion
2/5th Infantry Battalion Sub-Units
5th Battalion 1st AIF
Don Harrod Remembers Vietnam
Glossary of Language used by Australian Soldiers in Vietnam
Nicknames of 5RAR Personnel
5RAR Equipment Scale
Our Deceased Members
Australian Vietnam Veterans' War Memorial
The Cherry Tree Walk
History of the 5th Battalions
The Fate of the 5th Battalion AIF on the 25th April 1915
5th Battalion 1st AIF Nominal Roll

Also lists the 1st to 14th Reinforcements, giving last name, initials and town or suburb on enlistment. (2.9Mb PDF)
Photographs of Members of the 2/5th Inf Bn at Wondecla, Qld 1944
Members of the 5th Battalion 1923
Formation of the Royal Australian Regiment
Presentation of the Battalion's Colours
'Quintus' the Battalion's 1st Mascot
The Original Plaque that adorned Quintus' Enclosure
Chronicle of the Vietnam War
5th Battalion's Regimental Marches
Pocket Book: Information for National Servicemen
Booklet Celebrating 5RAR's Inauguration Parade 1965
Cover & 'On Parade' Page of 5RAR's Ceremonial Parade Prior to Embarkation 2nd Tour
Laying Up of the Battalion's Colours
173rd Airborne Brigade Recognises ANZAC KIAs
Origin of the Badge of the Royal Australian Regiment
Origin of the Slouch Hat
Origin of the Rising Sun Badge
Profile of the 5RAR Soldier
As seen by an American journalist
Army Weekly Rates of Pay 1967
1ATF Vietnam - A Quantitative, Spatial & Temporal Analysis
Instructions & Contents Wrappers Aussie 24 Hr Ration Packs
5RAR (Vietnam Era) Crossword Puzzle
Video Library
Murphy's Law on Combat Operations
Parable of the Kit Inspection
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5RAR Welcome LogoMy appreciation goes to the many members who have contributed to the website, and in particular to those men who contributed articles to 'Special Mention', 'Once We Were Soldiers' and 'Tales From The Tiger' sections, who walked over dead ground and relived it again. I thank you.
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LTCOL Travis Gordon

LTCOL. Huxley's Mission Statement as CO Mentoring Task Force-2 (MTF-2) October 2010
Rededication to the Colours in the Field December 2006
Presentation of 5RAR's new Colours in Darwin March 2007
Quintus Rama
New Tiger Adorns 5RAR's Boozer
Some of the displays in the Museum

Donate to the 5RAR Museum
RTF (Regimental Trust Fund) have set up an account to accept donations to aid in the preservation of the 5RAR Museum.
Details »Here...
CO's Report
Charlie Company Report
Delta Company Report
Support Company Report
Logistics Company Report
2016 inaugural Adjuntant's Cup awarded to LT. Tavis Harling
2017 trophy awarded to Corporal D. Hooper
5RAR Farewells RSM de Kock
Commanding Officers' Crystal Tiger
Tiger Battalion Flag is Unfurled at the South Pole
5RAR Farewells its Last APC
Photographs of MTF -2's Welcome Home Parade
Timor-Leste Battlegroup Farewell Parade
Image of the Week Article of the Week Poem of the Week Video of the Week
5RAR Officers at Nui Dat 1st Tout
5RAR Officers at Nui Dat 1st Tour
1969 - Nui Dat.
Another Day
in the Valley.
Homecoming - Aussie Soldier surprises his kids at school
Situated north of the 1st Australian Task Force base at Nui Dat on the western side of Route 2, the village of Binh Ba had a population of around three thousand people – mainly farmers and rubber plantation workers. Tidy and rectangular in shape, and mainly constructed of solid brick and tile, Binh Ba was well known to the Australians. Indeed during 5RAR's first tour in Vietnam a rifle company and a mortar section had been briefly stationed within the village itself. This strategy proved to be a deterrent to the Viet Cong tax collectors and assassination squads taking control of the village. The drain on the finite resources of the small Australian force proved to be too much however, and the village was later left to the protection of South Vietnamese Regional Forces. In an attempt to demonstrate that they could move freely within the province, a combined communist force including the 1st Battalion NVA 33 Regiment, elements of the VC D440 Local Force Battalion, the Binh Ba and Ngai Giao Guerrilla Squad and the Chau Duc District Company had occupied Binh Ba on the evening of 5–6 June 1969. In response, South Vietnamese forces were sent from Duc Thanh the following morning. Initial intelligence suggested that a group of about platoon strength had infiltrated the village. Meanwhile during a separate operation 6RAR had also been engaged in a heavy contact several kilometres north of the task force base and at 0800 on 6 June, an Australian Centurion tank and an armoured recovery vehicle moving through Binh Ba to assist 6RAR were fired upon. A rocket propelled grenade struck the Centurion penetrating the turret, and causing damage to the tank and severe wounds to one of the crewman. The district commander subsequently asked 1 ATF for assistance in clearing Binh Ba.
pointer Battle of Binh Ba
by Brian London OAM, DCM
pointer 'The Battle' by Mr. Raymond Gallacher, Writer and Lecturer
pointer An Account and Photos from a B Company Digger pointer Schematic of the battle and an aerial view of the village
pointer Photo of 6 Pl B Coy Assaulting the Village of Duc Trung pointer Photo of 6Pl B Coy at the Start Line Prior to the Assault on Duc Trung
pointer Photograph of 5RAR's RMO, Capt Hugh Roberton treating a wounded VC outside the village pointer Photograph of Pte. Ian Hutchison Treating a Captured NVA Soldier During the Battle
pointer A Captured 33rd NVA News Bulletin, in part, claiming victory at the Battle of Binh Ba. Document supplied and comments by Brig Ern Chamberlian (Retd).

Brig Chamberlain's detailed history titled: 'The 33rd Regiment North Vietnamese Army. Their Story, and the battle of Binh Ba can be accessed »Here
pointer Images of the Battle of Binh Ba
pointer On 5 June 2009, the eve of the 40th anniversary of the Battle of Binh Ba, the Australian War Memorial hosted a symposium to study various aspects of the battle. The link to the audio is: »Here Dead Link
pointer Photo Album: Battle of Binh Ba Service pointer Photo Album: Battle of Binh Ba Dinner
(Notices will include the relevant link if applicable)
Point Have been advised of the passing of SSgt 'Mouse' McLeod and Pte. 'Smokey' Dawson, Vietnam. Details on the VALE page Here (Posted 17 December)
Point Have been notified of the passing of SGT Bert Westerman 1st Tour, Vietnam. Details on the VALE page Here (Posted 8 December)
Point December edition of the 2/5th Infantry Battalion newsletter available in NEWSLETTER section or you can view it Here (Posted 8 December)
Point August 2017 edition of Tiger Tales is available for viewing in NEWSLETTER section Here (Posted 2 December)
Point New CO of 5RAR LTCOL T. J. Gordon. Biography under THE COs or you can access it Here (Posted 1 December)
Point The 5RAR Association coongartulates CPL Darryl Hooper as the recipient of the 2017 Warr/Khan Trophy. Here (Posted 1 December)
Point DVA E-News now available under NEWSLETTER section or Here
(Posted 1 December)
Point December edition of 'Half Circle' available in SUB-UNIT NEWSLETTER section or you can view it Here (Posted 1 December)
Point Have received the news of the passing of LCPL David Stone, 9 Platoon C Company, 2nd tour, Vietnam. Details on the VALE page Here (27 November)
Point Have been informed of the passing of SGT John Gillan, MFC B Company, Vietnam, 2nd Tour. Details on VALE Page Here (Posted 26 November)
Newsletter masthead of Tiger Tales
Tiger Tales is the newsletter of the 5RAR Association and is published three times a year in April, August and December. This page contains copies of previous editions. The current edition is forwarded by post to all current financial members of the Association.
Point Updated

August 2017 Edition
Issues April 1987 ~ August 2017
Articles in this issue:
Point Nominate for veterans' Employment Awards.
Point DVA Grants Process goes digital.
Point Remembrance Day.
Point Book now for the Sir John Monash Centre..
Masthead of Australian Army Magazine
Edition 1407, October 16, 2017
2/5th Aust Inf Bn Newsletter
Logo of the 2-5th Australian Infantry Battalion
December 2017 Edition
My Dog Nui Dat

Warrant Officer Class 2, Kevin 'Dasher' Wheatley VC ... A Tribute
Hometown Battlefield
By J. P. Cromier

A Veteran's Voice
Peter Wells (2nd Tour) has produced the above song in cooperation with singer/songwriter Bernie Steel, looking through the eyes of a returned serviceman.
Dust of Uruzgan
A tribute to Pte. Ben Renuado, KIA Afghanistan 2009.
Pte Evan Jones, who was in the 5RAR Intelligence Section of BHQ during 1969-70, was always a bit of an entertainer and has now placed a couple of his recent songs on You Tube.
point Your Son in Vietnam
point  Before That Bloody War

Jim Mavromatis served with 5RAR 1st Tour and has developed a reputation for song writing and performing. Here are three tracks for you to enjoy.
point 'Nasho'
point Life's Journey Blues
point Echo From a Hard War

May Day Boogie
An interesting mix
of music and gun-fire.

Poster Girl
Beccy Cole's tribute to the Australian Soldier.
The man
They Called 'The Anzac'

Can You Hear Australia's Heroes Marching?
Cpl Leslie 'Bull' Allen
Documentary film about  war hero 'Bull' Allen, of the 2/5th Australian Infantry Battalion, which has been released online.
Slideshow of Vietnam
Pics of Vung Tau and Saigon in the 60s and 70s.
Australian War
Memorial Video Channel

To Andy Mattay Soldier and Pictorial Historian
(1941 - 2004).
Nui Dat and
Vung Tau Revisited

By Gary Townsend.
Return to Vietnam
This article by our president Roger Wainwright, recounts the highlights of a visit to Vietnam in October 2005.
A Tiger's Return
Mick Henrys' observations on his return to Vietnam.
Hanoi Revisited
Mick Henrys' reflection on Vietnam after five years since he last went back.
CPL Elena Rowland
Charlestown Rotary Club Bulletin featuring a presentation given by "Doc" White RMO 1st Tour.
The Six Degrees of Separation
The strange appearance of a photograph of Norm Womal at Gallipoli
By Mike von Berg

Inaugural Army
Indigenous Elder

The Army's inaugural indigenous Elder, 5RAR's Roy Mundine was appointed by CA Lt Gen David Morrison at a ceremony in Canberra on April 18 2015

Grafton Examiner
article on Zeke:

Former 5RAR
members provide an
escort at Menin Gate

Warburton Way
Lost in war, Warburton boys live on in a new street... 'Warburton Way'
Hero of the Vietnam War Packs Plenty Into Life
War veterans Jim Campbell and Kerry White meet up almost 38 years after a bloody war incident in Vietnam.
A Story About a Sword
Lieutenant T. N. H. Stretch MC & Bar

Brothers in Arms

A member's reminiscence
of his time serving with Australian indigenous soldiers.

Return To Sender
In a wonderful gesture of goodwill and kindness, a letter written in war-torn Vietnam has found its way back to its original owner
(4 June 2013).

The True Meaning
of Anzac Day

 Canberra Times article about our late, esteemed member, Joe Staweyskyj
(7 May 2013).

5RAR Car Stickers ― A Reason To Have One
By Don Harrod.
SIOUX A1-404
The Sioux helicopter on display at the Australian War Museum and its link with 5RAR.
A 5RAR Member's
Link to WW1

By Bill O'Mara.
A Link To The
2/5th Battalion

By Don Harrod.
In the Shadows
of the Horsemen

By Robert Kearney.
Celebrating the Last 'Huey'
Courtesy Helicopter Association International.
Dog Tag Recovery
38 years on, a dog tag returns.
Our Mate Mick
 We all knew Mick, he was the sort of bloke who sometimes could make the unbelievable ― believable.
Digging for the Meaning
A member's observations on the character of the Aussie soldier.
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An informal newsletter for members of C Company 2nd Tour.
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B Company 1st Tour Reunion Details.
2 Platoon A company 2nd Tour Reunion
5RAR Veterans 11th National Service Intake Reunion Details.
The Tassie Branch of the 5RAR Association will be celebrating our birthday in 2018 at Bronte Park. More...
Photographs C Company 2nd Tour Reunion Canberra, ACT 2016
Photographs of the Gold Coast Christmas Function.

5RAR's contribution to the National Vietnam Veterans' Museum.
pointer VVCS Services Available
pointer DVA Home Front
pointer Private Hospitals List
DVD of the Battalion's First Tour
5 RAR First Tour
Mick Henrys, in conjunction with our RMO 'Doc' White & Tony Henry have produced a DVD of the first tour. For more info click on the image
Doc's Movie Goes to School
The Doc's movie was used to support a Year 12 History class in Western Australia. The following is how it came about and the impact the DVD had on the students. More...
Eye of the Tiger DVD
Eyes of the Tiger...
Diary of a Dirty War.
DVD based on Reconnaissance Platoon during the battalion's first tour. Percentage of sales will go to the 5RAR Association. More...

Raid on Celtic Wood

Book: Raid on Celtic Wood. Book Cover
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pointer Meentheena Retreat
pointer Ramon Deed Veterans' Retreat
pointer A Comprehensive List of Veterans' Retreats
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