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Lieutentant Colonel Chris Gilmore CO 5RAR


Lieutenant Colonel Gilmore graduated from the Royal Military College  Duntroon in 2005, and commenced service in the Royal Australian Regiment. His regimental service has included postings to the First and Third Brigades, serving in both 3 RAR and 7 RAR. Throughout these postings, he completed a range of appointments including Platoon Commander, Adjutant, and Company Commander.

Lieutenant Colonel Gilmore has deployed on operational service four times, serving in Iraq (2016), Afghanistan (2008 and 2012) and Timor-Leste (2006). He has commanded Rifle Platoons in Timor-Leste and Afghanistan, deployed as a mentoring team second-in-command to Afghanistan in 2012, and commanded a Training Team for Task Group Taji Three in 2016. More recently, Lieutenant Colonel Gilmore was the Headquarters Forces Command Staff Officer Grade One, Current Operations (G33) in 2020 during domestic operations, including Operation BUSHFIRE ASSIST 2019-20, Operation COVID-19 ASSIST, and OPERATION FIJI ASSIST.

Lieutenant Colonel Gilmore’s staff and instructional experience includes the Staff Officer Grade One, Incident Management at Headquarters Forces Command in 2021; Oceania Exercise lanner at United States Marine Corps (USMC) Forces Pacific in 2018-2019; the Ship to Objective Manoeuvre Staff Officer in the Australian Amphibious Task Force in 2013; and the Officer Instructing Assault Pioneer Section at the School of Military Engineering in 2009-10.

 Lieutenant Colonel Gilmore is a graduate of the Australian Command and Staff Course – Joint and holds a Master of Military and Defence Studies from the Australian National University. He is married to Kirsty and together they have three children; Charlize aged eight, Lachlan aged six and Nicholas aged four. He is passionate about Rugby, and in his spare time he enjoys spending as much time as possible with his young family.