Mentioned In Despatches (MID)


Private Laurence Victor Lewis.

Citation accompanying the award of Mentioned in Dispatches to Pte. Lewis.
On 10 June 1966 whilst on a clearing operation in Phuoc Tuy Province, 10 Platoon came under enemy mortar fire, which killed two and wounded four men.

Private Lewis, a stretcher bearer attached to the platoon moved forward under fire, with complete disregard for his own safety, to treat the dying and wounded men.
He worked increasingly and untiringly to save the lives of the dying men, quickly and efficiently moving from one to another to administer first aid and reassure the wounded men.
He was a constant source of comfort and reassurance to each and everyone of them and but for his cool headedness and quick thinking their injuries could have worsened.
Before leaving a patient to attend to another he made sure someone was there to look after the patient and left instructions on what treatment was required.
But for Private Lewis's actions the injuries sustained could have become far more serious.

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