Mentioned In Despatches (MID)


Major Rein Eelmaa Harring.

Citation accompanying the award of Mentioned in Dispatches to Maj. Harring.
Major Rein Harring graduated from the Officer Cadet School, Portsea, in December 1957.

He was posted to 5th Batta1ion The Royal Australian Regiment in May 1968 and arrived in South Vietnam in January 1969 as Officer Commanding B Company.
Under Major Harring's leadership B Company has had outstanding success during 1969, having killed 90 enemy, captured and destroyed over 1000 bunkers and capturing large quantities of weapons, stores and equipment.
In June 1969 Major Harring commanded B Company involved in the highly successful battle of Binh Ba, operating against an enemy Battalion.
Throughout July 1969, Major Harring was responsible for the retraining from the Army of the Republic of Vietnam. The manner in which he did this task and the results obtained earned high praise from the Army of the Republic of Vietnam.
In the numerous heavy bunker contacts which B Company has had, Major Harring has always placed himself in dangerous positions from which he could best control his battles.
He has handled his company with aggression and courage in a manner that reflects high credit on himself and the Australian Army.

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