Medal For Gallantry (MG)


Private John Douglas Campbell Burridge MG.

Citation accompanying the award of the Medal for Gallantry to
Pte. Burridge.

Private John Burridge commenced his National Service obligation on 1 May 1968 and after recruit training was posted to 5th Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment on 9 July 1968. He arrived in South Vietnam on 15 February 1969 as a machine gunner in 11 Platoon.
On 4 April 1969, while on Operation Overlander, 11 Platoon came under heavy enemy machine gun and rocket fire from a bunker position at a range of 20 metres. Two members of Private Burridge's section were killed and the Section Commander wounded.
Private Burridge moved forward, on his own initiative, to a position 15 metres from the enemy and commenced engaging the bunkers. He maintained his position for over an hour and effectively prevented the enemy from moving to other bunkers on the flanks of the platoon. His actions drew most of the enemy rocket fire onto his position and as a result he was wounded in both legs.
Despite his wounds and further enemy engagement of his position. Private Burridge continued to fire on the bunkers and restrict the effectiveness of the enemy fire until the remainder of the platoon could move to new positions.
His courage and his complete disregard for his own safety were major factors in preventing further casualties to the platoon and his conduct was an inspiration to all.

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