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Author: Kerry White

Book Cover Title: The Poet From Hell'The poet from hell' is an anthology including poems of war and other matters ... peace, love, family, religion, history, life and death... 'scare away the demons in their souls' ... 'A land that could be kind and cruel' ... 'leaving awe behind' ...'His past was both before and after him'. The author was born in Toowoomba, a major inland city of Australia, in 1945. He worked in a bank before being called up for National Service which included a tour of duty in the Vietnam War with 5 Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment. He later became a journalist working in newspapers before moving into the broader communications field and now lives on the Sunshine Coast, just north of Brisbane, Queensland. ... 'In the Land of Dreaming all things are possible'. The title: Out of the Vietnam War 1962-75 came a slogan: ‘When I die I’ll go to Heaven ‘cause I’ve spent my time in Hell’. Many did go through hell there and subsequently – for others maybe it was not quite hell, more a purgatory perhaps; we who were there cast the stones at the bidding of others. This anthology is dedicated to all who served and to their families, friends and lovers – to those who ultimately found heaven and to those who have been through hell. Not all inclusions are about the Vietnam War. There are other facets of life I have written about such as the epic Aspects of Australia.

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