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Jellybeans in the Jungle

Author: Bob Whittaker


Jellybeans in the Jungle Book CoverThe Story
Jellybeans in the Jungle is one man’s attempt to make sense of his experience as a Nasho during Australia’s war in Vietnam.
In 1969 Bob Whittaker was called up for National Service as a primary school teacher working in western Queensland. He subsequently served in 7RAR during its second tour of duty in 1970.
This book tells the story of his recruit and corps training, his posting to 7RAR, his operational service in a variety of postings, and his return to Australia.
He describes encounters with both enemy and friendly troops, his R & R in Bangkok, a Saigon guard, and finally his return to Australia and his rehabilitation as a teacher of children with disabilities.
Bob returned to Vietnam in 2006 and 2007, and his reflections during these journeys provide a fascinating insight into conflict and reconciliation.


Prologue Rookies Getting Ready Jellybeans Sailing North On Operations Friendly Fire T.A.O.R. Night Moves Bunkers Jungle Liturgy Sony Radio Unauthorised Discharge Battle at the Horseshoe Not the Sistine Chapel Saigon Guard Rubbish Picquet "Welcome" Home Aftermath Epilogue - Going Back Reflections

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