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A History of the Royal Australian Regiment
in the Vietnam War 1965-1972

Author: Lieutenant Colonel (Retd) Fred Fairhead

A duty done book coverPublished by The Royal Australian Regiment Association SA Inc.
13 Beatty Street, Linden Park, SA 5068 Email: rar01@internode.on.net

To Commemorate the 41st Anniversary of the end of the Vietnam War for the Regiment.

Cover Photograph Troops from 5 Platoon,
B Company, 7th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment in a Helicopter extraction from near the fishing village of Lang Phuoc Hai on 26 August 1967. The troops are wearing ‘Patrol Order’ as the operation was a one-day Cordon and Search of Lang Phuoc Hai.

(Australian War Memorial
Negative No: EKN/67/0130/VN)

The book describes some fifty major operations each with accompanying maps and sketches and covering all of the sixteen Battalion tours of duty in Vietnam – from 1RAR in 1965 to 4RAR/NZ (ANZAC) Battalion’s last operations in 1971.

Some comments by those who have read it:

This book should become required reading and study at the Australian Defence Force Academy, the Royal Military College and Infantry Corps courses.
Brigadier (Retd) Laurie Lewis, ex 9RAR.

The book will reach out to future generations and provide a clear, accurate and proud account of soldiering as it was during the Vietnam conflict.
Brigadier (Retd) George Mansford, ex 6RAR.

Highly readable, and supported by superb maps and extensive photographs and appendices , it gives a detailed insight into each operation. It is a testimony to the courage of those who served..

Brigadier (Retd) Chris Roberts, former Commanding Officer SASR.

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