Tales From the Tiger

A True Yarn about a "True Blue" Officer


Sometime in May 1969 a couple of 6 Platoon B Company members were caught 'drinking in the lines'.

They had to 'front' our OC Major Ray Harring and, at the very least, they expected to lose their well earned R&C (Rest and Recreation) at Vung Tau.

Ray asked the 'Diggers', 'If they would guarantee that it wouldn't happen again'. The two Pete's being as honest as the day was long said 'no, they couldn't give any guarantees'. Ray requested 'Would you at least try?'

The two Pete's agreed that they would at least try to not let it happen (get caught) again. After all, they had a good supply under their bunks and didn't need any boozer ... they had their own.

That was good enough for Ray. He said ...'When you get back from R&C you're banned from the boozer for a week ... Your dismissed!'

Good on you Ray ... you're sadly missed.


© Bill O'Mara
B Company
2nd Tour

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