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Farewell of WO1 Dale De kock
Photos by PTE Shell written by CPL D.J. Cremming

With the Battalion poised at attention there was silence as the CO presented the parade to farewell the RSM, WO1 Dale de Kock. Open order was given and the RSM inspected the men and woman of the 5th Battalion one last time since his arrival into the Battalion during the unit deployment to MTF-2.

RSM de Kock on his farewell parade at 5RARThe RSM has been the central figure of 5 RAR for the past three years, serving three Commanding Officers in his tenure. He has brought the Battalion through deployment overseas, the difficulties of post deployment normality, mechanisation and most recently the RBG. The three years has gone quickly as I am sure he will be the first to admit, 5 RAR has achieved much under his guidance, we should all be proud.

One of the enduring memories the RSM will leave is his incessant playing of “Eye of the Tiger” by survivor at every sporting match or indeed any opportunity, claiming that “if it annoys you think about how annoying it is to the rest of the Brigade”. He continued to raise the Battalion's identity with the purchase of EOTT, more commonly known as the Tiger car.

Before the Parade was dismissed the Commanding Officer LTCOL R.A. Barrett ordered the troops to remove their Slouch Hats and led the Battalion in giving the RSM three loud cheers, breaking the silence of the parade ground.

The RSM brought more to 5 RAR than a song or a car. He brought a sense of ownership to the Battalion that reached down to every soldier who served.

WO1 D. de Kock leaves for the Warrant Officer and Non Commissioned Officer Wing, Canungra in QLD.

The RSM, even as he drove out of the Battalion with his wife Kelly for the last time, was seen promoting pride amongst the troops by donning his rifle green beret for the final time as RSM.

Duty First.