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A new trophy has been donated by Peter Isaacs, an original member of 5 RAR on its formation. He was appointed Adjutant in late 1965 and served with the Battalion as Adjutant and Assistant Operations Officer for the whole of the Battalion’s 1966-67 tour in South Vietnam. Peter has donated a new trophy, ‘The Adjutant’s Cup’ to the Battalion, which is to be awarded to individuals or teams that demonstrated ‘Endeavour’ to achieve excellent outcomes.

Exercise 'Tigers Challenge' is a section competition designed to test physical and mental robustness, and strengthen team cohesion. Each company put forward their sections to compete in a bull-ring of arduous activities that included elements of physical training, combat fitness, tactical scenarios, quick decision exercises and adventurous training. In the midst was the section comprised of intrepid sub-alterns who undertook all challenges that soldier sections conducted, competing against each other for the prestigious Adjutants Cup.

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Lieutenant Tavis Harling 5RAR
Lieutenant Tavis Harling.