5 RAR Soldier Nicknames

For the uninitiated: The Australian soldier had (and still has) a weird sense of humour. They have the art of making light of the most serious situations, and whilst being seen to be making fun of others, they are really displaying their respect and admiration of their colleagues. Here are some examples of what 'Aussie Diggers' may call each other.
(See also 'Glossary of Language used by Australians in Vietnam on this site).

'Angry Ant'

Small in stature,
but huge in aggression.

'Bird Cage'

Surname of Avery.


Surname of Black.


Shows up after work is done.


A very industrious soldier.


No explanation available.


A cross-eyed person - one blew this way, the other blew that way.


Soldier with red hair.


Polishes anything off.


Surname of Brown.


Surname of Rogers.


A very stocky person.


Prominent front teeth.

'Chicken Man'

Any name associated with poultry -- Chicken Man was a radio program in Vietnam.


Surname of Fowler.


Surname of Cook.


Surname of Cox.


Surname of Bell.


A medic or surname of Holliday/Halliday.


Short for 'Dog Ears', Robert Kearney, Recce Platoon first tour. Now a celebrated author.


Surname of Millar/Miller.


Surname of Holland or similar.


Surname of Fitz or anything in it.


Surname of Ford.


Lt-Col Colin Khan, Commanding Officer 2nd Tour.


Hair Colour.


Surname Green/Greene.


Surname of Harris, Harrison or similar.


Surname of Herbert.


Surname of Dick.


Lieutenant Ian Hosie


No explanation available.


Surname of Jackson.


Scottish origin.


Surname of Johnson.


Surname of Jones.


Surname of Garland.


Thick, green and dense.


New Zealand origin.


Fairly dim and has to be carried.


Surname of Lock/Locke


Very tall.


Any surname with Mac/Mc.


Always sitting on a case. 


Surname of Moore.


A big person.


Surname of Clark/Clarke.


A slow working dope.


Irish origin.

'Pearso' or 'Piercey'

Surname of Pearce/Pearson.


A person who could "find" things.


British origin.


A very skinny person.


Surname of Parish.


Rest in peace (like a sleep).


Surname of Roberts/Robertson/
Robinson or similar.


A quiet person.


Nickname given to  the late, great RSM, Cyril Roy Vagg, 5RAR 1968-70.


Slightly shorter in height: nickname of Sergeants' 'Ford' and 'Mavin.'


Surname of Sharp/Sharpe or similar.




A 'well-endowed' soldier.


Surname of Smith.


Surname of Dawson.


A fair skinned/and or fair hair


A slow, methodical person.


Surname of Webb.


Surname for Taylor or similar.


Surname for Stewart/Stuart.


A tall person.


Of Welsh origin.


A 'Gangly' soldier, tall and having long limbs.


Of Tasmanian origin.


A person suspected of being of Queensland origin.


Surname of Thompson.

'Two Fathers'

A person with an hyphenated name.


Any unpronounceable Surname.


Surname of White/Whyte.


Lt-Col John Warr; (arm wound Korea) Commanding Officer 1st tour.


Christian name of Warren.


Surname of Wood/Woods.


First name nickname. No explanation available.

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