2017 Warr/Khan Trophy Winner



For meritorious devotion to duty as a patrol commander in Reconnaissance and Sniper Platoon, Support Company, the 5th Battalion, the Royal Australian Regiment.

Throughout his service in the 5th Battalion, the Royal Australian Regiment, Corporal Hooper has demonstrated a meritorious devotion to duty, exemplary humility and selflessness. His bias for action, and great tenacity in seizing the initiative to lead and develop his men while being a Reconnaissance Patrol Commander and Section Commander for the Duke Of Gloucester Cup has been of the highest standard. CPL Hooper’s exceptional levels of professionalism and superior conduct has enabled the unit to generate a strong performing section, improve the ability for the Battalion to master dogmatic soldiering skills and develop highly resilient and versatile reconnaissance patrols in the field.

He demonstrated excellent judgement, discipline and leadership as a Reconnaissance Patrol Commander on the Battlegroup Warfighter Exercise, which enabled superior intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance effects to be delivered to the Ready Combat Team. CPL Hooper has been instrumental in the development of the Battalion Simulation Dome, enabling high quality, easy access simulation training for the Battalion. CPL Hooper has rigorously seized opportunities to develop himself and his men in preparation for Duke of Gloucester Cup, resulting in his section dominating the combat shooting components of the competition.

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These achievements reflect CPL Hooper’s meritorious dedication to duty and superior initiative and leadership, regardless if a task is above his worn rank or without precedence. His attitudes and behaviours indicate the he can overcome physically arduous and mentally challenging missions without falter and will always lead from the front. Corporal Hooper’s outstanding service espouses and epitomizes Army’s values and are in the finest tradition of the Australian Army and the Australian Defence Force.

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